Top 5 mysteries of the world.

1. JoGirardelli


In the early 1800s, Jo Girardelli was the hot new fire act on the block. Taking on a whole new angle on fire acts, Girardelli was able to swallow red-hot objects without it causing her any pain or harm. Those who saw her perform were amazed at what was happening before their eyes .
Girardelli was able to “rinse” her mouth with nitric acid without it burning holes in her gums and cheeks. To prove that she really had the acid in her mouth and not some harmless fluid, she would spit it onto iron where it would immediately start eating through the metal. Girardelli also played around with boiling oil, filling her mouth with it and then spitting it out, causing a minor fire when it landed on wood.
Jo Girardelli didn’t stop there. All of her acts had to be bigger and better, so she started using hot wax and molten lead. She heated metal objects, such as shovels, over open fires and then pressed them against her skin. She even pressed her tongue against some of them. In all of these acts, her flesh remained just as it was before—completely unburned.
She remained a hot topic all over England, and no one was ever able to figure out just how she did what she did. Not even the skeptics were able to prove any trickery on her part. There is no record of Jo’s life after she moved from England, and her amazing acts remain as mysterious as ever.
4 Le Loyon


Something creepy is taking place in the woods in western Switzerland. A man dressed in a military uniform with a gas mask over his face seems to be “haunting” the place.
For more than 10 years now, locals who live near these woods have reported seeing the man walk the same path every day. They have given him the name Le Loyon, and they are terrified of him. He doesn’t speak and, when he encounters someone, he simply stares at them, and then
walks away in silence. A photographer who tried to take a picture of the mysterious man reported him to be almost 2 meters (6’6″) in height.
Children are too scared to play in these woods anymore, even though the man doesn’t seem to be threatening in any way. At one point, people saw him carrying what looked like flowers while slowly walking down a pathway in the woods. According to the authorities in charge of the area, there is nothing that can be done to get the man to leave the woods since he is not trespassing and has done nothing wrong.
At one point, his clothes were found abandoned in the woods with a note saying he was leaving because “The risk of a hunt for the Beast” was too great.
It is unknown where the man lives, why he wears a gas mask, and why he doesn’t speak. Several theories speculate that he might be mentally disturbed or have a skin disease which would cause him to not want to be seen by others. But, until someone gets him to take off the mask, or at least speak out, the mystery man will remain a mystery.
3 Hoia Baciu


Believed by many to be the most haunted forest in the world, Hoia Baciu in Transylvania is the setting for many unexplained, spooky tales. It also doesn’t help that the trees are bent and twisted in seemingly unnatural ways, giving the woods a horror movie feel.
Several visitors to the Hoia Baciu have returned from their trip terrified, claiming that burns and rashes have appeared on their bodies for no apparent reason. Some even claim to have skipped a few hours during their exploration among the creepy trees. They have no explanation for why they cannot remember what happened during the ”missing” hours .
Many people are truly convinced that ghostly apparitions hang around in the forest, and the locals absolutely refuse to set foot in it. Especially since rumors of floating heads and voices emanating from the darkness started making the rounds.
It all seems to have started back in 1968 when Alexandru Sift took a photograph inside the forest of what many continue to believe was a UFO. Another persistent story tells of a shepherd venturing into the woods with 200 sheep, never to be seen or heard from again.
Ongoing ghost hunts have turned up no clue as to what might be behind all the weird events taking place here, but paranormal experts are not giving up the ghost just yet when it comes to studying Hoia Baciu and revealing its creepy secrets to the world.
2 Cosmic Radio Bursts


Since their discovery in 2007, cosmic radio bursts or “blitzars” have been a source of fascination to scientists around the world. The nine blitzars that have been studied in the years since their discovery have all been plucked from historical data.
Then, in January 2015, scientists announced that they identified a blitzar in real time. This means that whatever event caused the radio burst to happen was happening at the time that the scientists caught it.
It is unknown what causes these radio bursts, and experts have guessed that it might occur due to collapsing neutron stars or flares. The bursts have a length of one millisecond and, during this miniscule amount of time, they create the same amount of energy that the Sun would create over the course of one million years.
Emily Petroff, a researcher in Australia, stated that these blitzars occur at a distance of more than five billion light-years away from Earth, and the real time blitzar was noticed near the Aquarius constellation. She went on to say that she and her team will continue looking out for blitzars so as to try and gather some information and, hopefully, one day get behind the mystery of their origin.
1 Bukit Timah


During World War II, Japanese soldiers stationed in Singapore glimpsed a strange version of Bigfoot there. Many reported seeing a primate-like creature covered in gray hair and standing up to 2 meters (6’6″) tall in the Bukit Timah rain forest.
Sightings peaked during the war, but there are also a few present-day sightings reported every now and then . The Bukit Timah area is now a biodiverse nature reserve that housed several creatures, including tigers, not too long ago.
Although it is still a mystery as to what the soldiers and others were actually seeing in this area, some people believe they might have confused macaques for primates. However, according to most experts, this would be unlikely as the macaques in Singapore resemble the ones in Japan and the soldiers at least would know what they were looking at. The last sightings took place in 2007 when visitors told stories of seeing an ape-creature being run over by a taxi and another scratching around in trash cans .



Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri hailed the impact Cristiano Ronaldo was having on the Italian champions as the Portuguese star became the first player to achieve 100 Champions League wins in on Tuesday’s 1-0 success over Valencia that clinched their passage to the knockout rounds.


“Ronaldo gives us a sense of security and confidence,” said Allegri of the beaten finalists in two of the last four editions of the elite European competition.

“The team is essentially the same as last season. We’ve grown, become faster in playing the ball, but then, of course, there is Cristiano Ronaldo.

“This team is constantly improving – they’re passing and putting the play together more quickly.”

Ronaldo — who joined Juventus last summer from Real Madrid — is targeting a sixth Champions League title to add to his four with the Spanish team and one with Manchester United.

The Italian team are looking for their third European title and first since 1995.

Last season they exited in the quarter-finals to Ronaldo’s Real Madrid.

The 33-year-old played a key role against Valencia providing the assist on 59 minutes which Croatian Mario Mandzukic tapped in for his third goal in as many matches.

Juventus had needed just a point to ensure qualification.

Their win combined with Manchester United’s late 1-0 win over Young Boys at Old Trafford means Valencia crash out of the competition.

Allegri’s side will now have to wait to see whether they top Group H when they play their final group game mid-December in Bern against Young Boys

Photos: Deformed child born with leg facing opposite direction

A baby has been born with back to front legs and no buttocks due to a condition only five people in the UK have.


Baby Baron was born last month to Tracy Fletcher, 39, and her partner Edward. Tracy was told her baby would be severely handicapped when she went for her 20-week scan but she and her partner decided to go ahead and have the baby.

Baron was born without buttocks and with clubbed feet and has no control over the lower half of his spine, hips, bladder or bowels. He has been diagnosed with caudal regression syndrome (CRS).



Black chyna gets into a fight with Lady at Abuja pool party


American Reality TV star Blac Chyna is in Abuja to host a party and she almost got into a fight with a lady allegedly insulting her publicly.

Blac Chyna, who has police protection while in the country, is seen in a video ready to fight but was however restrained before it got out of hand.

It was also said that the celebrity refused a Nigerian male fan from giving her a hug during her departure in Abuja, this action has staired up enough remarks from Her Nigerian fans.


MOVIE SPLASH: Idris Elba set to feature in fast and furious

People Magazine’s sexiest man alive Idris Elba has been spotted in London for the filming of the Fast and Furious spin off.

He was spotted with Dwayne Johnson (Agent Luke Hobbs) and Jason Statham (Deckard Shaw) with some flashy cars which the franchise is known for.


Idris Elba. Photo Splash

Elba is a new addition to the franchise and would be playing a villain going against Agent Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw as a criminal mastermind called Brixton.

Fans are hoping that his role in this film will increase his chances at playing James Bond.

The spin off titled Hobbs and Shaw is set to be released in August 2019. Fans are disappointed that filming the spin-off means that the Fast and Furious ninth installment would be delayed.




A butcher, Segun Ajayi, who allegedly used a charmed ring to hit his fellow butcher, has been arraigned before a Lagos Magistrate’s Court, sitting at Igbosere, Lagos.

The 42-years-old Ajayi, whose residential address was not given, is facing a count charge of unlawful assault, preferred against him by the Police.

The prosecutor, Sergeant Francisca Job, told the court that the defendant committed the alleged offence on November 2 at about 5p.m, at Farm Bus Stop, Sangotedo, Ajah, area of Lagos.

She said Ajayi, without lawful and reasonable excuse, used charm to hit one Suleman Rahmon, his fellow butcher.

She told the court: “The defendant and his other colleagues had asked the victim to join the meat sellers’ association in the market, but the victim refused and continued selling his meat by the roadside.

“On the fateful day, when the defendant and others while trying to force him to join the association, the defendant brought out a ring and hit the victim, who became unconscious.”

…asked to remove charm

The prosecutor further added that when Rahmon regained his senses, he went to make a report at the Police station and the defendant, who was arrested, was asked to remove the charm from the victim’s body.

“But Ajayi said he could not remove the charm, as the person who did the charm for him was in Ijebu, but warned Rahmon not to take any food with salt as the charm might cause him problems.”

The offence committed by the defendant, according to the prosecutor, is punishable under Section 133 (b) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

The defendant pleaded not guilty, but his plea was not taken as he was ordered to be remanded in prison custody by Magistrate Y. O. Aro-Lambo.

Magistrate Aro-Lambo adjourned the case till December 6 for the commencement of trial.



CHELSEA attacker Eden Hazard could leave Stamford Bridge in the January transfer window.

The Belgium international – a long-standing Real Madrid target – will see his Blues contract expire at the end of next season, however, and admitted during the summer that he ‘dreams of moving to the Bernabeu’.

According to OK Diario, Chelsea have accepted that they are likely to lose Hazard, and the Belgium international could even head to Madrid at the start of 2019.

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