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A Critical Essay on Condomnairing by Chiedozie Ude.

Condoms, however basic and insignificant they may appear, are highly important when it comes to avoiding pregnancy and other sexual-related infections. Buying and using condoms may be quite tricky due to several factors. It is not uncommon for many a guy who wants to buy condoms to whisper silently to the seller because the buyer does not want other customers in the shop to view him with reproach. Well, if you are scared of buying condoms or you do not know how to properly wear one, this essay is for you.

Firstly, if you are underaged or if you are well known for decency, you might not want to buy condoms from a vendor that is in your area in order not to spoil your reputation. You never know, words may reach your parents or pastor. Now, that will make a juicy scandal. So, the solution to the fear or shame of buying condoms can be solved if you buy it from a place where you are not known. Better still, buy it from an aboki (trust me, these abokis sell everything sellable — that is, they are the true definition of a Jack of all trades) because an aboki will sell to you without asking questions. Do not ask me how I know this.

Having bought the condoms (I used the plural form because I do not think anyone will buy one, and rightly so.), the next issue will be how to keep them away from the wrong eyes. The wrong eyes include: younger siblings (Trust me, your younger ones cannot keep a secret to save their lives.); your parents (especially your mother); and your nosy elderly female neighbours who serve as CCTV for your mother etc. Rest assured that you are safe if you can avoid the set of people mentioned. Being caught by your parents, guardian or mentor is not ideal. Imagine how they will squeeze their faces, expressing their disgust in no uncertain terms, forgetting that they were once teenagers or youth who embarked on a plethora of erotic adventures. Trust me, African parents do not understand the concept of safe sex because total abstinence is their style. Therefore, do not be deceived by thinking they will understand why you keep condoms because they will never even try to understand; so, below are the ways to avoid being caught with the wonderful rubber:
1. Hide the goods in one of the hidden pockets of a standard wallet and never you let your wallet enter the hands of any of those classified as the wrong eyes.
2. Place the goods in an empty Milo container “pangolo” and bury it while facing the west. To be certain that you do it properly, do it while the sun is about to sink into its vest (Permit my floweriness, I mean sunset.). The essence of doing this is because burying a condom is a sacred festival that must be done with a mountain of sacredness.
3. Simply buy the condoms whenever you are about to use them. No need to keep incriminating evidence of your fornicating habit for your beloved and righteous parents to find.

No matter the precautions one may take, one may still be exposed. Little wonder the Pidgin English proverb states thus: “When breeze blow, fowl nyash go open.” Should you ever be caught with the contraband, here is a list of what you should do:
1. Admit to your parents that you are a “fuckaholic” so that they can conduct deliverance service for you. However, if your mother is a Yoruba woman who possesses the immanent or God-given ability to shape destinies with her resounding slaps, you may not apply this method. Do not say I did not warn you.
2. This rule is a tried and tested rule because it works every time. Whenever you are caught, just act casually by saying in an offhand manner that you attended a seminar on sex education and you were given condoms as souvenirs. After you say this, shake your head and say: “Silly me, I forgot to throw that shit out.” Then, you whistle loudly as you go out to discard the material. To appear more real — that is, to make them know it was an honest mistake — take out the trash can and empty it because doing this will remind your parents of how responsible you are. Applying this will save you from answering a lot of questions.

The previous paragraphs have dealt with the issues of buying and hiding condoms, and also the issue of escaping a scolding or a righteous sermon when you are caught with the goods-you-should-not-possess. Having learnt these, the next step will be to guide you on how to properly wear a condom. This stage is the most critical because if it is not done properly, you may end up becoming a father in the next nine months. As a student, you would not want that or would you? So, below are the things that should be done in order to ensure you are not violating the sacrosanct rules of condomnairing:
1. Do not wear the condom on your joystick the way you force your skinny jeans into your yam legs. Doing this may get it broken. Remember, you have to treat a condom with utmost respect and care — the kind of care you will give to a fragile baby.
2. Blow little air into it, place it on your Iroko tree and gently roll it towards your sack of coconuts (Pardon my use of euphemisms, my righteousness does not give room for sexual explicitness.).
3. Rule three is very important because it is where legends stand out. You may know how to wear a condom but are you a condomnairing legend? Read on to find out. Always leave a paragraph at the beginning of your Jack hammer when you put on a condom. This paragraph is important because it is going to store whatever you bring out during copulation. Remember, what separates the best from the rest is simply paragraphing.

In conclusion, you now know where you stand as a guy or where your boyfriends stand for the girls. Some of them are condomnairing legends while the rest need to up their game. Finally, it is believed that the unconventional methods suggested in this article will go a long way in ensuring that boys become legends.

UDE, Chiedozie: Pragmatic Analysis of Chibok Girls. GBAMLOG.COM

Literature is so significant that it can perform a lot of functions. One of such functions definitely has to be the affective function. Literature can be affective when it aims to produce certain effects on the reader. Having established this fact, it is ideal to state that this essay aims to display the affective power of literature by conducting a pragmatic analysis of the text Chibok Girls.

The text in question has its characters and setting drawn from real life; hence, it can be described as a realistic text. It contains the investigations carried out by Helon Habila in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria. The investigation revolves around the history and causes of insecurity in Nigeria. Because of the presence of the writer at strategic places that have been affected by violence instigated by the dreaded sect, Boko Haram, this text can be described as one which contains first-hand information on the prevalent issues plaguing the country.

The title of the text is significant because it captures the most notable and internationally-recognised crime perpetuated by Boko Haram — that is, the abduction of 276 school girls on the 24th April, 2014, by Boko Haram. This title, however, does not constitute the focal point of this report. Rather, it serves as an instance which illustrates the ruthlessness of the Boko Haram sect.

Insecurity, as highlighted in the text, is as a result of activities such as terrorism, bad governance, corruption, religious-instigated violence etc. All these issues no doubt are bound to have certain didactic or other forms of effects on the reader. Some of these effects include: pity, fear, anger, apathy, and the didactic lesson of early prevention.

Pity is one of the major effects this text has on the reader. This is plausible because ruthless and despicable acts of Boko Haram on harmless civilians will without doubt draw out the pity of the audience. A good example is how the mother of Riskatu, one of the abducted girls, is made to narrate the painful events of the day her daughter was kidnapped. This instance, surely, is significant because it captures the pain and suffering which the parents and the relations of the abducted girls are going through because of their ignorance on the status of their daughters — that is, are they alive or are they dead? Another object of the reader’s pity has to be the abducted girls who will now serve as wives and concubines of terrorists instead of being with their families and completing their education. Unarguably, the pragmatic effect of pity is brought to the fore through the theme of terrorism.

Another pragmatic effect the text will likely have on the audience is that of fear. Human beings are creatures who fear a lot of things, ranging from known and unknown dangers. In the case of this text, the reader’s fear is justified because of several reasons. One of these reasons has to be the reader’s in-depth knowledge of the activities of this sect, and another reason for the reader’s fear, obviously, is the fact that the reader is a Nigerian; hence, he is not completely safe from the violence caused by the nonchalance of the government towards small and large-scale criminal activities and, of course, violence instigated by religious extremism as seen in the way Yusuf, the elder brother of Shekau, was able to spur his followers to commit several atrocities, and also, through the Maitatsine Uprising, as described by Helon Habila in the text. Hence, one can be certain to say that the themes of violence, terrorism, religious extremism etc., are sure to instigate the feeling of great fear in the reader.

When talking about the pragmatic effect this text has on the reader, one is sure to mention anger. The reader is surely going to experience anger at the government because of their nonchalant attitude towards fighting crime and safeguarding the lives and property of Nigerians. This attitude is captured by Habila in the way he narrates the transition of different government and the way they have all handled insecurity with levity. The focus, however, centres on Jonathan’s regime as president because it was during his tenure that the Boko Haram sect committed their most notable atrocity — that is, the abduction of the school girls from Chibok. The security agencies are also not innocent. Habila, through his report, captures instances where soldiers decided to collect bribes instead of arresting offenders. Surely, the callousness of the government officials and military personnel will surely emit the anger of the reader.

Furthermore on the pragmatic effect this novel has on the reader is that of apathy. Apathy in this sense means disinterest. This disinterest encompasses both religious and political participation. Because of the extreme way in which the insurgents attacked churches, many Christians, especially those living in areas in the North, will, of course, find it difficult to feel safe during church service; hence, they will end up avoiding service to God. An example of Boko Haram’s ruthless way of dealing with Christians is captured by Reverend Madu’s story on how his church was attacked. Muslims themselves are not exempted from religious apathy. Habila reports stories of clerics who were killed because they spoke against the tenets of Boko Haram. All these acts of violence against religious institutions will surely make the readers feel discouraged about religion.

Still on apathy as a pragmatic effect, one can, of course, not gainsay the fact that the activities of Boko Haram has caused a lot of people to become apathetic towards politics. This is evident in that there has been no elections in Chibok for years because of the fears of an attack by the terrorists. This political apathy will surely manifest itself in the reader because they will, without doubt, contemplate their safety during elections, and this will ultimately make them sit at home instead of voting. Another cause of political apathy definitely has to be the Nigerian irresponsible government. Helon Habila does not mince words as he reports how the government both at federal and state level have played huge roles in the current malaise of insecurity plaguing the country. Knowledge of this irresponsibility on the part of the government is likely to make the reader brand everyone in politics as birds of a feather; hence, the reader will surely show nonchalance towards politics.

