Kanayo O. Kanayo finally bags a law degree

Nollywood veteran actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo has bagged a degree in Law from the University of Abuja.


The actor shared photos on his  Instagram page, and wrote;

“Another milestone, another prominence. Thank you friends and Thank God Almighty

The law degree comes just a  few months after he disclosed that he would be contesting for a seat in the house of representatives in 2019.

He declared his intention after President Muhammadu Buhari announced June 12 as Democracy Day and conferred the title of GCFR on the late MKO Abiola.

“History has been made today,” Kanayo O Kanayo said.

Kanayo, whose real name is Anayo Modestus Onyekwere, plans to represent Ahiazu/ Ezinihitte Mbaise federal constituency, Imo state, at the house of representatives, under the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA)


Former President, Jonathan begs southeastern leaders to Accept Pete Obi

The dust is nowhere near settling over the PDP southeast leaders’ supposed rejection of the party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar’s announcement of Peter Obi as his running mate.


While Obi’s men like Oseloka Obaze are holding things down for him, former President Goodluck Jonathan has also joined in the call for caution.

He has appealed to the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party in the South East to support the decision of the party’s presidential candidate to secure victory in the 2019 presidential election.

Jonathan made the appeal in a statement on Sunday, one day after leaders of the party in the zone said they were not consulted before Mr Obi, a former governor of Anambra State was chosen by Abubakar as his running mate.

Read Jonathan’s full statement below:

“I thank members of our great party for the successful conduct of the primaries for the various elective positions ahead of the 2019 general elections. By holding transparent, peaceful and rancor-free convention and primaries across the country, our party has once more, taken the nation’s democratic exercise a notch higher, in line with our well-established tradition of deepening the growth of democracy in our nation.

“I again congratulate all our candidates for various positions, including Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who was overwhelmingly elected by our delegates as the flag bearer of our party in the 2019 presidential election. The popularity and positive reviews of the exercise across the country is a clear demonstration of national endorsement for the choices we made, going into the 2019 elections.

“The task before us is to build on this firm foundation and momentum by pulling in one direction and working assiduously for the victory of these candidates at the polls. It is against this backdrop that I appeal for calm and understanding in the South East where my attention has been drawn to the fact that some leaders of our party are openly expressing their discomfort with the reported nomination of former Governor of Anambra State Peter Obi as Atiku’s running mate. I am told that some of our leaders in the zone have raised issues with the process of consultation that produced the Vice-Presidential candidate.

 “I affirm that consultation is a key ingredient in every political process. Nonetheless, in the selection of a vice presidential candidate, a presidential candidate is allowed reasonable freedom to select his running mate based on loyalty, trust, experience, temperament, and capacity to perform the responsibilities of the office. Anything other than this could create tension and acrimony between the presidential candidate and his running mate, even before the inauguration of the government.

“My plea is for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to be given a free hand to choose who he wants to work with as his Vice President without putting him through undue pressure. In this regard, only minimal consultation is required which doesn’t necessarily have to involve full regional review and approval.

“We have to be careful not to give the impression that the process of selecting a Vice Presidential candidate cannot progress until a regional stamp of approval is formally procured. The system we are used to right from the First Republic is one that places the choice of a running mate at the behest of the candidate, based on his own convictions on capacity and compatibility.

“From my political history, beginning from Deputy Governor to President, I can say that this is the tradition and standard practice in countries where either the President and his Vice or Governor and his Deputy contest election on a common slate. In such instance, once a candidate emerges, he or she is given a free hand to select the person who understands his vision and plans for the country, as his running mate.

“I, therefore, want to directly appeal to my brothers and sisters from the South East zone who are members of our party to reconsider their position and allow the presidential candidate of our party to select a candidate he thinks he can work with to be able to achieve the party’s development goals. Since Atiku has nominated Mr. Peter Obi as his running mate, I am pleading with my party members from the zone to accept his choice.”



Popular Nigerian Singer, Davido has reacted to reports that his romantic relationship with Chioma has hit the rocks.


The report making the rounds on Social media had it that Davido and his lover broke up over infidelity on the part of the singer.

However, Davido took to his Twitter blasting media houses for the news, promising to take those spreading the report to court.

