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ODE TO GOD by Obisanwo Oladipupo

The sun gets it brightness from You.
The moon takes orders from You.
The stars blossom by obeying You.
You are God, Àwímàyèhùn.

You control the world like it were a ball.
You are at the centre of it all,
Yet You stand far away.
You are God, Èlétígbáròyé.

You do great and mighty things,
For You are the King of kings.
The oceans gospel Your majesty.
You are God, Àràbàríbítì.

The whole world is not enough for Your praise.
The Ancient of days.
You are more than what people say.
You are God, Gbò n gbò n ìdílé Jesse.

You who created the universe,
Your ways are diverse.
Your kingdom scapegoats any intruder.
You are God, Kìnìhún èyá Júdà.

“A little Giant 2” by Providence Wright

How I wish I could enter the mind of a mosquito,
To know what it knows
And see what it sees

How on Earth does it know
That its buzzing in the ear of man
Causes discomfort?
How does it see even in the darkest of nights?

Its nature is nocturnal, I agree
Is that why it has mastered every nook and cranny of my house?
They always come in battalions; their Commander,
Releasing them in batches,
So, when the anti mosquito substances come
Whether in liquid, solid or air
They all don’t die at once.

Where on Earth did this creature get such wisdom!?

So little it is, yet causes so much pain with its ferocious bites; you know,
If its bites were inconsequential like that of Paul’s experience at Melita, how sweet it would have been.
But its infusion and theft causes swelling when itched
And discomfort all round.

Oh! Thou female specie
The worst of them all,
Spreading her virus into man without care.
How I hate her essence!
Many have died; innocent children who couldn’t be shielded from your cruelty.

I understand you have to do this to survive
And you have,
As you are the most successful insect on Earth
Man’s numerous attempts to bring you down has failed.

You wicked thing!
You pride in our fall,
Nonetheless, I believe that Africa will conquer you someday!

“A little Giant” by Providence Wright

A poor countenance in a rich environment is what you have brought
I have a lot to say;
The arrival of the Moon is a signal to your terror,
You unleash your sting on humanity

At night, we hear unrhythmical claps trying to end your game
Many are unsuccessful
Why were you created? I ask myself
You have become so rude
That you dare to spread your wings even at noon.

Oh ye Creator of insomnia
Beside you
Every other insect is intimidated
When the mosquito meets with the cockroach, it asks
What are your feats?
The roach becomes numb
It asks the fly
How many deaths have you caused in the last decade?
The fly flies away
Even the almighty bee bows at its prowess.

Our environment doesn’t welcome the snow
Our insane gutters encourage your living
Our stagnant waters have crowned your reproduction
Scientist have made a cure from your sting
But it isn’t enough to save mankind
From your little big cruelty.

“Believe Me” by Obisanwo Oladipupo

I am not the I AM
Howbeit, I am who I am;
I am neither a prophet,
Nor one who declareth
But believe me.

Though you search for honesty
In a world full of travesty;
You search for amnesty;
In a world full of nemesis;
You will find what your heart seeks.
Believe me.

Though sickness forever ravages;
Poverty runs through the ages;
Though adults defile underages;
Sanity shall flood all places;
Believe me.

Though disorder be the order;
And sapiens detest one another;
Though hunger seems forever;
Peace shall outgrow it’s border
Believe me.

Though the world be upside down;
The souls of men weary and down;
Sorrow as an overwhelming gown;
Joy shall lifts it’s crown.
Believe me.

Believe me!
Believe me!!
Believe me!!!

Beckoning! By Providence Wright

Your Romeo in disguise awaits.
Speedy horses at your tail’s hair.
Answer to the call of your fragile shoe.
Mistresses, respond to affection quickly!
Your skins’ crack cannot be stopped.
Mirror mirror, tells of their dimming eyes.
Menopause’s arrival is near.
Your dreadful womb is weak.
Make amendments to your doting constitutions.

No time! By Providence Wright

No time is what they say
But they create time for pleasures.
No time is what they say
But sleep, food and work doesn’t elude them.
We create time for what we love.

No time is what they say
But they possess wristwatches and hang wall clocks.
No time is what they say
But they construct timetables in schools,
And have a calendar for the year
We create time for important things.

No time is what they say
But success and failure is determined by it.
No time is what they say
But the rich and the poor understand its usefulness.
We create time for wealth.

God, look at this ungrateful creature you called man.
He complains of not having me
While I rest in his bosom always.
He doesn’t see my usefulness until when late.
I have been shared equally to them
But they throw me away ignorantly and give complains.
Sheer wastefulness!
I remain sheer and indispensable to mankind!

“No longer a child” by Providence Wright

Childhood is freedom
It is peace
It’s a world of no worries
Just expectations and laughter

The tears dropped from the eye of the child tastes like salt
A sweetness derived only from it
His bulging belly, true sign of carefreeness

Many more years later…

Why was I created?
Asked the child; no longer a child
I didn’t beg for it
Or even if
I would have loved to stay young

I cry endlessly
My sufferings are incessant
I toil and my tears are no longer sweet
My paunch has disappeared

I want to die
This place has nothing to offer
Just lies when growing
And defeat when grown;
I want my youthfulness back!

Adulthood is bondage
I’m afraid to say
The only peacefulness in it is more and more worries
All expectations gloomy
Darkness has its stand

I have no choice but to live
In this death I was born into
I’m no longer a child
All wishful thinking should die
I’m no longer a child
I’ll exist forever in the world of men.

“After You” by Providence Wright

When the world disappoints
And friends leave,
Putting my joy in abyss,
When families cast out
And mother hens forget their chicks,
I will run after you.

When the world celebrates
And friends stay,
Turning my mournings to comfort,
When families feed
And the mother hens offer shelter,
Still, I will run after you.

When the society abandons
And the street, our home,
Transforming our innocence to guilt.
When we grow in disdain
And feed off crumbs
We will run after you.

When the society embraces
And sends us to schools,
Moulding our clay to ceramic.
When we blossom in the sky
And provide solution to centers,
Still, we will run after you.

When good and bad meet
And crossroads argue,
Making a platform for pain and joy.
When all starts and ends
And forgetfulness is the totality of life,
I will run after you.

“Cold Death!” By Providence Wright

Death! An inevitable occurrence;
Its arrival is like the dusk of the night,
Caring less about the achievements during the day.

Death! The cold winter in hot summer,
Freezing our warm hearts to ice,
Taking away our warmth,
Replacing it with painful coolness.

Death! Your appointment with Man is certain,
But you choose to barge in unexpectedly,
Why not wait for your time?
And leave Man to live.

Death! The world calls you by your name,
Death! We call you rest,
Because man must rest after the day’s toil.

“Ode to Today” by OBISAMWO, Oladipupo

The fragrance of dawn trickled down my nostrils.
Then it dawned on me
That I had survived
The grips of Boss Yesterday.
Thanks to Actor Today.

The atmosphere seems to be partial
As it favours Today against Yesterday.
Could it be flirting?
The celestials must have chosen
Today as a child of destiny
Or maybe as a day of fulfillment.

Today, the birds articulate
Their meticulous tunes of refreshment.
Sapiens greet one another
With pervading bliss
As they went about their businesses.
Oh! Blessed Today.

Today, the day looks gay.
A badge of victory’s hail.
It is determined to outshine yesterday;
To perform better without fail.
My love goes for you.
Oh! Blessed Today.