Finally, the didactic lesson that can be learnt from Habila’s report is that early action by the government towards the prevention of crime is the solution to insecurity in the country. Habila draws attention to this by constantly reporting or emphasising how the various governments in Nigeria have ignored the signs of an uprising until it became out of hand as seen in the Maitatsine Uprising and Boko Haram Insurgency. Because history is deemed as a great teacher, it is expected that Nigerians (both the government and the readers) should learn from past mistakes in order to avoid repeating these errors.

In conclusion, the text Chibok Girls is one which captures the realities of people living in Nigeria. It is set in Nigeria; therefore, it may be regarded as one which will have lots of pragmatic effects on Nigerian readers. Some of these effects have been discussed in this essay; thus, proving that the text Chibok Girls is one which can be defined based on its affective powers on the reader.

Ude, Chiedozie Orji.


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Expressive Approach to Analysing “A Song for Ajegunle” by Niyi Osundare. Chiedozie Ude. GBAMLOG.COM

As is the case with most literary works of art, Niyi Osundare’s “A Song for Ajegunle” is a work of art which portrays realism. Realism is portrayed through the setting of the poem — that is, a place in Lagos known as Ajegunle. The place setting is reinforced or rather made known through the title of the poem. Aside from the setting which is drawn from real life, realism is also captured in the text through the way the poet vividly describes the happenings in the location. For example, his description of how so many children that should be in school are out of school aptly captures the situation of many a child in Ajegunle. Hence, one can without any iota of doubt say that this poem is, indeed, realistic.

The poem “A Song for Ajegunle” is one which captures the social, economic and political realities of Ajegunle. The poem centres on the poverty-stricken ghetto area known as Ajegunle. It contains the persona’s description of the dirt-infested and government-ignored area in the morning, evening and night. The persona does not mince words as he vividly describes Ajegunle, using a series of figurative expressions to give maximum effect to his description. Because of the indepth knowledge which the poet has of this area as exposed by the simile “curious bird”, this essay will seek to analyse the poem based on how it represents the poet’s feelings and attitude towards the subject matter.

The poet is a well-known romantic who, through his poems, has been able to promote the conservation of nature. Hence, it comes as no surprise that he bemoans the unhealthy situation of Ajegunle. Some of the issues which the poet raises in this poem include: poverty, insecurity, underdevelopment, irresponsible government, and filth etc. These issues are developed through the poet’s choice of words and of course, his use of figurative expressions.

The issue of poverty is central to this poem in that the poet does not mince words as he describes the pathetic situation of the people who live in Ajegunle. He brings this into focus by describing the smoke which comes out of their idle kitchens as pale. The phrase “idle kitchen” is apt because it depicts the lack which is inherent in this place. Niyi Osundare further comments on the issue of poverty by describing how children are unable to go to school and also how many households cannot afford decent meals — that is, the tables are without bread. Through the poet’s cacophonic choice of words such as rumble, manacling, battering etc., his unhappiness at the state of affairs is evident.

Another issue that is on top of the poet’s mind is the issue of underdevelopment. This issue is brought to the fore by Niyi Osundare through the use of contrast. In comparison to Ikoyi, Ajegunle is simply an empty bag that is sprawled. By this, Niyi Osundare, unequivocally, states the backward nature of Ajegunle in comparison to other popular areas of the state. The poet goes on to lament the deplorable housing condition of Ajegunle. To him, the poet, the houses are hovels or slightly better than hovels. He expresses his unhappiness by his repetition of the word “through” in stanza three. The repetition is significant because it serves as a medium which the poet uses to reveal how backward Ajegunle, indeed, is.

Of course, the theme of underdevelopment is related to the theme of bad governance. Niyi Osundare exposes the inability of the government to provide basic amenities for the people in Ajegunle. Niyi Osundare draws light to this by commenting on: the poor state of roads; the poor toilet facilities as exemplified by people’s penchant for defecating in the gutters; lack of good water as seen in the phrase “taps without water”; and of course, not forgetting the apparent lack of electricity which is exposed by Osundare’s nighttime description of the sweaty stupor of people sleeping in crowded mats. Through his use of different imagery such as sight, touch etc., Osundare is able to comment on the issue of bad governance.

Osundare sticks to stereotype in that this poem is in tandem with other poems written by him which talk about the environment. Due to this, it comes as no surprise that Osundare’s description is filled with visual images of filth. These images are further reinforced by the refrain which continually describes Ajegunle as a place that is sprawled. This issue of filth is one is dominant in the stanzas. Firstly, the poet describes the place as weed-infested. He goes on to address the issue of people defecating in gutters and this is unhealthy because it instigates the outbreak of water-borne viruses such as cholera. Osundare further comments on the issue of filth by drawing upon the image of smell. This is made known through the metaphor “the hooded stench of nightsoil” which further reinforces the issue of filth in the poem. Through this issue, Osundare expresses his disdain for the environmental hazards plaguing Ajegunle.

In conclusion, the poet fully utilises the expressive power of literature in this poem because he is able to shed light on several personal and national issues. In fact, this poem may be described as a poem which the poet uses to protest against the rulers of Nigeria; thereby, championing the cause of the masses.

UDE, Chiedozie Orji.

Department of English, University of Lagos.


Everywhere Konji!!! 85-Year-Old Woman Caught Having Group SXX With 5 Men. GBAMLOG.COM

85-Year-Old Woman Caught In A Group SXX With 5 Men

An 85-yr-old woman has been arrested after she was caught having group sxx in woodland in Connecticut, the United States in the penultimate week.

On Aug 9, concerned citizens called the police to report a public hook-up happening in the wooded area. The octogenarian was spotted with 5 elderly men including her husband having an orgy.

Image result for 85-Year-Old Woman Caught Having Sex With Five Men, Including Her Husband

All six were apprehended and charged with breach of peace.

The senior citizens are identified as Joyce Butler, 85 – the only woman participating in the orgy – her husband Richard Butler, 82; Daniel Dobbins, 67; Otto D. Williams, 62; Charles L. Ardito, 75; and John Linartz, 62.

Image result for 85 year old woman

According to the Fairfield Police Department, the senior citizens were busted while getting hot and heavy at the Grace Richardson

The Scene of the group sex; and four of the culprits.

Conservation Area during a surveillance operation on public hook-ups in the area. Two of the suspects, Daniel Dobbins and John Linartz have additionally been charged with public indecency.

Dobbins was previously charged with second-degree breach of peace by Connecticut police after witnesses said they spotted him walking around a park naked before police found him inside his car “with his shirt and shorts draped over him and no underclothes.”

The culprits have been released and will appear in court at a later date.

Leave your comments below…

Source: dailyadvent

“Man Find Out All His 5 Kids Are Not His, 2 Are From His Family Doctor” – Apostle Suleman Reveals. GBAMLOG.COM

Apostle Johnson Suleman on his Twitter handle asks for people’s opinion as he tells the story of a man who recently realised that his two sons were not his biological children.

According to the popular cleric tweet which reads “A man suddenly found out his 5 kids are not entirely his…. 2 are from his family doctor who has been secretly having affair with his wife…he wants to divorce and send the kids away. thou he’s grown to love them so much… What do you think?…”

Apst Johnson Suleman

A man suddenly found out his 5kids are not entirely his…2 are from his family doctor who has been secretly having affair with his wife..he wants a divorce and send the kids(9/11) away.tho he has grown to love them so much….WHAT DO YOU THINK?..
2:28 PM – Aug 14, 2019
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See reactions from Nigerians below;

Apst Johnson Suleman

· Aug 14, 2019
A man suddenly found out his 5kids are not entirely his…2 are from his family doctor who has been secretly having affair with his wife..he wants a divorce and send the kids(9/11) away.tho he has grown to love them so much….WHAT DO YOU THINK?..

Asiegbu Precious
First of all, the Bible doesn’t support divorce so that’s not an option for. The man. Secondly, the children have frown to know and love him as a father and I’m sure the man also loves them as his children, so I’ll advise he holds unto them and keep being that father figure.
8:53 AM – Aug 15, 2019
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Apst Johnson Suleman

· Aug 14, 2019
A man suddenly found out his 5kids are not entirely his…2 are from his family doctor who has been secretly having affair with his wife..he wants a divorce and send the kids(9/11) away.tho he has grown to love them so much….WHAT DO YOU THINK?..

He should keep them as his kids… The father love is there.. Being a father is not about the bloodline but the love shown toward a child
2:30 PM – Aug 14, 2019
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Apst Johnson Suleman

· Aug 14, 2019
A man suddenly found out his 5kids are not entirely his…2 are from his family doctor who has been secretly having affair with his wife..he wants a divorce and send the kids(9/11) away.tho he has grown to love them so much….WHAT DO YOU THINK?..

Remi Ibinola RIO
He should humble himself and find out where he went wrong.
6:57 PM – Aug 14, 2019
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Apst Johnson Suleman

· Aug 14, 2019
A man suddenly found out his 5kids are not entirely his…2 are from his family doctor who has been secretly having affair with his wife..he wants a divorce and send the kids(9/11) away.tho he has grown to love them so much….WHAT DO YOU THINK?..

