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ODE TO GOD by Obisanwo Oladipupo

The sun gets it brightness from You.
The moon takes orders from You.
The stars blossom by obeying You.
You are God, Àwímàyèhùn.

You control the world like it were a ball.
You are at the centre of it all,
Yet You stand far away.
You are God, Èlétígbáròyé.

You do great and mighty things,
For You are the King of kings.
The oceans gospel Your majesty.
You are God, Àràbàríbítì.

The whole world is not enough for Your praise.
The Ancient of days.
You are more than what people say.
You are God, Gbò n gbò n ìdílé Jesse.

You who created the universe,
Your ways are diverse.
Your kingdom scapegoats any intruder.
You are God, Kìnìhún èyá Júdà.

“Ode to Today” by OBISAMWO, Oladipupo

The fragrance of dawn trickled down my nostrils.
Then it dawned on me
That I had survived
The grips of Boss Yesterday.
Thanks to Actor Today.

The atmosphere seems to be partial
As it favours Today against Yesterday.
Could it be flirting?
The celestials must have chosen
Today as a child of destiny
Or maybe as a day of fulfillment.

Today, the birds articulate
Their meticulous tunes of refreshment.
Sapiens greet one another
With pervading bliss
As they went about their businesses.
Oh! Blessed Today.

Today, the day looks gay.
A badge of victory’s hail.
It is determined to outshine yesterday;
To perform better without fail.
My love goes for you.
Oh! Blessed Today.