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My Nightmare, My Loopholes 1: by Alim, Barakat

Part One.

‘My friend, you seem very lucky ooo.’
‘You can say that again, Racheal.’
‘l really wasn’t expecting an iPhone though but I guessed it should be something big.’
‘Eeeh! I Blessing…an iPhone 11! I don become one of the biggest babe in town! Thanks to Mr Ade.’
‘Bleeeeesing, hnmmmm pelzzin husband, mama bisi’s husband. If mama Bisi catch you eheeeen, na pepper you go smell. But I dey happy for you sha. Me sef, I no dey do single guys again. Na married men like Mr Ade I want, in fact, person wey pass Mr Ade.’
‘Wetin? I just dey use Mr Ade catch cruise ni oooo, Yorrrubaaaaa, wetin I wan use a Yoruba man do. Na Emeka I go marry.

‘Mtcheeeew. Emeka kwa? That broke ass guy. Emeka wetin? Mtcheew, dat one. Well, na you sabi. As for me, na married man I go marry.’
‘Hnmmmm. What of that abroad guy wey dey disturb you? your pepperlino.
‘Who be your pepperlino? oh! You meant Andrew, that one? He too young for my type and besides were you deaf when I was yarning say na married man I fit marry. Na dem sabi, na dem fit take care of singles like us.’ She said pulling her blouse and swirling her head in circular motions.
‘But that guy na good catch ooo. I must tell you.’

‘Abeg! Mtcheeew, which good catch. I no fit abeg! He dey too young. Imagine, he is 21. He no fit take care of me. He even said he would be coming to Nigeria next tomorrow.’
‘Ehnnn, you no wan tell me before? But he looks matured in the picture you showed me. But e be things sha, coz picture dey decieve. E dey too young tho, ha! 21! E don pass you sef. Na no way true true.’
‘My dear, it is really no way. Na im face I just wan see. You no say na for social media we dey chat since a year now. Na only im face and the goody goody wey im promise me I dey excited to see.’
‘Everything don enter itself. In one word, you can’t wait to see him.’
‘Na you sabi!’ I said patting blessing playfully.

‘Ahnahn ahn! What is all these now? Mtcheeew. What is the meaning of all these?
‘I’m so sorry. I’m very sorry. It wasn’t deliberate. I’m so sorry.’
‘See the way you splashed water all over my body. You are telling me sorry. Will sorry clear this mess all over me? That’s the way you rich people do. Bloody oppressors!’
‘Hey, young lady! I dont want you to think that way. You are taking this too far. I said I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. It wasn’t intentional. You know what, let me give you a ride to your destination. I’m really sorry.’
‘Don’t bother!’ I said almost walking away.
‘Please. Dont decline. Please.’
‘Thanks. Where are you heading to?’
‘Dave’s street.’
‘Dave’s street? That’s my street. My name is Mr Juwon Davies.’
‘Oh! Really? Then you would be living very close to my place.’ I said smiling delightfully.
‘I live at no 6. What about you?’
‘No 15.’
‘So, what is the name of this beautiful angel?’
‘Racheal.’ I said unable to hide my excitement and sensual appeal.

‘Wow! What a nice name you’ve got.’
‘Thanks.’ I said widening my already invoked smile. I run my eyes all over him; from his few strands of slivering white hairs mixed with the black bush as if two different colours of nursery beds has been planted randomly. His well shaped hair cautiously brought down to his chin in a well constructed line by a learned barber whose handwriting must have been good during school days. His beards, in its appropriate length for his not too wide chin and circular face. The different strands of hair growing contrastively in colour, (black and white) as if they had been matchmaked. His dreamy eyes. His narrowed bone nose down to his flat and smallish nose. Beside his nose, on his right cheek stood a big black dot that is darker than his ebonized skin. His ear, the perfect size for the completely handsome face. His circular head pressing on his well-wedged neck, that anytime he is not looking at the side mirror of the car, observing passing cars, two pounds of flesh are formed while sitting comfortably. His well built muscular shoulder down to his arms sent a cold shiver down my spine. A big gold necklace stood around his neck like a choker, the pendant lying between his broad chest.