Raising kids doesn’t mean they have to be yours,if he has grown to love them he can aswel decide to keep them it isn’t their fault at all,concerning the marriage!!!God hates divorce yes,but the decision is entirely up to him whether to keep his marriage or send her away
2:32 PM – Aug 14, 2019
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Apst Johnson Suleman

· Aug 14, 2019
A man suddenly found out his 5kids are not entirely his…2 are from his family doctor who has been secretly having affair with his wife..he wants a divorce and send the kids(9/11) away.tho he has grown to love them so much….WHAT DO YOU THINK?..

Jackson Rossett@ AfricanTrumpfan
I’ll visit a custody lawyer to find out what I can do to keep the kids. With all the love shared… it will be extremely difficult to let go. how do I live without them, where do I start from. I rather bear the pain and fight for ways to keep this children.
2:52 PM – Aug 14, 2019
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Apst Johnson Suleman

· Aug 14, 2019
A man suddenly found out his 5kids are not entirely his…2 are from his family doctor who has been secretly having affair with his wife..he wants a divorce and send the kids(9/11) away.tho he has grown to love them so much….WHAT DO YOU THINK?..

Donald Doo
Being a father is not only about those who biologically yours, Sir, a lot of times people have grown to love and call people father or mother when they didn’t give birth to them.
God has blessed him with children, let him keep them.
2:41 PM – Aug 14, 2019
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Apst Johnson Suleman

· Aug 14, 2019
A man suddenly found out his 5kids are not entirely his…2 are from his family doctor who has been secretly having affair with his wife..he wants a divorce and send the kids(9/11) away.tho he has grown to love them so much….WHAT DO YOU THINK?..

Idahosa Omoregie
First thing first , he should ask the holy spirit for help . if he still loves the wife he can keep her because at least three kids are still his, for the other that are not his should know their father but if he wants to keep them he should get a legal claim for them by a lawyer
2:39 PM – Aug 14, 2019
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Marriage is an agreement between two people who have found love in each other and has decided to commit their relationship from just dating or courting, to tying the knot in a together forever journey.

To breach the contract of the agreement as far as marriage is concerned is to defile the bed by involving in adultery.

Hence, the action of the wife and the doctor is a total act of treachery, betraying the trust of the man and making him love and raise the children of another man, not just anyone but his family doctor, it is indeed heartbreaking.

With various suggestion coming from Nigerians on what the man should do, what do you suggest the man should and likewise what should be done to the woman?

Lets’s hear your opinion in the comments section below and don’t forget to like and share.

Source: dailyadvent.

Analysis on Matiiku by Chiedozie Ude. GBAMLOG.COM

Ude, Chiedozie Orji.
Department of English, UNILAG

Analysis on Matiiku

It is no news that trying to analyse a live performance is a tricky job. This trickiness may be as a result of different factors such as place and time— or more impressive, the complex nature of literature. Notwithstanding this difficulty, this paper will make an attempt to critically analyse the stage play entitled Matiiku. This essay will succinctly summarise the play and its subject matter, making use of factors such as the stage management and the gestures (which some may refer to as body language) of the actors to defend the choice of subject matter. The attention that will be paid to the factors stated above stems from the technical nature of the dialogue — that is, it was, to a very large extent, exclusively performed in the Yoruba language. However, the focus on the gestures and stage management does not in any way downplay the usefulness of the dialogue in this analysis because its importance in making the play fit its setting, and also, its subject matter cannot be overlooked. Also, it is important to note that this essay will include foreign references — that is, events or even books outside the narrative — which will be used support the arguments expressed in this paper. All these will be combined to comprehensively analyse this play.

This segment of the essay will comment on the playwright and the setting of the play. Not much is known about the playwright; hence, we move on to the setting of the play. The play is set during the colonial era, and this is reinforced through the manner in which the stage was set, and the numerous festivities which took place — the market scene; the baby/ritual scene; and the court dispute between the colonial district officer and the people. The latter is unarguably the strongest supporter of the claim that the play is set during the colonial era because it not only captures the communication problems that plagued the colonial masters due to their inability to grasp the local languages employed by their subjects, but also captures the presence of the white man (The district officer); hence, justifying the time setting— that is, the colonial period. The place setting of the play is Lagos. The introduction of three characters at the beginning of the play who represent the three white-cap chiefs of Lagos is testament to this fact. They, unequivocally, strengthen the play’s genre — that is, a historical play.

The subject matter of the play revolves around a man, who was predestined to be king, right from birth. This information was exposed by the narrator, before the start of the play. Hence, one can say that the plot of the play is based on the child, whom the oracle chooses as king. As expected, he becomes the king of Lagos once he attains adulthood; although, the colonial government later wrestled power from him. It is important to state that the fulfillment of the prophecy on the life of the king is a common motif in Yoruba themed plays— that is, the oracle can never be wrong— such as Ola Rotimi’s The Gods are Not to Blame, where the pronouncements of the oracle on the main character comes to pass. Therefore, one can be justified to state that there is a theme of fate (inevitable destiny) in the play. Another thing that is worthwhile to discuss is how the scenes in the play are linked by an interlude of music and dance. These performances (music and dance) may be regarded as entertaining because of the choreographic dance steps employed by the dancers. Being a traditional play, these songs should have deeper meanings, but that is not the focus of this essay. So, this analysis will rate the musical interlude from the standpoint of pleasure and entertainment.

One may describe the stage management as almost impeccable due to the perfect way the stage was set to represent the setting, and also, their flawless deployment of the lighting technique. To me, it is this lighting technique that makes the play stand out. The lights came up when and where necessary, not a second too early or late. Unarguably, the lighting technique was most effective when it was employed to show time — that is, day and night. This topnotch use of this technique is also brought to the fore when the lights were dimmed during the ritual scene. The solemnity and sacredness of the rituals were well captured by the eerily spooky umbrella of semi-darkness. This was enough to make the watcher understand the importance of these rituals. Another important thing I noticed due to the arrangement of the stage is the market scene. The market scene is crucial in traditional plays. The market is known as a place where rumours and stories thrive. Little wonder the birth of the would be king is announced in the market setting. The market scene is also ideal for announcement of the king’s birth because it reinforces Soyinka’s principle in Death and the King’s Horseman of the market place being a strategic location for the meeting of the three realities in Yoruba mythology — that is, the world of the unborn; the world of the living; and the world of the dead. It is important to note that the market place also serves as a link between these realities. Hence, this well believed myth strengthens the writer’s use of the market scene to announce a transition — that is, from the world of the unborn to the world of the living. The stage management was described as almost impeccable at the beginning of the paragraph because it had slight flaws. One of such flaws is the bad sound systems used in the play. Aside this, one can be justified to give the stage management crew an excellent score for a job well done.

Also, the gestures of the actors also enable non speakers of the Yoruba language to have an insight on some of the happenings in the play. The slow pace, with which those who are to make prophecies on the child move, gives insight to the audience that these men must be truly special and of high importance in the society. The greatness which is proclaimed on the baby is evident when the priests and other spectators bow to the child. However, the child’s mother refuses to bow to her child; hence, bringing into play the African belief that expects a child to prostrate himself to his parents, and not the other way round.

In conclusion, if I were asked to give my personal opinion on the play, I would rate it as a largely successful performance. The topnotch techniques employed by the stage management crew played a huge role in this. As a member of the audience who could not fully grasp the dialogues, I was entertained by the dance interlude. Hence, I can boldly describe the play as a successful one. In conclusion, this essay has made an attempt to analyse the production of the play Matiiku.

Works cited:
Ola Rotimi’s The Gods are Not to Blame.
Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman.

Man Arrested For Sleeping With Mad Woman In Lagos (Photo). GBAMLOG.COM

The man arrested for sleeping with a mad womanThe Police in Lagos have arrested a 30-year man, who reportedly specialised in engaging and impregnating mad ladies on the streets, after he allegedly took a pregnant mad woman into an uncompleted building to have s-x.The suspect, Laminu Alli, was apprehended by the Lagos residents after he was reportedly caught inside the uncompleted building, where he went to have s-x with victim simply identified as Christiana.The incident happened at Isheri Olofin along Igando-LASU Expressway to Iyana Iba area of Lagos.PM Express gathered that it was not the first the suspect, Alli, had reportedly been caught with mad women inside uncompleted building but the residents decided to confirm their suspicion over a period of time.Alli was said to have taken the mad victim, Christiana, into the building and pulled his trouser in order to penetrate her before he was caught and accused of armed robbery.However, he denied being an armed robber but only took the victim into the building in order to have sex with her despite the fact that the victim was pregnant and not mentally balanced.He was handed over to the Police at Idimu Division. After interrogation, the Police found him culpable and later arraigned him before the Ejigbo Magistrates Court for attempting to rape a mad woman by force with the knife found on him.He pleaded not guilty.The prosecutor, Supol Kenneth Asibor, asked the Court to give a date for hearing since he pleaded not guilty to enable the Police to prove the matter.Thus, the Presiding Magistrate, Mr. T.O Shomade, granted him bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties in like sum.He was remanded in prison custody pending when he will perfect his bail. The matter was adjourned till 12th August, 2019.

