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Stop Gender Stereotyping: Chiedozie Ude

It is sad that people use unfortunate incidents to push their stupid beliefs. One time, a boy committed suicide and a close friend of his used his suicide pictures to preach the gospel. While preaching the gospel is a good thing, we should also remember to respect certain occasions.

By extension, I find it appalling when alleged feminists (olodo misandrists) use sad events such as the raping of a lady to push their man-hating agenda. While it is expected of us to sympathise with victims, we should try not to push erroneous and harmful narratives which depict all men as animalistic, violent, unfeeling, wicked and every other despicable modifier known to humans. I see no reason why I should be punished for what another man did. Likewise, I see no sense in making people suffer the consequences of things they played no part in.

Because of Uwa’s case, one lady posted on twitter to push for the legalisation of the termination of pregnancy when the unborn child is a male. Of course, we all know that this is tongue-in-cheek; however, one cannot help but get worried about the fast-growing penchant to depict men, both dead, living and unborn, as villains. During this same case, many misandrists, in the name of showing wisdom or wokeness or whatever unintelligent thoughts that crossed their minds, deemed it necessary to vilify every man on their timeline. Suddenly, it became a crime to be a man. Suddenly, men who called for caution and systematic investigation into any rape case became rape apologists. Suddenly, all men had no self control. Suddenly, all men metamorphosed into animals. Suddenly, men lost the ability to reason.

Thankfully, those who perpetrated the dastardly murder of USA have been arrested. According to reports, a woman whom the late girl trusted was the mastermind of this act. Allegedly, this lady paid men to kill USA for ritual purposes. So now, do we say all women are potential murder masterminds or what?

It is high time we dropped gender stereotyping. Let us stop shielding people by calling out their entire gender. If a person commits a crime, let the person pay for it. This is not a defence of men. No. It is simply a clarion call to everyone. Make use of logic in situations.

Also, learn to respect the dead. All who promoted the narrative that Uwa was pregnant for the pastor will suffer for 600 years.
Hopefully, justice will be served!! Say no to rape!! Say no to gender stereotyping!!

RIP, Uwa.