‘We are close to my residence, would you like to clean up? Helloooooo Rachel. Dear, anything the problem?’
‘Yessss sir, yeess.’ I answered muttering after a slight tap.
‘What is it? would you like to clean up at my residence?’
‘Sorry sir. I was far away in my thoughts. No problem sir.’
‘Oh ! I hope no problem?’
‘Not at all sir.’ I said hastily, quite uncomfortable with the discussion. I quickly threw my head to the other side surveying motors and people. He finally halted and horned at a big blue gate. He glanced at me to be sure I did not disapprove. I wore a neutral face like I wasn’t aware. A dwarfish middle-aged man flung the gate open hastily. He drove in and the man greeted him, postrating . He nodded slighty. I looked away complacently to avoid the man’s peering eyes.
‘You can come down from the car.’ I came down from the car, with him holding the doors and locking the car. I was quite ashamed of my stained dress.
‘Follow me.’ He said, gesturing politely. I followed him walking like an accused headed for a trial. I trudged behind him quietly and slowly.

‘Knock knock knock.’
‘Yes, who is at the door?’
‘Blessing. ‘
‘Come in jor ,you still dey knock?’
‘Where you waka go yesterday? House you no dey. Shop you no dey. Where you go?
‘I was called for an home service in the next street.’
‘Oh ! No wonder.’
‘Sit sit sit, make I gist you.’ I said excitingly almost interrupting.
‘Yarn me , make I hear.
‘I don see the sugar daddy wey I dey yearn for. Infact, matter don settle.’
‘Hmmm, tell me more my sister.’
‘His name na Mr Juwon Davies, na im own the street wey you and I dey live.’
‘Ogene ooo, Chineke ! Eh! My dear yarn me more, my ears are itching.
‘The most fortunate thing about his encounter is that……


I Seduced My High School English Teacher, It Was Totally Worth It

“Blood, sex, and death.” Those were the three things Mr. Fitzpatrick taught us were part of every gothic horror novel. He was the high school english teacher I hopelessly crushed on, and I couldn’t help but notice that his eyes lingered on me when he said the second word. Sex.

I was a senior then, about to graduate. Glued to my seat even in the late, late spring when my classmates were terminally zoned out, focused on graduation, the summer ahead of them, college. But I still had unfinished business here, and today he was wearing a black tie over a light blue button-up and jeans that were just snug enough to drive my imagination wild. When he perched on the edge of his desk reading from The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, I let my eyes wander up and down his body, imaging a new use for each part.

He was the new cute teacher this year, the one the girls whispered about between classes. Mr. Fitzpatrick is looking good today.I’d tried to pretend I wasn’t one of them before, it’s not interesting to have the same crush as everyone else. But his charm was undeniable, who else could make the classics so sexy? Every day when he taught his inflection would bounce up and down with passion as he taught us about Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson.

When he taught Dracula he became brooding and obsessive, delving into each character. Even in the clinical, fluorescent-lit classroom it was sexual. I spend the 50 minute class period imagining his lips — his teeth — on my neck, finding me in secret, lusting after my “life force” as Stoker says. The week he spent on, The Haunting of Hill House, was one of the most oddly erotic of my life. The text was thrilling, I was in a constant state of suspense and I held myself to not reading ahead, and being completely present in class when he talked about the role adrenaline plays in our bodies physiological state as we read. I didn’t ask, but I was sure my increased interest in him was one of those byproducts he was talking about.

When graduation was only a few weeks away, I felt bolder. Surely I should make a move, if the consequences of being rebuffed were so low? What could they do? I was almost gone. And so I became consumed with the idea of hooking up with Mr. Fitzpatrick.

At first, I thought I could be subtle. Mr. Fitzpatrick certainly noticed when I wore something low-cut or a little more form-fitting. Once I entered his classroom in a dress that particularly accentuated my curves and I could have sworn I heard him groan. But understandably, he never did anything more than cast a lingering glance my way.

He’d get in too much trouble, I reasoned. I’m going to have to be the one to do something. So I put my mind into creating the perfect plan: I’d just have to present him with an opportunity he couldn’t say no to.

The senior end-of-year dance was coming up, and I inserted myself into the planning committee long enough to serve as an official liaison and ask Mr. Fitzpatrick if he would be a chaperone, apparently we were in desperate need of one (I didn’t ask anyone else). A light flickered in his eyes as I carefully enunciated the word desperate. Hopefully that was a look of comprehending my agenda. He agreed to the task.