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The man arrested for sleeping with a mad womanThe Police in Lagos have arrested a 30-year man, who reportedly specialised in engaging and impregnating mad ladies on the streets, after he allegedly took a pregnant mad woman into an uncompleted building to have s-x.The suspect, Laminu Alli, was apprehended by the Lagos residents after he was reportedly caught inside the uncompleted building, where he went to have s-x with victim simply identified as Christiana.The incident happened at Isheri Olofin along Igando-LASU Expressway to Iyana Iba area of Lagos.PM Express gathered that it was not the first the suspect, Alli, had reportedly been caught with mad women inside uncompleted building but the residents decided to confirm their suspicion over a period of time.Alli was said to have taken the mad victim, Christiana, into the building and pulled his trouser in order to penetrate her before he was caught and accused of armed robbery.However, he denied being an armed robber but only took the victim into the building in order to have sex with her despite the fact that the victim was pregnant and not mentally balanced.He was handed over to the Police at Idimu Division. After interrogation, the Police found him culpable and later arraigned him before the Ejigbo Magistrates Court for attempting to rape a mad woman by force with the knife found on him.He pleaded not guilty.The prosecutor, Supol Kenneth Asibor, asked the Court to give a date for hearing since he pleaded not guilty to enable the Police to prove the matter.Thus, the Presiding Magistrate, Mr. T.O Shomade, granted him bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties in like sum.He was remanded in prison custody pending when he will perfect his bail. The matter was adjourned till 12th August, 2019.

Source: tori.ng


I had been lucky and retired early from my ownbusiness. A divorce 5 years earlier had not been that

messy. We both decided that the marriage was not
working. She had her own career that was time consuming
and it came to an end. No alimony, no kids, reasonable
settlement on money issues and we split.

Having lived in Florida for over 20 years I had the
toys that go with the lifestyle. A condo in a marina
community. A 45 foot sail boat with everything a sailor
could want in the way of gadgets. It was easy to sail
single-handed and so I spent many days sailing in the
Gulf of Mexico by myself. I had met some women that
liked the sailing part but there was always the
bitching about an Ex, or the kids, or on and on and
after a while it got to be too much.

I had volunteered to help one of the local community
colleges as a tutor with some of their aeronautical
engineering students. I have been a pilot for over 30
years and the business I owned was one that made
accessories for aircraft and did overhauls on aircraft
engines. It was fun helping the neophyte students with
their first look at what was really needed to make the
book part of their education work in the real world.

After several months of tutoring a request came from
one of the professors to help a student with a special
project involving a rather complicated certification
process with the FAA. That’s the Federal Aviation
Administration for the non aviation inclined readers.
After arranging to meet the student one afternoon the
professor handed me a information sheet with the name
and also a history of grades. The grades were all well
into the 3.5 range and above but the name surprised me.
The students name was Linda.

Having spent most of my time with male students as a
tutor it was nice to see that a female would be
interested in anything associated with aviation. That
afternoon I meet Linda in one of the lab rooms that was
set up for access to all the FAA data. I was pleasantly
surprised to see a tall slim blonde walk into the lab
and introduce herself. It was Linda. And she was drop
dead gorgeous. Blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail.
A body that was slender with long legs and medium
breasts. She introduced herself and with some
awkwardness from myself we chatted about a few things
and her project.

After two hours of working on the project we were
getting a little brain dead with all the technical data
and decided to take a break. Linda printed out the data
she needed and as she gathered up the paperwork she
said, “How about some coffee and getting away from this
crap” She smiled and it was like being hit with a brick
when I looked at her. This student was special in many
ways. Sexy to the max. Smart and had a personality that
was magical. She was not the typical 20 something
student. “Sure and I’ll buy”, I said.

We talked about a little mall not far from the school
and the Starbucks and agreed that was the place. I said
I would give her a ride and bring her back to where she
lived. A “Fantastic” from her set the stage. We ordered
coffee when we got there and found a table in the

The conversation flowed and I heard her life story. She
loved flying and the technical side of aviation. She
was not the typical female. She had a natural beauty
that did not need a ton of makeup to make her look like
something from a front page ad of some magazine. The
time flew by and as we discussed the project.

We agreed to meet the next day for more research. We
went to my car and she gave me directions to where she
lived. It was a typical apartment complex that catered
to the local college students. She had three roommates
so they could split the expenses. She mentioned that
financially things were tight and she also expressed
appreciation for my help as a volunteer as it would
have cost her to hire one of the associate aids that
charged for their time.

The next afternoon we meet at the lab. It was a Friday
and I had plans to spend the weekend on the boat. We
went right to work on the project. After an hour we had
most of the data we needed and decided to get a Coke
from the vending machines outside. We walked to some
tables that were in the courtyard of the student area.
We talked about things in general. She was from
Georgia. An only child. Parents divorced. She asked
some questions about my past and I gave her the short
story. I couldn’t help but really like her. For myself,
I had in my mind what the true fantasy woman would be
like. And so far Linda filled all the boxes.

She had no boyfriend. Had lived with a guy for a short
time while still back home in Georgia. She expressed
disdain for the typical male of her age. “They are all
like pigs” “Drink beer, want to play grab ass, and
don’t have a brain above their waist line.” I had to
laugh at that statement. We finished the Cokes and I
drove her back to her apartment.

During the drive she asked what I had planned for the
weekend. I told her that I was going sailing and would
spend the weekend plus Monday, it was a school holiday,
on the sailboat. She looked at me with wide eyes. ‘You
have a sailboat?” “Oh God I love to sail,” she said. I
described the boat and that I would be leaving the next
morning at around 10 and would not be back until late
Monday afternoon.

The world stood still with her next comment. “Could I
come along” My brain went into overdrive. Was I hearing
this right? I was 40 years older than her. We had meet
twice, and she wanted too spend two nights with me on a
boat. I told her that I anchored out during the night
at several places on Tampa Bay and we would not set
foot on land until Monday afternoon. “That’s fine. It
would be so great to get away for several days. I need
the down time and WOW on a sailboat.” All I could say
was that she was welcome to join me.

We arrived at the apartment complex. She asked for my
phone number so we could stay in touch about the next
day. Driving to my condo I was awash with thoughts.
What do I do in a situation like this. Well hell. Just
go with the flow. I made mental notes to make sure I
had enough food for two for the weekend. Didn’t have to
worry about the liquor supply as it was always well
stocked and beside I didn’t even know if Linda drank.

About 8 that evening the phone rang. It was Linda. In a
cheery voice she said hello. Her next sentence was the
start of what dreams might be made of. “I hate to ask
this but would it be alright if two of my roommates
came along.” My mind goes into a short flash. She wants
to bring along two other females!

A short pause on my part and then the question was did
Linda understand that this was 3 days and 2 nights on
the water. Yes she said she understood. I also
explained that there were only 3 berths or sleeping
areas on the boat. “Don’t worry we will work all that

Well that was a surprise. My answer was that if they
could work out all the details to be at the marina at
10 tomorrow. I did a short explanation of some simple
rules for the boat. Soft shoes such as sneakers so the
deck did not get scratched. Also understand that if
they needed anything it was not a quick trip to the
local store to get anything. Linda said she understood
and had spent time on other boats and she would make
sure her roomies understood.

A short talk on a few other things including directions
to the marina and she said that they would be there.

The next morning I was up early with a brain list of
things to do. Needed to go shopping for food and other
things for 4 for a long weekend. Three females in fact.
So what does one include in the list. At the store it
was a little of this and a little of that. Four steaks.
Some vanities of snacks. A mixture of some stuff for a
Chinese dinner with the wok that I had on board. Did go
by the liquor section and picked up several six pack
mixtures of wine coolers. Seems that the younger
females liked them. Or so I had heard. Also some more
wine and another case of beer.

I arrived back at the boat about 9 and did the
unloading and also getting the sail covers off. Checked
that I had plenty of fresh water in the tanks. Even
straightened things up a little. It dawned on me that
maybe I needed some more towels and other such things
as women seem to use stuff like that more than men. As
I walked out of the condo with an arm load of stuff a
van pulled up and as I approached the dock I saw that
it was Linda and two other girls. She stepped out of
the passenger side with a big smile and a “Hi there.”

She was dressed in a pull over top and a short, and I
mean SHORT, pair of cutoffs that showed the bottom of
her ass cheeks. As the other two climbed out of the van
it was like a set of sexy triplets as they all had the
same physique, blond hair and all over 5″8 with legs
that went all the way up. Damn what a sight.

Linda introduced Dawn and Aimee. We did the glad to
meet you stuff and they pulled out several backpacks
and duffle bags. We walked down to the boat. Climbed on
and Linda was gushing about the boat and how big it was
and how beautiful. Dawn and Aimee were equally praising
the boat and the, “This is so neat,” phrase that I
would hear many times over the next 3 days.

We did a short walk through of the boat and I explained
a few things about using the head/toilet. Showed them
the different sleeping areas. Where things were stored
including the ice chest and the liquor supply. I then
explained a few rules. When they were on deck or in the
cockpit area they were to always have some kind of life
preserver close by. If they went on the foredeck take
one of the life preservers with them.

Then I got down to a situation that only sailors that
have spent a day fixing a marine head would understand.
First rule was how to use the head and flushing it.
Then a delicate subject. I explained that the only
paper products that would go into the head were toilet
paper. So it was blunt. No tampons or pads in the head.
Linda smiled and said.” Don’t worry. No red river city
here.” Dawn and Aimee chimed in with been over a week
for me and a not due for at least a week.

With that, it was get the auxiliary engine started and
cast off. We motored out to the entrance to Tampa Bay
and once out of the ICW I set the sails and turned off
the engine. A perfect day. Medium wind of 15 knots and
80 degrees on the temperature. After getting things set
the girls started to shed their cover-up shirts and
shorts. Dawn and Aimee had on bikinis under them. Linda
said she had to go down below to change. I mentioned
that there were 3 bartenders on board and they knew
where the booze was located.

