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The African Giant by Chinwe Anyadike

A single concentric life
In the bossom of the hypocrisy of leadership.
I seek a hand to hold,
But you traced my spine
and made fragile the cords that binds it.
The staggering magnitude of corruption
Failed to forge a strong and united nation.

Everyday we died and lived.
Pandemonium, like mushroom pills,
Sprang at every corner.
The past blossoms in old memories
With hope to find solace in the present —
A story left unfinished.

Daily, we toil and wallow admist much yield,
Untapped resources at abandoned state.
Alas! Corrupt leaders at my fortune’s wheel,
Thinking the vices are hidden from public glare.

All you desire is my ruthless Identity!
Come close and see a child cowering behind vulnerability.
I wear my name in camouflage mask:
I am black and strong;
I am Nigeria.
@debbie Anyadike

A Sonnet for Nigeria by Chiedozie Ude

May 31, 2020.


Nigeria, country blessed with wealth
But many people there do dwell
In squalor, lack and ill in health
As government claims to change propel.
By strife and greed her seams were slit
To serve those who must riches gain,
Few men who morals did omit
With ruthless hands these things they drain.
The tribes around the Niger spread
With hatred each the next does view
From east to west and north ahead
All plotting bloody change through coup.
So let us mourn our crumbling home
That sinks in deep and dreary foam.

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This is the intellectual property of UDE, Chiedozie. This poem should not be copied or printed in any form without the writer’s permission.