The singer while denying a tweet from a media outlet which reads, ‘Assurance expired? Davido relationship with Chioma hits the rocks over infidelity,’ said “God punish you, see you in court.”

Recall that the singer dedicated a song ‘Assurance’ and bought Chioma a Porsche to celebrate her birthday.



In life there are Morals which have been inculcated from parents to their offsprings from generation to generation and these morals and norms are expected to build the individual’s positive attributes and make him useful morally in the society. This exactly is why institutions like the family, schools and churches try their best to impact into the lives of people ranging from the child to a whole nation. In cases where these norms and Morals are not impacted into lives then the repercussions and effects will be suffered in the society.
Today, the repercussions of these wrong Morales has led to the innovation and evolution of abominations into norms and practices. In the world today,  it is totally rare  for one to watch TV, listen to the radio, read the newspaper or even the social media without seeing one abomination or the other. This is a course for concern.
Imagine a society where rape and homosexuality has become an act without shame or regret. On the news the other day it was said that a 57 year old man raped his daughters of 12 and 14 respectively and when he’s asked why he says he did it to test their fertility, what nonsense!  .How can a man of such gerontocratic age fall for such stupidity as to subject his children to such torture and traumatic experience not withstanding the fact that they are his blood. I could remember vividly when I was in the primary school, I was thought social studies where  we were meant to understand that incest is a wrong social act and a punishable offence, but this is not the same today, parents now see their children as attractive and “sweet” for sexual relationship. The high rate of incest make me wonder, WHAT IS THE WORLD TURNING INTO?
There are stories that when you hear them, your ears tingles. These days such stories have become the norm.When a woman walks down the aisle with a dog as her groom, when a father rapes his own daughter, when a young boy is arrested trying to kill his own mother for ritual, no seer is needed to know that all is not well.
If after hearing that a 13 year old girl is pregnant for her elderly brother, you don’t shudder, you are part of what makes my ears tingle. Gays that were in hiding now dare to parade the streets with placards asking for ‘rights’! Young girls brag about having up to five boyfriends when there was a time that such would never be uttered even in the secrecy of one’s bedroom. I tell you, the abominations of old are becoming the norm of today. The things we once condemned are what we now praise. Single mother proudly displays her baby bump in social media and the world cheers! Read the papers, listen to the news and you’ll be left asking the same question I keep asking- “WHAT IS THE WORLD TURNING INTO”
Consequently, it has been signed into law in most countries of the world that parents can now have “consented relationships ” with their children and siblings are free to get married. This exactly is what’s called in the igbo culture “ARU” at the highest level. Recently,  in Kenya  approval  was given by the government for the production  of lesbian films, What exactly is lesbian film meant to impact in the life of the society?!. This act is a sign of high graded stupidity  on the part of that government who have encouraged homosexuality in the society forgetting the relevance of good moral conduct, later the government would complain that corrupt practices are evolving neglecting the root of the problems. Sometimes I wonder were all the African values and Morales went to, did they fly out through the ears as they were thought? “WHAT EXACTLY IS THE WORLD TURNING INTO “

THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW by Ude Chiedozie

By Chiedozie Ude


The judiciary in most states is usually the third arm of government, and it is their duty to interpret the laws by making sure no law breaker goes scot-free. The judiciary is seen as the last hope of the common man because he can easily seek a redress in court if his rights are violated by the so called big dogs in the state.
The case of Bill Cosby and his sexual escapades is a genuine example that no one is above the law of the land irrespective of one’s position, financial muscle or achievements in one’s field of expertise.

In a bid to get the details of the plethora of sexual assault cases filed against Bill Cosby, I went through some of the allegations, and I discovered that the earliest of these crimes was committed in the 1960s, and that Bill Cosby was a serial sexual predator for more than four decades. Between these decades, some of these cases were reported, but somehow, he never got to face trial not to talk of receiving the punishments he well deserved because the reporters who got wind of the stories decided to hush up, most likely after receiving some fat wads of dollars.