With a smile I said that when the Captain asked for a
drink they were the ones to provide it. I set a course
for one of the channels out of the bay into the Gulf.
Set up the autopilot with the GPS and let the boat have
its head as we moved along at 8 knots.

Linda asked if anyone needed anything while she was in
the cabin and a bar order was given. Beer for Dawn, a
wine cooler for Aimee and I asked for a beer. A few
seconds later and Linda appeared with the drinks. My
eyes were wide open when I saw her. She had on nothing
but a thong bottom and no top. There were a perfect set
of 34 B breasts looking me in the face. Her thong was
just enough to cover her pussy and yet it was tight
enough to provide a “Camel Toe.”

I damn near dropped the beer when she handed it to me.
She seemed to have no problem with being topless and
sat down next to me. Dawn and Aimee laughed and told
Linda the she was in her normal exhibition mode. “What
the hell. Nothing anyone of you have not seen before”
and she winked at me. So that set the mood for the next
several hours. We relaxed and I got to know and like
Linda even better and Dawn and Aimee were the same way
with the banter and relaxation.

It took a little over an hour to get into the Gulf. I
was headed on a Southwest course and would hold that
for several hours until it was time to head back to the
bay for the evening and a nice anchoring spot that I
used. More beer, a shot of bourbon by all three and
they were relaxed. Music on the stereo system and it
was a small piece of heaven. A late 50’s old “Old Fart”
and three drop dead gorgeous 20 year old college
students. Could it get any better than this?

We talked about everything from politics to current
events. After an hour Dawn asked if she could go to the
foredeck and lay on a towel and “Catch some rays” I
said sure just take the life preservers with you. She
grabbed some towels and started to move toward the
foredeck. Aimee said she thought that was a good idea
and started to go with Dawn. Dawn stopped. She looked
around the water surface and looked at me. “Hey, we are
the only ones out here. Do you mind if we sunbath in
the nude?”

“Not at all,” I said.

So off came the tops. I had noticed that Dawn was not
that well endowed as was Aimee. My guess was that they
were both A cups on the breast size. I have to admit I
liked what I saw. I am more of a leg man but I do like
small breasts. Then Dawn slide her bottom off at the
same time as Aimee. They turned around to place the
tops and bottoms on the seat cushions and I saw two of
the most beautiful shaved pussies I had ever seen.
Linda gave a little comment. “Showing off the goods
ladies!” They all laughed and Dawn and Aimee went

Linda went below for another drink and brought back a
beer for me. As she came back up and handed me the beer
she said. “Aw what the hell” and released the small
strings holding her thong bottom. It was unreal to be
sitting next to this 22 year old “Babe” that seemed to
like me. Was not self-conscious about her body. Was
sitting next to me totally nude. She asked if she could
sail for while. I said sure and disconnected the
autopilot and she took over the wheel. She knew how to
sail that was for sure.

By this time the beer was catching up with me and it
was time to use the head. I went below and it was a
real struggle to take a leak with a “Pisser Hard-on.”

Coming back up to the cockpit it was an unreal sight
seeing Linda behind the wheel with her legs spread and
a view of he pussy. She had not shaved it but the pussy
hair was blond and looked to be sparse and finely
spread around the lips. She noticed the bulge in my
shorts and gave a “Hey sailor boy it looks like your
glad to see me” comment.

Well what could I say?

“Come on Captain take them shorts off and join the
world,” she said.

Well why not. So I took them off and my hard-on was in
full view.

“Ummm, looks nice,” Linda statement made it even

Linda and I talked about a few things and that included
her project. It was a free type conversation discussing
a lot of things. I got up to look at the GPS panel on
the wheel to see what the reverse course time was back
to the spot where we would anchor for the night. I had
to move closer to Linda to get a good look and as I did
my cock was right at her eye level. “That looks nice.
Never seen one that was uncut. Bet it’s fun to play

With a smirk I said, “If you’re a good girl you might
get too.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she laughed.

The reverse course said that it would be 3 hours back
to the anchor spot so it was time to head in. I warned
Dawn and Aimee that we were going to tack and that the
jib and the lines would be moving across the foredeck.
Linda did a good job of tacking the boat and we were
headed back to Tampa bay.

Getting into the bay with all the other boat traffic I
decided to end the fun and told the girls it was time
to put on some clothes. I slipped back into my shorts
and took over from Linda as we made our way to the
place on the Manatee River that I liked. It was well
protected and there were usually no other boats close.

We dropped anchor at about 6 PM. Furled the sails and
got settled in. Dawn and Aimee were below in the galley
area with Linda preparing the evening snack. They
brought up the snacks and made a comment that some good
drinks other than beer would be good. So I went below
and with the blender mixed up a batch of Mai Tais. As
it was on the warm side I had the generator and air
conditioning running so it was cool in the cabin. The
Mai Tais flowed and the girls were relaxed. Three sexy
babes on a boat for the night and in fact two nights.
Don’t get no better than that.

Dinner consisted of the steaks that I grilled and a
salad prepared by the girls and some veggies that were
saut�ed in butter with mushrooms. Dinner stuff cleaned
up and it was time to watch the sunset and it was one
of the better ones I has seen. We continued in the
cockpit of the boat for a few hours. Drinking and
talking. The bugs started to get bad and it was warm so
we headed down below into the air conditioned comfort.

As we settled in and listened to music. Dawn and Aimee
started to complain about the sunburn they had on their
white ass cheeks and also their tits. I suggested they
take a shower and I would apply Aloe on the burned
area. It had been a hot day and a shower would wash off
the sweat and the salt from the spray. Aimee was first,
then Dawn. As Aimee dried off I used a pure Aloe
solution on the burned area. Rubbing those butt cheeks
and her small tits was an absolute pleasure. She
mentioned that the area around her pussy was also a
little red so with great pleasure I did a good job on
the application. Dawn was next as Linda went into the

I smoothed the Aloe on her burned spots and also did a
nice job on her pussy area. I rubbed close to her clit
and as I did she uttered, “Ummm that feels good!” As
Linda got out of the shower it was my turn. Linda had
been with me under the sun roof and had not been
burned. I dropped my cutoffs and squeezed past Linda
toward the shower. As I did, my semi erect cock brushed
her leg. “Careful with that thing big boy, it might
hurt someone.” She said and smiled as I brushed past.

I took a long hot shower and made sure my cock and
balls were extra clean. As I came out of the shower and
toweled off I noticed the girls had on just long shirts
that barely covered their ass and Linda was sitting
with one leg up and her pussy in full view. I put on a
pair of cutoffs and sat down with the group. They were
all mellow and still sipping on Mai Tais as I had now
made a third batch. The conversation turned to playing
a game.

The discussion was short as I mentioned I only had a
deck of cards and they also agreed that Truth or Dare
was “So High School.” Linda was setting right next to
me and put her arm around my neck and laid her head on
my shoulder. Dawn said that strip poker would be a bust
as we didn’t have enough clothes on to make it a real
game. Aimee piped up with how about Sex Poker.

We all asked her to explain the rules. Well she
explained each player draws one card. Face cards are
worth 10 points and all the rest are face value. The
one with the highest card wins and gets to do or ask
the lowest card holder to do something to the winner of
a sexual nature. So here I am with these babes and we
are all in a mellow mood and it is going to get
interesting. Linda and I had not talked about anything
sexual happening between us or had there been anything
discussed with the other two. As Dawn shuffled the
cards she said, “No chickening out from anyone”

So here we go I drew a 7, Aimee a 4, Dawn a Queen, and
Linda a 5. So Dawn was the winner and Aimee the loser.
Dawn told Aimee to stand up and masturbate for a
minute. Aimee gave an ‘oh gezz’ but stood up, lifted
her shirt and started to rub her pussy with Dawn doing
the timing. The next hand Linda won and I lost. It was
short and sweet. Eat my pussy for a minute she said.
WOW a dream come true. She laid back a little. Lifted
up her shirt and I went face down into a fluffy
beautiful pussy for one minute.

As I was ending she was starting to breath hard. I
loved the musky smell and the way her lips were spread
like butterfly wings. The next hand I lost to Dawn and
she told me to drop my cutoffs and masturbate in front
of them for a minute. I took them off. Stood up and
started to stroke. They all commented that this was the
first uncut cock they had seen and they liked the way
the foreskin moved over the tip.

My one minute was up.

Aimee wanted me to stand in front of her so she could
stroke it. Well to say the least the game was on hold
as she stroked and the other two made comments. Linda
even got into the act as she wanted a turn. The tip by
this time was getting moist with pre cum. With out
saying a word Linda took it in her mouth and started to
suck. Aimee and Dawn protested a little as that was
against the rules. Linda in mid suck said, “Cool it you
will all get your turn.”

Well they did get their turn as they then took turns
stroking my cock and sucking on it. By now it was
obvious that all three were getting aroused. Dawn had
her fingers buried in her pussy as did Linda.

So was that the end of the game? It was obvious that
the girls needed some satisfaction or it was going to
be a long horny night. Linda spoke up. “Ok just to get
it straight I am sleeping in his bed tonight. I found
him and he helped me and he is getting his payment
tonight and besides I love that cock.” You could almost
here a sigh of despair from the other two. I could only
wonder what she had planned but I could feel the sexual
tension with Dawn and Aimee. “Ok” He can either eat
your pussy or masturbate you but that is all.”

