The All Progressives Congress, APC, has said that the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, should be apologizing for “gang raping Nigeria” for 16 years.

The APC said instead of condemning the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, the opposition party should rather keep quiet and allow the administration to concentrate.

The ruling party was reacting to PDP’s latest allegations on the President Buhari administration’s anti-corruption war.

In a statement made available to DAILY POST by the acting National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Yekini Nabena on Sunday, the ruling party also said the PDP had failed in its role as an opposition party.

The APC further recalled the confessions of some of PDP chieftain on how shared the looted funds from the nation’s treasury.

APC’s statement reads in part, “Although the opposition in a democracy is supposed to offer constructive criticisms and proffer alternative solutions to government policies and programmes, the opposition rhetoric of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is nothing but senseless noise-making, in its failed attempt to distract the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

“In both content and context, PDP’s latest allegations on the President Buhari administration’s anti-corruption efforts should be seen for what they are: empty, baseless and diversionary.

“It is truly amazing that that the party of a failed government which held the country prostrate for 16 years; stole, wasted and misappropriated our abundant resources will have the audacity to make comments on the current administration that within three years is clearing the rot left after the PDP’s misrule.

“Was it not under the PDP’s immediate-past administration that disclosures of nauseating magnitude were made?

“‘I collected N350m from Dasuki for consultation– Iyorchia AyuI only collected $30,000 from Dasuki not N100m’ – Bode George.

‘I got N4.6b from Dasuki for spiritual purposes – Bafarawa. I got N2.16 from Dasuki for publicity purposes’ – Dokpesi.

‘I got another N100m from Yuguda. He did not tell me from where – BafarawaI gave N100m each to Odili, Jim Nwobodo, Bode George and others’ – Yuguda.

‘The President asked to change N10b to foreign currency for PDP delegates’ – Dasuki.

‘N950m was shared in my house’– Shekarau and many more shameful disclosures.

“These are just a tip of the iceberg of how our commonwealth were massively looted by the shameless characters in the PDP.

“Instead of apologizing profusely for their gang rape of the nation, the PDP seeks to present itself before Nigerians in 2019 to seek a return to their stealing.

“The PDP should understand that Nigerians cannot forget in a hurry how the country was destroyed by the PDP’s gang of pen robbers

14 year old who earn $450m with Google Inc.

Tanmay Bakshi is a 14-year-old techwiz who has made an impact in the world of technology. The 14-year-old who started coding at five, is a Google staff who makes 1.25 million every year (N450 million). The young genius had built his first application when he was just nine years old. He also became the youngest IBM Watson programmer in the world at the age of twelve. Bakshi, who has become an inspiration for many due to his high level of intelligence, works at Google. In an interview with CNBC, the 14-year-old said he found coding interesting and learnt while watching his father Punnet Bakshi, who is a computer programmer, code. 14-year-old who works for Google earns over N450m every year Photo source: Mezicon.com READ ALSO: Brilliant 15-year-old boy graduates as engineer from University of California He said: “It was so fascinating to me how computers could really do anything. I wanted to know what goes on behind the back-end and see how you can control the computers and tell them what to do.” PAY ATTENTION: Get the Latest Nigerian News on NAIJ.com News At age seven, Bakshi had already set up a YouTube channel where he gave tutorials on how to code and develop a website. The young genius made it his mission to help 100,000 aspiring kids and beginners learn how to code and today, he has over 200,000 subscribers.

Falz ready to sue NBC

Ever since popular entertainer, Falz, released the song, This is Nigeria,’ it has been shrouded in controversy. At first, Islamic group, Muslim Rights Concern called for the song to be banned because some ladies in hijab were dancing Shaku Shaku and they believed it was against the Islamic religion, but their pleas fell on deaf ears.

During the week, the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission fined a radio station to the tune of N100,000 for playing the song which they said was unfit for airplay because of this line, “This is Nigeria, look how we living now. Everybody be criminal,” stating that it made the song vulgar and it was in contravention of Section 3.6.1 and of its constitution.

When Saturday Beats reached out to the entertainer, he said that he felt it was ridiculous for the commission to ban the song, arguing that it was not a vulgar song but a socially conscious piece of art which addresses the current issues in the country.

Falz said, “There is absolutely nothing vulgar about the song and I think it is ridiculous that the Nigerian Broadcast Commission singled out the least vulgar line in the song and ascribed it to be the reason they banned the song. It is a very simple and clean song. The only thing is that I was very blunt about the way I talk about things. I do not know maybe some messages in the song hit them and that is the real reason they banned the song. The line was, ‘This is Nigeria, look how we living now. Everybody be criminal.’ If they ban this song, then I do not understand them because that song is definitely not a vulgar song.”