But like people always say, ‘justice will prevail at the end’,  and truly, justice did prevail because after all these years of him committing crimes with impunity, the long arm of the law has finally caught up with him, and he is going to pay for all his atrocities.
It is such a pity that one as famous of Bill Cosby decided to stoop so low by indulging in these nefarious acts, he is a person whom I am sure witnessed the great era of racial discrimination in America and was still able to carve a name for himself. He is a man whom a lot of people regarded as their role model due to his charismatic nature and acting prowess. So, what really baffles me is why he decided to throw all his achievements, his career and accolades away just because of few minutes of sexual pleasure. Indeed, when pastors are preaching about how sex outside marriage can bring the downfall of a man, I am pretty certain they had Bill Cosby in mind because his story will make a great from ‘grace to grass’ tale. Indeed, it is such a pity that history will remembers him only for his wrongs.

This is not the first time a celebrity is to be tagged as a sexual offender, but this is likely to be the first time that one will serve real jail time for it, and in my opinion, it is well deserved. As a result of this debacle, I begin to wonder if most of these celebrities we venerate deserve to be idolised by us. Most times, we indulge their misdemeanors because of our great love for them. Yes, they make us happy, but making their fans happy should not give any of them the guts to make other people unhappy, especially women and children whom they treat like toys and sexual objects. There are so many cases of celebrity rape, but the worst part of it all is that these rapists are never brought to book. I sincerely hope that the case of Bill Cosby will serve as a turning point in how Nigeria and the world at large prosecute cases like this.

In Nigeria, our laws are for the poor because they do not have the wherewithal to meander their way out of our satirical justice system. Even the popular singer ‘African China’ further brought notice to this anomaly by saying ‘poor man wey thief money them go show him name for crime fighter but rich man wey thief money, omo them no go show him name for crime fighter…’
Our judiciary is a complete farce, and various regimes have done their best possible in ensuring that its independence is always undermined. Right now, many a Nigerian prefers to settle contentious issues away from our official courts. When the people do not have any iota of trust or respect for our justice system, we will continue to witness an increase of jungle justice, wealthy criminals will continue to break laws without a care in the world because they know that the courts will dance to the music being played by their money.
Like I stated earlier, the judiciary is the third arm of government, and they must be allowed to prosecute every offender, both small and great because the law is not a respecter of anybody. A platform should also be created for people who have faced abuse, ranging from child labour and sexual harassment to express themselves with adequate police protection.
Finally, In countries whereby laws are supreme, there is every tendency that people will live in peace, harmony and most importantly, have respect for the rights of others.




When Jalynne Crawford picked up her phone and saw a text from her twin sister Janelle saying that she was pregnant, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Just a short while later, she was able to share some special news with Janelle over the phone. She was also pregnant.

The twins laughed and cried at the revelation that they were both expecting and were both equally far into their pregnancies. Both pregnancies were nothing short of miraculous for each of the moms-to-be. While Jalynne had suffered two miscarriages prior to conceiving her fourth child, Janelle had suffered an ectopic pregnancy and suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) prior to conceiving her second child.

The two had also experienced a hard loss with the death of their sister, Jennifer Pippin, last year.

Jalynne and Janelle had always wanted to be pregnant together, and their chance had arrived at the perfect time. There was just one problem: Jalynne and her husband live in Arizona, while Janelle and her husband live in California. Their parents had been present for the birth of all their grandchildren and didn’t want this to be an exception. That’s when Jalynne and Janelle knew that they wanted, for themselves and their family, to have their babies on the same day at the same hospital.


Linda Ikeji who delivered of a bouncing baby boy on Monday at the Emory Hospital in Atlanta, and promised to spoil her son as she is ready to flaunt all she would be getting for him on social media, has done the unbelievable.

The blogger’s sisters, Laura and Sandra, have taken to their Instagram handles to share pictures and videos of the brand new Bentley Linda just acquired for her baby, Jayce Jeremi.

Laura’s video shows the receipt of the car which carries Linda Ikeji’s name as the buyer on it. She shared her posts and wrote: “Sold to Linda Ikeji this one heavy sha. Bentley Mulsanne.


“Dear Jayce, ya mom went crazy the day u came into this world, oh boy! ya own don better. Dem born u buy Bentley. Omo mama olowo. Can’t remember what my parents bought when they had me hehe. Check out Linlin’ s Bentley.” 



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