With that Dawn pulled off her shirt and told me to bury
my face in her pussy. I went at it with vigor and in
only a few minutes she had her orgasm. She had a
pleased look on her face. I then moved over to Aimee
and buried my face in her sweet pussy and also slide in
a finger to thrust with. With surprise I felt a hand
start to stroke my cock. A whisper in my ear and it was
Linda. “Finish her off. I need you” Within a few
minutes Aimee had a hard orgasm.

With two fairly satisfied women it looked like it was
time to take care of the other one. Linda grabbed my
arm and ushered me toward the berth in the aft part of
the boat. The one with the queen sized bed. “See you
guys in the morning,” as she turned around and looked
at Dawn and Aimee. Linda closed the door as we got to
the back berth. She took off the top she had on and
looked at me. “Ok my man. You got me started with that
one minute pussy lick and now your going to finish me.”

She grabbed me and gave me a kiss that was unreal with
her arms around me and slowly working her hands down to
my butt. She pulled me closer and my hard cock was
erect and between us. She gently pushed me on the bed.
She then climbed on top and slowly inched her way to my
face. “I need to get some face here. I’m sitting on you
and you use that tongue and mouth to make me cum,” she

I loved what I was seeing as she moved forward. That
gorgeous face and those perky tits. And as I lay back
her pussy moved over my face. The soft blonde fluffy
fur of her pussy hair was right there on my lips. My
tongue moved up to her clit. She let out a soft
sounding UMMMM.

I took my arms and from underneath brought them up to
her ass cheeks. She moved a little as my tongue did its
work. “Right there. right there,” as my tongue hit the
tip of her clit. I licked slowly as she rocked a little
on my face. I kept the slow licking in a steady pace.
She was breathing deeper and harder.

It must have been several minutes, and I was loving
every second of it. She started to shake a little. She
leaned forward a little. She moved her pussy harder on
to my mouth. Then it started. Her orgasm started as a
deep UHHHH from her and a increase in the shaking of
her body. It got more intense and she peeked with a
“Yes, Yes, Yes!!!”

It lasted for close to 30 seconds. A small amount of
her musky good smelling pussy juice flowed on my face.
Linda moved back a little and rolled over onto the bed.
She was still breathing deeply. I moved forward a
little and as she lay on her back I played with her
tits and slowly massaged and played with the nipples.
Her face was a slight pink and her inner thighs were
shaking slightly.

She was back to normal speech wise. “WOW that was
unreal. I’m still shaking and I feel so good” I got up
and found a small towel and wiped her pussy juice from
my face. I also went between her legs to get the
wetness cleaned up. I noticed a wet spot on the sheets.
A wet spot from pussy juice and not my cum for once.

As I stood beside the bed her right hand reached out
and stroked my cock. I had been real hard now for over
an hour and something had to happen to give me some
relief. Linda looked up at me. “Ok my man. I want to
get on top and ride you.” “I need another O and I want
you to cum when I do.” I asked a simple question that I
hoped would keep me from getting her knocked up. “You
want me to use a rubber?” “Don’t need to, I’m on the
pill” was her answer.

She got up and I lay down on the bed. Again the sight
of a slim body with no stretch marks and also a tight
pussy was screaming through my mind. That face and the
blonde pony tail that moved across her shoulders as she
mounted me. She moved on top of me and guided my cock
inside. She was tight. As she sat down on my cock she
gave a sigh. She didn’t move for a while and with her
eyes closed and with the look on her face I knew she
was savoring the feel. She looked at me. “I haven’t
been fucked in over 8 months and I need it bad. I don’t
want you to cum until I tell you too. Ya got that?”

I smiled and gave a quick yes and also just hoped I
could last that long. She started a slight up and down
movement and rocked forward with her clit mound rubbing
the pubic area above my cock. She had her eyes closed
and her hands on my chest. She seemed lost in her own
world. “OHHHHH that feels so good. I need your cock so
bad.” She started to move up and down and with the
forward motion I knew her clit was getting a good

With her down stroke my cock was deep inside her. She
started to move faster. Linda set up a comfortable
motion up and down. “Cum for me babe.” I whispered.
“Cum for me and let me shoot into you. Cum! Cum! Cum!
Keep going and give me a good cum.” I said.

She started to give a little whimper and I noticed her
face changed a little. We had been going for at least 5
minutes and I was ready to shoot. She increased the
speed a little. She then stiffened, “Now! Cum now!
Shoot it now!”

I could feel the walls of her pussy change as she
climaxed. I let it go and had 5 good shoots into her. I
pulled her down on me with my hands on her hips. She
shook. And then she fell forward onto me. Her breathing
was deep and her body had the fantastic feel of wetness
from sweat.

She lay on top of me for a minute and came down from
her orgasm. She sat up, “Oh God! Did I ever need that!”
came from her lips.

She looked so sexy and that was an image I wanted
planted in my mind. She rolled off of me and lay on her
back. I got up and found the towel that I had used
before and cleaned my cock of her pussy juice and my
sperm. I wiped her pussy gently with the towel. The
after glow was fantastic from her face. I lay back down
on the bed beside her. She rolled over slightly and had
her pussy firmly next to my hip. With her right arm she
rubbed my chest. “Damn that was good,” she murmured.

I don’t know when we fell asleep. But it was sometime
late in the morning when I heard a voice from outside
the door. “If you two are done fucking your brains out,
you might want to get up and make some coffee for the
rest of us.” It was Dawn. I rolled over and put my soft
cock in the crack of Linda’ ass and took my hand and
rubbed her tits. She started to move a little and I
kissed her on the neck and a “Morning sexy.”

“Ummm,” was all the response I got.

I moved around a little and spotted a pair of cutoffs
on the floor that I put on. Walked into the main cabin
where Dawn was sitting and watching the TV. She looked
at me and with a smirk and said “You look like you just
got laid real good. So get rid of your pussy brain and
fix some coffee.”

I got the coffee maker out and found the coffee. I
looked forward to the forward berth and saw Aimee naked
lying on her back. What a sight as she had her legs
spread a little and from the view that I had her A cup
tits were almost flat. “So did you sleep well?” I asked

“Slept great when all the noise from the neighbors
quieted down,” she smirked.

Linda was now up and walked into the cabin. She had on
a pull over top that just covered her ass and pussy.
She walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around me
and gave me a hug. Dawn’ sarcasm was in top form with a
“Well missy you look well fucked.” Linda grunted with a
Yes and “Don’t be pissed because you didn’t get any.”

“The day is still young,” was Dawn’s comeback.

Coffee was finally made. Aimee came gliding thru the
cabin nude and making a bee line for the head. I looked
out of the portholes on the cabin side and noticed the
water was glass smooth. Turned on the marine band radio
and listened to the weather summary. Seas less than 2
feet. Bay and inland waters smooth with winds of less
than 5 knots. Not exactly sailing weather. By now the
girls were coming alive with coffee and were taking
turns doing girl things in the head.

I asked when I could get a turn in the shower and Linda
gave me a wink and another hug and said. “Lets take a
shower together.”

A few minutes later Linda and I stepped into the small
shower together and did a wash job on each other with
me paying special attention to her pussy and tits and
her taking care of my semi erect cock. “It had a good
work out last night and I want it all clean and happy,”
as she gave it a good rub and cleaning.

With everyone clean and a cup of coffee in them I
mentioned that it did not look like great sailing
weather. A short discussion and comments like “So
what.” We are on the water, it’s nice and comfy in the
cabin, we have food and booze, the TV and stereo work.
Besides Aimee and Dawn had enough sun from the day
before. It was not that uncomfortable out in the
cockpit with the sun shade so it was unanimous that we
stayed anchored and “Chill” as they say. A short
discussion about a Brunch as it was now after noon and
that was voted down for a later snack and a big dinner
that night.

The mention of Bloody Mary’s was a resounding “Yes” as
it seemed a little pick me up was in order. Dawn said
she would do the honors. Linda and I went up to the
cockpit and took in the warmth and the view over the
river and into Tampa Bay.

The discussion flowed and after a while she looked at
me with a smile. “You have no idea how good I feel
today. You did a great job on me last night and it was
fantastic.” And this from a sexy blond babe that was
young enough to be my daughter.

Two Bloody Marys were passed up and life was good. From
below Dawn and Aimee asked where the stuff was that I
rubbed on their sun burns. Told them where to find it
in the drawer by the sink. Linda and I watched as they
took turns rubbing it into their sun burned ass cheeks
and their tits. The rest of the afternoon flowed by
with the girls totally relaxed.

The conversation turned to sex after while. Dawn and
Aimee were the most vocal. Complaining about drunk
college ass holes starting things they couldn’t finish.
“I mean having a guy on top of you giving you a good
fucking and he says he wants another beer and pulls out
and leaves me hanging.” Dawn chimed in with. ” Getting
laid by some of the jerks was more of a pain. Sometimes
it’s just better to stick my finger in my own pussy and
get myself off.” The part from Linda was that her ex
live in was a good lay when he was horny but when she
wanted it there was always an excuse.

I asked out of curiosity if anyone of them were Bi.
Dawn admitted that she did a girl once. Aimee said that
one of her former girlfriends had got drunk one night
and ate her pussy but it didn’t do that much for her.
Linda’ reply was that she liked cock, that was her
story, and she was sticking to it.