The singer turned actor told Saturday Beats that he did not know if there was any conspiracy to ensure that the song never enjoyed airwaves but he was aware that the song could have hit some nerves of certain people. He further disclosed that he would investigate why his song was banned through his lawyers.

“I do not know if the fact that some group wanted me to retract the song is linked with this new development but I know that there were a lot of messages in the song and it is hitting a lot of people in the wrong places and that is what is making them react in that manner. However, there was absolutely no basis for the NBC to ban that song. I am going to have to write to them through my lawyers to find out what is really going on. When I find out the reason behind the ban, I could ask them to lift it if need be and if they do not adhere to my request, I might have to seek legal redress,” he said.

Woman sleeps with son to prove her fertility

The story of a woman sleeping with her son from her first marriage in order to raise children for her husband from her second marriage sounds so strange. Unbelievable! Did we hear you say abomination of the highest order?

Well, that’s exactly what happened when Mrs. Veronica Iorshe, 47, from Howe, Ugee Council Ward slept with her son from her first marriage in order to have children for her second husband, Sebastian Iorshe, 44, from Aliade, all in the same Gwer East Local Government Area of Benue State.

Beginning of a tragic story

The tragic story started much earlier when Veronica got married, at 19, to Mr. James Hon (now late) from Gwer West Local Government Area of Benue state. The marriage was blessed with one child, a son. But eight months after, Hon died in an auto accident on the Makurdi-Enugu road while returning from a business trip. He used to trade in palm oil.

After his death, Veronica summoned up the courage and continued with the business while staying in her husband’s house. But owing to some irreconcilable differences between her and her husband’s people, she returned to her maternal place but still continued with the oil-trading business, with her only son, Simon Hon.

But somewhere along the line Veronica switched to bushmeat marketing business. In her itinerary, she would travel to Awe Local Government Area of Nasarawa state to buy the meat and thereafter sell it to the people of Aliade in Gwer East Local Government Area of Benue State. It was in the course of doing this that she met Sebastian Iorshe, a Tiv man from the area and a love relationship developed between the two. As it were, Sebastian had also lost his spouse two months after marriage in 1998.

So, given the mutual fate and feelings shared by the widow and widower, they did not see any reason not to marry and settle down as husband and wife. They did so about eight years ago. But the marriage ran into a big storm when it repeatedly failed to produce a child or children to cement the relationship.

Matters were not helped much with Veronica’s movement into the second marriage with her only son, Simon, now 26-years-old. Sebastian’s mother who is not happy over the couple’s inability to produce children was said to regularly accuse Veronica of using her son’s wealth to train up her own son.

Descent into the abominable act

But amid the frosty relationship, suspicion, accusations and counter-accusations created by this development, the couple neglected to go for a medical check up to ascertain the source of the problem. Veronica put the blame on her husband. She claims that while she was willing, her husband was not. She said she suspects that her husband, said to be suffering from low sperm count, had, all along, known that he is unable to father a child.

But not too sure of where the problem lay, Veronica decided to test her own virility or potency by luring her son into secret lovemaking (with a stem warning not to reveal the affair to anybody). Investigation by Saturday Sun reveals that the serial lovemaking session lasted throughout the month of March and April 2018.

Each time Veronica came down to Lafia with her son to deliver dry meat to restaurants around the area, she would rent a hotel room where she would, time and again, lure her son into performing s-xual acts with her. Her reason for doing so she said, was to ascertain whether the fault was from her or not. At the end of April the result came out when she missed her period, signaling that she was pregnant.

But when she broke to her husband, what ordinarily would have been good news, he denied being responsible for it and suspected foul play. Stating February 1, 2018 as the last time they had s-x together, he wondered how that would have resulted in pregnancy two months after. He added that if she missed her period at the end of April, then he is not responsible for it.

This development led to suspicion that created a big crisis in the family. On 2nd August 2018, both of them submitted themselves to a medical test in Lafia based on the advice of a close relation. The result showed that Veronica is three months pregnant and confirmed the fact her last lovemaking with her husband February 1, couldn’t have led to that.

Matters turned out worse when another test conducted on her husband showed that he has weak and low sperm count that would make it impossible to father a child. The moment these details were released by the hospital, the angry husband, accusing her of infidelity, asked his wife to pack out of his house to go and live with the man responsible for her pregnancy.

