Photo:75 year old grandma wins bodybuilding tittles and shames older grandma

She began competing at the age of 55 and has won 23 titles

– She said she’ll continue to compete in order to challenge stereotypes about ageing

Australian bodybuilder Janice Lorraine is 75 years old, but this isn’t dampening her enthusiasm for bodybuilding at all.

Speaking to DailyMail, the super fit grandma said she’ll continue competing in the sport for at least two more years.


“Na politicians dey rush me” – BROBRISKY

Famous Nigerian Cross-dresser, Bobrisky, hops on new trend

– In a recent post he revealed that he’s being heavily chased by politicians

By now, most Nigerians know if they are in need of a good laugh, listening to Bobrisky speak about anything or monitoring his social media content is one way to crack your ribs. Undoubtedly, the male barbie is a clown and knows just how to get the attention of his fans.

The internet is always an interesting. Nigerians popularised a new phrase ‘na dem dey rush us’ from a Nollywood movie where they express being desired by certain thing. Since the trend began, many people have come up with creative ways to reflect the idea that they are being desired.

Bobrisky decided to take a break from taking photos with fans recently and admitted that his new decision is based on people wanting to take unflattering photos of him and apparently, destroy his slaying career. As if that wasn’t enough laugh for the week, the cross-dresser recently shared new photos on his social media and made an attempt to ride on the ‘na dem dey rush us’ trend.

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Sharing a cute photo of himself, he revealed that in his case, ‘politicians’ are the ones rushing him. Although Bobrisky didn’t indicate whether the so-called politicians are male or female, most fans assumed he was speaking of men since he’s an aspiring transgender.


Bobrisky confesses to being desired by politicians Source: Instagram, Bobrisky

Whether his intent was to give a good laugh to his fans or he is suggesting that some powerful men in the country swing both ways, seeing as most of them are married to women, Bobrisky has lost it and most people already know this.

However, you have to love him(er) for being just a delightful human in through this tough journey called life.

Morning health: importance of oranges you never knew

Everything you need to live well

Orange is one of the most popular and available fruit in the world. It is the main source of vitamin C and an ingredient in many food recipes.

Oranges are not only a good source of Vitamin C but they also help to promote good skin health.

Here is a range of health benefits of orange:

Photo credit: Simplyrecipes

Orange helps to promote skin health

Orange contains Vitamin C which helps in the formation of collagen that is essential for supporting the system of the skin. Orange also helps to protect the skin against the damage from the sun rays and helps to fight ageing and wrinkles.

It is good for a healthy heart

Oranges contain potassium which helps to dilate the blood vessels and improve heart health. They also contain bio-flavonoids that have strong antioxidant powers.

It helps to strengthen the immune system

Orange contains Vitamin C which are strong antioxidants that help to bolster the immune system.

Cancer-fighting properties

Orange contains Vitamin C which is a strong antioxidant that fights free radicals that cause cancer.

It helps to maintain eye health

Oranges do not only contain Vitamin C but they also contain Vitamin A which is essential for the eyes. Vitamin A prevents age-related macular degeneration and when extreme can cause blindness.

Photo:11 year old who hacked US vote website

An 11year old boy who hacked US vote website. PHOTO/Twitter;p0wnyb0y

An 11-year-old boy, Emmett Brewster managed to hack into a replica of Florida’s election results website in 10 minutes, change names and tallies.

Brewster was the fastest of 35 children, ages six to 17, who all hacked into copies of the pseudo-election website of six swing states during the three-day DEFCON security convention.

According to DEFCON, the event was meant to test the strength of U.S. election infrastructure and details of the vulnerabilities would be passed onto the states.

The National Association of Secretaries of State, charged for tallying votes welcomed DEFCON’s innovation and stated that the true methods utilized by states would have further protections.

“It will be extraordinarily tough to copy those methods since many states make the most of the distinctive networks and custom-built databases with new and up to date safety protocols,” the association stated.

The hacking demonstration came as concerns swirl about election system vulnerabilities before mid-term state and federal elections.

The young participants changed party names, candidate names and added as many as 12billion votes to candidates.

Candidate names were changed to ‘Bob Da Builder’ and ‘Richard Nixon’s head’,”

The convention’s “Voting Village” also aimed to expose security issues in other systems such as digital poll books and memory-card readers.

Tiwa savage accuses Tekno and Ciara of stealing her lyrics

Female songstress, Tiwa Savage is reportedly on warpath with Tekno and American R&B diva Ciara for content infringement in their new song, Freaky.
The much anticipated song features some lines and beats from Tiwa Savage’s ‘Before Nko’ Ft D’Prince in her R.E.D Album and It didn’t take fans long to recognize the striking similarities between the new song ‘Freak Me’ and the Tiwa Savage’s ‘Before Nko’.
And reports in Entertainment circle reveals that neither Tekno nor Ciara obtained clearance or permission from Tiwa Savage before infringing on her copyright, a move that has left the talented mother of one extremely aggrieved.
A member of Tiwa Savage’s camp revealed the level of disappointment she has in Tekno, whom she considered a friendly colleague; not in the least because they both are Pepsi ambassadors and know each other well.
He said;
‘We were surprised that they went that route. They didn’t even just sample some strings, the beat and lyrics of the hook are basically the same. Tiwa is extremely upset because it seems like a rip off of her sweat.’
When asked if there were any enquiries from the Ubi Franklin led MMMG, he said;
“They didn’t ask or inform us before the song was made. As a matter of fact, we reached out to them when we heard the song but they didn’t do us the courtesy of even responding. This is not how to do things. Tekno himself is not sharing links to the song as much as his boss Ubi is. This is wrong‘, .
He added too that;
“It may not have been in Ciara’s place to know that the song belonged to someone else but the onus was on Tekno as the featured act and producer (who we believe gave the song to her anyway) to inform her.”
Although Tiwa Savage (along with Don Jazzy, his brother DPrince) was listed as one of the composers on streaming sites such as TIDAL, she believes that does not suffice as ‘permission’.

Woman narrates her robbery experience with a bike man

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to narrate how she was robbed in Lagos

– According to her post, a bike man planned with two other guys who later robbed her and a friend

– She shared the story in order to warn others of the new tactics of robbery in Lagos

The rate of insecurity in Nigeria seems to be on a rise as the day goes by. Everyday, different stories of robbery cases pop up on the internet. If you’re not been robbed online, there are men of the night who do that in person.

A lady identified as Mary Martins together with her friend, fell victims to yet another case of robbery. According to the post which she put up on her Instagram page, she and her friend boarded a bike home but unbeknownst to them, the bike man was setting them up to be robbed.

In her narration, she revealed that after riding for a while, he stopped and claimed he had ran out of fuel. It was while he was pretending to fix the problem that two guys emerged and robbed the two ladies of their possession and even injured her in the process.



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