About 3 in the afternoon with the warmth and the affect
of 2 rounds of Bloody Marys, it was nap time. Aimee
went to the V berth up front. Dawn plopped down on the
lounge berth and Linda and I went to the aft berth. As
we walked in off came her cover and I slipped out of my
cutoffs and we plopped down on the bed. She rolled over
and I put my arm around her. Moved my hand to her
breast and played with the nipple. She took my limp
cock in her hand and stroked it to a semi erect state
and we dozed off.

About 2 hours later we all started to stir. Got up and
it was cocktail hour. Mai Tais were again the drink of
choice. Some cheese and crackers plus a shrimp cocktail
were the snacks. We decided that the Wok meal was the
best choice and Linda took charge and headed the
“Galley Slaves” as she called them down below.

It was nice sitting in the cockpit and watching three
sexy blonde college students fix dinner. Every now and
then one would bend over a little and I would get a
look at a smooth shaved pussy or the “fluff” of Linda’
pussy. After a while Linda came back up with fresh
drinks. She had the slaves doing their thing she said.
She was sitting side ways from me on one of the
cushions and lay her sexy smooth legs across mine.

“Oh this has been great!” was her comment. She looked
at me and asked simply. “Would it work if I moved in
with you? I still have three months of this semester to
go and I don’t plan on going back to Georgia for the
summer and I won’t mooch and will pay my way.”

It was a total surprise to say the least. “Sure, how
could I refuse,” I said. “And you are not paying any

With a big smile she widened her legs with her pussy in
clear view and said. “Oh yes I am, and it’s yours
anytime you want it.”

I went brain numb for a few seconds as I thought about
what just happened. God I hoped it would work. She was
mature for her age. The 37 year difference in our age
did not seem to be a problem as she was not a typical
22 year old. And the thought of sex with her anytime
either of us wanted it was even more mind blowing. She
said that she did have one favor to ask. “Sure what is

I remarked. “I hope you don’t mind, and this is the
last time you’re going to do this, but would you fuck
Dawn and Aimee tonight. They both like you and they are
horny as hell and neither one of them has been laid in
over 6 months. We were talking a little bit ago and
they asked and I said it was OK. But get this right. I
own that cock of yours and after tonight it had better
be in my pussy only from now on. Got it big boy?”

Well what could I say but she owned it and she could
say what she wanted done with it.

The Chinese dinner cooked in the Wok was very good and
after doing the clean up I mixed more drinks and all of
us settled in to watch another sunset. Linda and I sat
together and I had my arm around her. Dawn and Aimee
were not saying much and just taking in the view. As it
got dark and the usual bug invasion began we moved
below into the cabin.

After we went below I went to the head. As I stood
there taking a piss I thought about what was going to
happen and the thought of the need for lasting a long
time with plenty of stamina came to mind. I opened a
small cabinet and found the Viagra bottle that I kept
on the boat. Not that I always needed it but tonight I
knew it would help. I took one and went back to where
the girls were sitting.

They were laughing about the so called Sex Poker game
we had played last night and all the cheating that had
taken place. I sat down next to Linda and made a few
comments about if we played it again there would have
to be new rules. Aimee looked at Linda. “Did you ask
him about what we talked about the afternoon?”

“Sure did,” Linda replied. Aimee looked at me.

“Well did you say yes?” I said that I did but that
Linda had the final say and if she wanted to change her
mind it was all up to her.

Linda looked at both Dawn and Aimee. “Look here
roomies. We’ve agreed that I am moving in with him and
that after tonight he is not getting any “Strange
Pussy” any where. You are both my friends and I know
you both need cock. But get this straight. After
tonight that wonderful cock is all mine and he is not
sharing it with anyone ever again. So if you understand
that part he will fuck you both.”

Dawn said she understood and Aimee in her usual joking
way said. “So you get all the good stuff and we still
have to put up with leftovers at school.”

“That sucks, but I agree,” said Aimee.

I asked if anyone needed more drinks and they all said
why not. Let’s get buzzed and enjoy the rest of the
night. So here I am with three cock loving college
girls and I almost felt like I was on display. I also
wondered if I could last thru all this as I knew that
Linda wanted a repeat of last night after I was done
with the other two.

Linda set down the rules. Dawn and Aimee would get
fucked until they each had an orgasm. That was it. One
orgasm per person. They could choose what position they
wanted to be in. Both Dawn and Aimee said they wanted
it from behind. All three top covers came off and there
were three sexy blond babes that wanted cock. Linda
asked where they wanted to do the “deed” as she called
it. “The back berth with the big bed,” from Dawn.
“Sounds good,” from Aimee.

We all went aft with Dawn and Aimee in the lead and
Linda in front of me. I put my arms around her from the
back and stopped her for just a moment. “Are you sure
about this?” I whispered.

She reached behind and touched my cock. “Oh yes and it
is going to be fun to watch. I want to watch that cock
in action.”

“I’m first!” said Aimee as she bent over the bed. Dawn
and Linda plopped down on the front part of the bed and
prepared to watch.

“No eating pussy just bang them,” from Linda.

“Who cares I’m wet and ready to go,” answered Aimee.
She was bent over the edge of the bed with her knees on
the floor. I got down behind her and was happy that the
height was perfect for a straight shot to her pussy.
The Viagra was taking its full effect and I was rock
hard. I moved my cock closer to that lovely pussy and
inserted a finger. Aimee was wet that was for sure. Her
pussy juice was almost dripping.

I moved my finger in slowly and she was incredibly
tight. A 20 year old pussy that had not been stretched
and had not been fucked in months. “Help me get it in,”
I said.

Her hand moved back and pointed my cock tip into her
pussy lips. I went slow as the tightness eased a
little. I was all the way into her pussy and it felt
great. I didn’t move for about half a minute just
savoring the feel. I started a slow in and out
movement. Aimee uttered a shallow Oh.

I steadily increased the speed of the thrusts. Her
pussy juices made her so wet and I could not believe
how good it felt. I was keeping a steady pace when
Aimee said, “Harder! Get it in all the way. Bang me

That sound of man flesh banging female flesh was
outstanding. The slap, slap, slap sound against her ass
was getting louder. I noticed Dawn had her hand over
her pubic mound and was rubbing it hard. Linda had a
slight smile and was looking right at me. “Don’t enjoy
this to much big boy! You have me to take care of after
these two.”

I continued the steady strokes on Aimee and also
enjoyed the view of the two naked girls right next to
us. Linda was watching intensely as I banged Aimee.
“Now! Now!” came from Aimee and I stopped my thrusts
and strained hard to give her the full length of my
cock inside her pussy. I could feel her body quiver and
her breathing was intense.

After a short time there was felling of wetness on my
cock as she released her pussy juice. I stayed deep
inside her until she gave a “WOW I needed that.” I
slowly brought my cock out of her sopping pussy as the
juices dropped on the sheets. “Looks like we have a
squinter” as Linda picked up a towel and handed it to
Aimee. “Clean yourself up girl. Get his cock dried for

Aimee moved to the side and Dawn was lying on her back
with her pussy right at the edge of the bed. “I changed
my mind. I want him to fuck me just like I am,” she

I moved over in front of Dawn and noticed that Aimee
was drying off her pussy. From our position Linda was
right next to Dawn and she was looking directly at my
cock. “Let me put it in her pussy for you,” she said.
Linda got up and stood next to me with her hand on my
cock. “When ever you’re ready I’ll put it in for you.”

With Linda next to me she took her left hand a pointed
it towards Dawn’ pussy. I moved forward and had the tip
just inside and moved the rest of my cock in as Linda
let go. Dawn gasped, “OOHHH! that feels so good.”

I started a slow in and out movement. Linda moved
behind me and had her pussy against my ass and as I
moved she moved with me. Linda whispered, “Give her a
good fuck, she needs it.”

I enjoyed the extra feel of Linda behind me and with
her hands down close to my cock and Dawn’ pussy. It was
a feeling that is hard to describe. I leaned forward a
little to massage Dawn’ small tits. I have no idea how
long I fucked her but her face showed that she was
close to cumming and her voice said it also. She
orgasmed with a loud “UHHHH!” and I stopped and pushed
in hard. She had a long hard cum and it was all I could
do not to shoot my load.

I pulled out of Dawn’ pussy and Linda moved back to my
side. My cock shined with pussy juice. “Ok Dawn clean
your juice of his cock because he is going into me
next,” from Linda.

Dawn took my cock in her mouth and did a good job of
cleaning it up. Linda pulled me closer and said, “It’s
my turn now and you better not cum too soon.” “Ok kids,
clear out!” from Linda.

“No way,” said both of the other girls. “You got to
watch us and we want to watch you get it.”

“Aw, what the hell,” she said, then she got down on the
floor over the side of the bed and I entered her doggy
from behind.

Dawn and Aimee were both on either side, and taking it
in. I had plenty of stamina left and I wanted to give
Linda a real good fuck. I went at it with a fast pace.
Love that Viagra, it was doing its job.

The sound was fantastic as our bodies slapped together.
I went at it with a passion. I looked at both of the
other girls and they were fingering their pussies.
Linda started a OOHHH and then grabbed the sheets with
her hands. She was meeting everyone of my thrusts with
a backward movement.