Confession and moment of truth

After persistent pressure from our correspondent, Veronica eventually opened up to tell her own side of the story. “I am not a loose woman,” she said. “I am just a woman who loves her husband very much and didn’t want to lose him. I did what I did to save my marriage even though I feel guilty about it.

“It was not easy but I slept with my first son from my first husband so that I could give my husband a child. But rather sustaining my marriage, the plan has scattered it and I have lost it.

“I got married to my husband eight years ago. We had no child. The worst was that I never got pregnant even for one day. When I discovered that I was no longer getting younger, I was worried as much as he and his parents were.

“His mother became so impatient that she started breathing down my neck as she gave me no breathing space at all. She said that I was cheating on her son, using his son’s money to maintain my son, that I’m older than his son.

“She moved in to live with us and practically made life in my matrimonial home unbearable for me. At a point, she stopped talking to me. The only time she would talk to me was when she wanted to insult me and remind me of how less a woman I was.

“I was confused, more so when my husband refused to submit himself to a medical test to ascertain the source of the problem, though we loved each other before the heavy pressure from his mum came.

“We used to have serious lovemaking sessions especially during my ovulation period all in the bid to get pregnant so that my mother-in-law could stop humiliating me.

“Yet, I couldn’t get pregnant. I started suspecting the problem could be from my husband when he refused to subject himself to medical test. But the insult from my mother-in-law was getting too much, too unbearable for me.

“She vowed to frustrate me out of her son’s home. To make things worse, she sent away my son saying that he has no business staying in the house. I had to look for a one-room apartment for him in Lafia.

“After he left, it was just three of us in the house in Awe, which is a distance away from Lafia. I was always terrified each time I heard her voice from a distance. She tried to frustrate my meat market in Awe.

“In fact, the only time that I had peace was when I went to the market. It is so agonizing to say this. Instead of testing someone else to ascertain my fertility, I seduced and slept with my son. Simon is a young man in his early 20s; he has not started sleeping with women before I lured him into making love with me.

“I started by buying good things for him, sleeping together on the same bed, playing with his manhood and gradually one thing led to another. There was a time I asked him if he had tested s-x before and he said no.

“I compelled him to take an oath not to disclose it to anybody. I said I would teach him s-x. I ensured that I did that during my ovulation period. I never disclosed the reason for this but deep in my mind, I wanted to test my fertility. I planned it during my ovulation so that I could get pregnant, although it was not easy sleeping with a son.

“I knew I was doing the wrong thing and betraying my husband but I saw it as a necessary action to save my marriage. I didn’t want to go out sleeping with another man outside. I knew it was wrong but I prefer it from my son than a man outside. After one month, I discovered that I was pregnant.”

PHOTO: Slay queen bleaches herself into two skin color

This is a viral photo of a slay queen with two skin colours.

She has a fair colour all over other parts of the body except her legs which retained her original dark skin colour.

The picture is being circulated on social media to discourage ladies from bleaching their skin.

Health practitioners have often warned that bleaching can predispose women to skin cancer and other diseases.

“Arsene Wenger was sacked” – Wilshere

Former Arsenal midfielder, Jack Wilshere, has claimed that the club decided to sack Arsene Wenger as manager, after 22 years in charge.

Wenger announced that he was stepping down in May this year, with few games of last season left.

The club at the time insisted the decision was mutual and staged a memorable farewell for the Frenchman.

But Wilshere, who left for West Ham this summer, insists that Wenger was fired.

Wilshere was in the final year of his contract at the Emirates, when Unai Emery was appointed as the new boss and quickly told him he would not feature regularly.

“They finally offered me a deal in January which I was ready to sign and then Arsene got sacked.

“It was strange, everyone was just shocked,” the England international told Sky Sports.

Six months old baby dumped in a forest

A six-month-old baby who was abandoned in the forest in Obosi, Idemili North Local Government Area by an unknown person has been recovered.

Mr Duff Ibanga who found the baby boy said he saw him crying helplessly.

Ibanga who discovered the baby around 5pm on Friday evening said he suspects that the baby may have been dumped there not quite long before he took the route.

Ibanga who was at Obosi police division, where he made the complaint to officers on duty said the baby was abandoned in a bush path at Umuota road, along Idemili junction in Obosi.

The Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Haruna Mohammed told journalists that the complainant led Police detectives attached to the juvenile and welfare unit of the division to the scene where the baby was dumped.

He said the baby had been given primary care and handed over to an undisclosed motherless baby’s home in the area for further care.

Haruna said investigations had started in order to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the incident, and that efforts were ongoing to trace the biological mother of the baby.

He said, “The Command enjoined members of the Public with useful information that could help trace the parents of the child to report at Obosi division.”


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