I bought new lingerie, black and red and lacy. I wore it under a loose-fitting white sundress, pure and virginal like a gothic heroine, but dark and carnal underneath.

At the dance, I added a note to the clipboard waiting for him as a chaperone. It was the regular list of rules to enforce and emergency contacts. My note was underneath, it was a line from Draculaalong with his room number:

“No man knows till he experiences it, what it is like to feel his own life-blood drawn away into the woman he loves.” CLC 345.

I never went to the dance. Instead I made my way through the dark and empty corridors of the school until I let myself into his classroom. I brought with me one candle to break up the darkness without relying on the fluorescents. Lighting it and setting it on a desk in the front row I climbed into Mr. Fitzpatrick’s seat behind his desk, pulled the straps of my dress down so the top of my lacy bra was revealed, and crossed my legs with my heels resting on the edge of his desk, waiting.

It was a long wait. He didn’t find my note right away, but it became pleasurably agonizing, every tiny sound I heard in the hallway seemed like it could be him approaching. I got excited and then mellowed again when I realized it was my imagination. When he did come, I didn’t even hear him approach.


It was a guess he made as he entered the classroom, it was too dim to see my face but I had made sure the glow illuminated my nearly bare legs. I was glad he was expecting it to be me.

“Mr. Fitzpatrick.” I acknowledged him and removed my legs from his desk, slowly crossing them in front of me.

“This note… what are you doing here? We shouldn’t be here.”

He was saying the words, but even to someone who wasn’t engaging in wishful thinking they sounded unconvincing. He didn’t want them to be true. I stood up and leaned against the edge of his desk, facing him, opening my legs a bit so he could imagine himself between them.

“Mr. Fitzpatrick, I’m sorry if you’re misunderstanding. I just wanted to discussDracula more.”

He moved closer, grinning.

When he was close enough that I could touch him, I grabbed his tie and pulled his body into mine. I could feel he was already hard as he pressed against the loose fabric separating us. The situation excited him as much as it excited me. “You’ve always been my favorite student, Adrienne, but I could get in a lot of trouble for being here right now.”

Pulling harder on his tie, my mouth found his neck. “I’ll just have to make it worth your while then.”

He groaned and his hands found the undersides of my thighs, pulling me closer to him and moving us both back so I was resting on his desk. I slide back farther and wrapped my legs around him.

“I just wanted to experience this before graduation,” I told him, “I’ve been trying not to make a move all year.”

Even in the low light, I could see the smile that spread across his face. He says he loves the way I look lying on his desk. I respond by feeling the bulge in his pants, attempting to grip him through the fabric and feeling him grow.

“We need to make this quick. They’ll look for me if I don’t come back.”

“Perfect.” With the suspense building as long as it had, I wouldn’t last long in his arms anyway.

I heard him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants but I didn’t look away from his face. Even in the dark he looked handsome, brooding. I wanted him to tell me more about sex and blood and death but I also just wanted to experience it with him — all the parts of being human, all the things worth writing about.

I was happy there, to be a willing participant in a fantasy I was sure he had. Happy when he slid the lace panties I’d brought for the occasion off, happy when he didn’t bother to remove my bra but instead pulled my breasts free from it, and especially happy when his body met mine.

While forging a path with his mouth from my neck, down to my collarbone, and then landing on my breasts he pulled me closer to him and entered me. The speed with which he poured himself into me belied his eagerness. I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him to. As much as I’d fantasized about him wanting me.

Lowering himself so his face was next to mine he whispered, “Adrienne, if you want to be a great student you’re going to have to finish me off with your mouth.”

Kneeling before him I skipped the niceties and began blowing him full on right away, working my hand around his shaft in tandem with my mouth. His hands worked their way through my hair, separating it into two ponytails he held firmly as he used them to guide my head onto his cock, increasing in rhythm until I felt him tense up, his hands clenching my hair. Pulling my head down on him, he held me there and emptied himself into the back of my mouth. I could taste the saltiness as I removed myself from him, licking my lips.

It was the perfect end to my senior



I Seduced My High School English Teacher, It Was Totally Worth It | GBAMLOG


By L.M Adeline

We made it down the short aisle. Standing in front of the cockpit door, she gave three quick knocks. A second later, a sandy-haired young man with thick glasses and a space between his front teeth poked his head out.