“Now damit! Now!” Linda started to shake. I kept going
as I did a cum into that tight pussy. The added sight
of her blonde pony tail flying back and forth really
did it. After the second spurt I stopped and just let
myself fill her. “Oh God I feel it!” screamed Linda. I
held on to her hips and let myself drain into her. The
sweat glistened on her back. Her pussy was wet and felt
so good. I didn’t want this to ever end.

I pulled my cock out as Linda collapsed on the bed.
Dawn was still moving her fingers in and out of her
pussy and she came again. Aimee was in a state of bliss
from the look on her face. The smell of sex in the air
was a wonderful thing. I sat down on the side of the
bed between Dawn and Linda. I took it all in.

Three post orgasmic women lay next to me.

After a few minutes Linda got up and took a towel and
wiped her pussy. Not much was said. Dawn uttered a “Wow
what a sight.” Aimee got up without saying anything and
walked to the forward berth. Dawn was a few seconds
behind her. I looked at Linda as she stood there
cleaning my sperm and her juices from her pussy lips. I
lay down on the bed. She tossed the towel on the floor
and fell face down next to me on the bed. “I have never
been fucked like that before” was all she said. I fell
asleep next to her.

Sometime in the morning I had to answer natures call.
Went to the head. Decided I should pop open the hatch
and see that the anchor light was still on and checked
our anchored position reference to some lights. The
night was still warm and I marveled at how quiet it
was. As I came back into the cabin I noticed with the
dim interior lights that the forward V berth door was

I took a few steps toward it and in the dim light could
see Aimee and Dawn still naked and sound asleep. A
sight that few men ever see and all dream about. Two
naked blonde college girls. Sexy as hell and sound
asleep. I closed the door and walked to the aft berth
where Linda was. In the dim light it was what dreams
were really about. She was sleeping on her stomach.
Those sexy perfect legs. That ass that any man would
lust after and a slight glimpse of a pussy that was
made in heaven.


The next morning it was quiet when I woke up. Linda was
sound asleep. I moved a little and raised up on one arm
to look at her. She was now sleeping on her side. I
couldn’t help but take my cock and move it between her
legs. She moved a little as I did it. I lay back down
and just enjoyed the feel and thinking of what was
ahead for us.

I heard some sounds from the cabin area and decided
that I had a need for coffee. I grabbed a pair of
cutoffs and opened the door. There was Dawn already
making coffee and she was nude. She turned and smiled.
I asked if she needed any help. “Nope found everything
and making coffee. Should be done in a second.”

As I opened the hatch to check weather I noticed it was
another calm day so it looked like there would be no
sailing. Not a problem as it was a little over an hour
to motor back to the dock. I really did not want this
to come to an end. But I knew that the girls had
classes and I also had some commitments business wise.

Linda walked in and asked about the coffee. It was done
and I poured her a cup. Aimee asked for room service.
“Here is the room, get your own service,” laughed Dawn.
We sat around and did small talk for about an hour. We
all took showers. Linda insisted her and I take one
together. After the shower it was time to pull anchor
and head back. I cruised at half throttle making only
about 3 knots as the view of the three babes, and one
of then very special, was splendid and I did not want
it to end.

We docked and tied up the boat. A few looks from some
of my Old Fart neighbors of three blondes in string
bikinis helping unload. I figured I would be a topic of
discussion by some of the old bitches that were always
sticking their nose into everything.

The van was loaded and Linda walked over to me. Looked
right at me and said. “Got some time this week to help
a girl move to her new place?” I just smiled and said
no problem and we would have it done by Wednesday. She
kissed me. Gave a short rub of my cock inside my
cutoffs. Smiled and said, “The sooner the better. I
want to get my hands on that more often.”

Blonde college girls fucks with old man – Erotic and sexual stories



My English Lit teacher is blonde, twenty-nine, married, with a two year old child and hot. Every male in the school over puberty lusts after her, staff and pupils.

She wore two types of skirts both short, that showed off her long slim legs to perfection, the first was really short and tight hugging hers hips and barely covering her bum, the other type which I preferred was slightly longer but more flouncy and soft that moved and swayed when she walked. Also tight fitting low cut tops that had her boobs on show, the boys in my class argued whether she wore push up bras or not: she didn’t they stood proud on their own, I know.

I found out one Saturday by chance. It was approaching exam time and I knew I needed some extra tuition to improve my chance of getting good grades so I could go to sixth-form college, so agreed with my parents that I would do some private tuition on a Saturday morning. My dad had arranged a tutor through a local agency, and as I was just sixteen and not yet able to drive had dropped me off at the tutor’s house. I walked up the drive, rang the bell when the door opened there was Mrs Evans.

“Good morning, you must be my pupil, oh it’s you Jonathan,” she said, “this is embarrassing as I shouldn’t tutor someone from my own class, but now you’re here you had better come in anyway.”

I went into her house and followed her down the hall way to the living room, she looked stunning in a flaming orange, micro mini skirt, low cut cropped teal top, white strappy sandals, and I could tell she didn’t have a bra on. As she walked down the hall way her skirt was swaying and I saw she was wearing matching orange panties, I took my time following her admiring the view.

“As you’re here now I think we can go through this session and I will arrange a new tutor for you for next week, is that ok?”

“Yes Miss, er are we alone?”

“Yes, my husband has taken the baby to his mums for the morning.”

We started on the tuition which was a bit funny as we were studying “Women in Love” and “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” both of which have passages with a sexual content and I was getting a little worked up, as my hot teacher was standing very close to me.

After an hour we stopped and Mrs Evans said to me.

“Jonathan, what type of literature do you think these are, erotic or pornographic?”

“Miss, I don’t understand.”

She then went on to explain the difference between erotic literature, where there is more of a story that builds up the tension and characters, where as pornographic is more “wham bam thank you mam”.

“Oh come here I’ll show you.” She said and opened up a couple of websites and showed me examples of both types. The descriptions in both were pretty explicit and I was getting more and more excited reading and discussing this with my hot teacher who was in very sexy clothing and standing in close proximity to me, but at the same time I was going red with embarrassment at the content.

“Jonathan, do you see the different genres there are, one of them is MILFs, do you know what a MILF is?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Do you think I am a MILF?”

I couldn’t believe she had asked me that I didn’t know what to say, “Er I’m not sure Miss.”

“Oh, why?”

“Well, I’ve always thought that MILFs were much older than you and not as sexy looking, but technically I suppose you are.” Oh God had I just said that to my teacher, had I just called her sexy.

She gave me a funny look then said, “Why technically Jonathan?”

“You are a mother.”

“So the M part is covered I am a Mother, what about the I.L.F., I’d like to fuck?”

“Oh yes Miss.”

With that answer she grabbed me pushed her fantastic body against mine and kissed me like I had never been kissed before, I’m not a virgin but have had very little experience with the girls in my year all sweaty fumbles, this was on a different level. She leaned hard against me as she pushed me up against the wall pinning me there.

Her kisses intensified if they could, her tongue pushing into my mouth and playing with mine, and I don’t know how but I suddenly felt her hand inside my pants stroking my cock. I reached up and pushed her top up and took it off as she raised her arms over her head, giving me a view of her tits for the first time, they were firm just a handful in-size with small nipples that were standing up. I broke the kiss and dropped my head to her boobs and took one in my mouth whilst caressing her other boob teasing the erect nipple with one hand. She didn’t stop or fight me off but began to moan slightly saying, “Oh yes, oh yes, keep doing that.”

I dropped my free hand pushed it up under her skirt and inside her panties and pushed three fingers straight into her pussy, it was wet and hot and soft. I started to moan now.

She whispered in my ear, “Fuck me now, hard and fast, as hard and fast as you can.” At the same time she placed my cock to the entrance of her pussy and guided it in. “Go on now fuck me for God’s sake.”

I didn’t need a second asking and slammed into her as far as I could as she lifted her legs off the floor and round my waist so I was supporting her and her weight was coming down onto my cock. I kept thrusting as hard and fast as I could, feeling her velvet pussy caressing my cock. All the time she was shouting, “Oh God fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder, oh yes!”

Suddenly she stopped pushing back, her pussy muscles began to clench my cock in increasing frenzy as she began to pant and then with a scream came. She was going wild, grabbing my arse pulling me into her, digging her nails in, scratching my back and as she came she sunk her head into my should and sank her teeth into me in pure lust.

I was still hard inside her as she lowered her legs and stood up; she pushed away from me and pulled me out. I was devastated I hadn’t come yet. Had I done something wrong?

She looked at me with glazed, unfocused lust filled eyes knelt on all fours with her back to me and said, “Not finished yet, take me doggy style, but we’ll be a bit slower this time.”

Somehow in the action I had lost all my clothes and her panties were on the floor.

I knelt behind her admiring the view of her ass, her pussy lips looked swollen and the interior was wet and glistening, her skirt was still on riding high on her hips, this seemed sexier to me than if she was naked before me. I knelt behind her, placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her wet pussy and rubbed it up and down her before slowly pushing into her, it was heaven, the best feeling I was ever likely to have, or so I thought.

As I pushed in her muscles clenched me hard then began squeezing me working from the base to the head, I kept up a steady rhythm, pushing long and slow into her pussy holding onto her hips then ran my hands up her tight firm body ending up at her boobs, I cupped them both, squeezing and kneading them, then tweaking and twirling her nipples meanwhile she had reached one hand down and was playing with her clit.

I felt my intensity rising and began to increase the speed and depth of my actions, she responded in kind and began pushing back on me so hard and fast.

There is more of this story…