Oh dear

. I hated to admit that my shallow Southern heart sank, though I politely pulled my grin a little wider, reminding myself what the


in S.E.C.R.E.T. stood for. If my fantasy man wasn’t…


, I didn’t have to go through with the fantasy.

“Is this our lovely visitor?” he asked with a lisp.

Oh dear


“Yes,” the flight attendant said. “Miss Dauphine Mason, this is our multitalented First Officer Friar. Miss Mason is keen to see what goes on in here. It might help her with her fear of flying.”

“Ah, yes. Dispel the mystery and the fear disperses. That’s Captain Nathan’s specialty. He can show you around while I stretch my legs. Three’s a crowd in here! Good luck!”

After mangling all those S’s, First Officer Friar made a beeline to the back of the plane. Out the window in front was a dark sky; below, nothing but black water. The high whine of the engines masked the screams in my own head as my legs now turned to cement. Eileen nudged me through the narrow doorway.

“I’ll be back in a little while,” she said, looking at her watch. “Enjoy your flying lesson.” She shut the door behind her.

The pilot sat silhouetted in the window. The only thing I could see above the seat was the back of his head. He wasn’t wearing a jacket, only his white shirt, the muscles on his arms apparent beneath his sleeves as he flicked a number of switches from left to right on a panel in front of him. Thankfully, the white noise drowned out my pounding heart.

“Be with you in a moment, Dauphine. I just want to make sure autopilot’s running smoothly. A robot takes over for most of the flight from now on. A very smart one.” There it was. That accent again. The man from Security! The man with the sexy British accent! The air left my chest and the pressure squeezed my lungs. Feeling tantalized and terrified at that same time had a bad effect on my stomach. I slapped both hands on the curved walls of the cockpit to steady myself as the plane rose and straightened. The pilot faced a wall of lights and levers that seemed to blink and shift on their own. Then he finally turned his chair around, aviators off, brown eyes on me. I gasped. “Don’t worry, we’re on automatic, but we’re not going to be alone in here for long, so I apologize ahead of time for the furtive nature of our interlude,” he said, loosening the top button of his uniform. “But I need to know, before we continue with our tutorial on the safety of flight: Do you accept the Step, Miss Mason?”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. “Here? Now?”

“Yes. Here and now. Trust me when I say I can help you with your fear of flying. And a few other things too, I suspect,” he said, leaning back into the plush leather of his pilot seat, taking me in from bottom to top.

“I’ve never been in an airplane before,” I muttered, stalling.

“I understand that,” he said, steepling his fingers. “But you are doing a fine job of your first time.”

Standing four feet from a complicated instrument panel that the pilot was

no longer

facing, I watched dark clouds whip by the nose of the plane through the high, narrow windows.

“Are we…safe in here?”

“Very safe,” he said. “Safer than driving. Safer than almost any other activity you can do at hundreds of miles an hour, high in the air.”

“What if there’s turbulence?” I asked, just as we hit a little bump. I yelped. My arms flew up to grasp the ceiling.

He took it as a cue to gesture me over to him.

Here we go

! I slowly, carefully, closed the gap between us, and over his shoulder got a better view of the world before me. It was dusk, but light poked through the clouds, illuminating little towns and villages nestled in the foot of a mountain range. They looked like a strand of jewels dropped from a great height. It was beautiful, but still I felt gut- punched and queasy. Levers and buttons continued to move in a ghostly way all around us.

“Turbulence is just air pockets. The plane will ride through it. And I’m right here if anything goes awry.”

I stood above him now, his head level with my breasts. “Do you accept the Step?” Handsome face, kind eyes, great smell, manly hands, but the clincher truly was his beautifully tailored shirt. Terribly shallow, I know.

“Yes, I accept.”

“Then may I help you off with your knickers?”

I almost laughed out loud at the old-fashioned British word for panties. I was wearing a pencil skirt and pumps, and a button-up pink angora sweater. The low ponytail completed my ’50s-housewife-on-an-errand look. It couldn’t be helped; planning my outfits always calmed me, and today I needed to be calm.

“Tell me more about how safe I am,” I begged, as his warm hands gently undid the back of my skirt, letting it drop to the floor.

“Well, Dauphine,” he said, inching my panties, or “knickers,” down, “takeoff is the hardest part. So much can go wrong. But we’re well past that now.”

Standing before him, I closed my eyes. I could feel his fingers unbuttoning my sweater, easing it off my shoulders.



“Now the middle part of flight,” he said, leaning forward to nuzzle my soft line of pubic hair, kissing it. “That’s the easiest…sweetest part of the ride. But still, you never want to get complacent. Sometimes it’s deceptively easy. You still need to be careful, to watch for subtle signals.”

I stood over him, my legs trembling. He reached back to undo my pink satin bra, slid it forward, and dropped it. Standing there naked, for a second

I forgot the plane was flying on its own

! It was black through the window. I wasn’t sure if we were flying over mountains or water, but I closed my eyes. If I couldn’t see it, it didn’t matter. I placed my hands on the ceiling again, pressing my body forward into him. He was so at ease, so in command as he gently urged my legs farther apart, reaching up to pinch and circle my nipples, like I was an instrument panel he knew exactly how to operate.

“How does the autopilot know what it’s doing?” I asked, so deeply aroused by his thumbs now expertly parting my cleft, I thought my knees would give.

“It listens to me. I tell it what to do and it follows my instructions,” he said, leaning forward to kiss my clitoris, now centered between his thumbs.

“Mmm, you taste so good, my darling,” he murmured, his fingers now joining his mouth, slowly gliding in and out, agonizing me. I felt every knuckle against my most tender parts, prodding my clitoris forward, as his mouth fully encircled me. I grabbed his head as it moved beneath me. Then I felt that rush, fast and hot, and the mounting energy as his urgent tongue fluttered and flicked, his fingers darting in and out. All I could do was shut my eyes and arch back, dying and shuddering as I exploded with a new kind of pleasure, moaning into the ceiling, his tongue lapping relentlessly at me, my hand over my mouth to muffle my cries.


The Sight of Her Legs

by IsaacTolkien

Copyright© 2019 by IsaacTolkien

He saw the brown-haired girl sitting at the front. She was the only girl in the room wearing shorts, and her legs were perfect. Her skin appeared so soft and smooth that he found himself unable to tear his eyes away from the long shining limbs of perfection. She had on a blue sweater above it, a sweater with a gold zipper drawing a beeline to her bright red lips. He wondered what it would be like to kiss those bright red lips, gaze into those shining blue eyes, stroke those legs, caress that delightfully slim waist.

She was the last in the circle of food bank volunteers, and it was her turn to introduce herself at the orientation meeting. “My name is Jen,” she said in a sweet, sincere voice, “and I’m a senior at Connolly High. I’m here ‘cause I want to help those less well off than me. Also my school has a community service requirement to graduate…”. He didn’t pay as much attention to her actual words, listening more to the sound of her voice, quivering with the nervousness that comes from addressing a group of two dozen strangers, but it charmed him with its cuteness. She was such a sweet little thing.

He himself had told his particulars to the group a few minutes before. His name was Mark, he was thirty-nine years old, unmarried, had volunteered at the food bank because he felt it was his civic duty. Actually, he was there because he couldn’t endure the empty silences in his apartment, but that didn’t seem like a good thing to tell everyone.

Jen finished and sat down. The group leader started to drone on, but Mark was no longer listening. He was thinking of the beautiful girl opposite him, her simple, yet tantalizing shape and demeanor. She looked so precious, and yet so luscious. He wanted to pinch her cheek. Or kiss her cheek. Or kiss her lips.

His mind began to wander. He imagined her lips melting against his, his tongue probing greedily into her mouth. He thought of her chest pressed against his, her breathing starting to quicken. He wondered what it would be like to lower the zipper of those jeans, to see her waist wiggle as it slid off.

I want her, Mark thought. I want to see what she looks like naked, lick my chops at her perfect pussy, stick my dick deep inside her and shoot off my load. She can’t be more than eighteen years old. Dammit! What could she see in a man like me, twice her age?

That night Mark couldn’t get Jen out of his mind. He lay in bed, thinking about those legs, those sinuous legs, those legs that seemed to be made from a material that transcended the world and took him somewhere far away. His cock hardened into erection, oozing precum, by the sheer power of the memory of her face, her body. The way she stood, the way her legs shone in the light as everyone had walked to the parking lot on the way out. He lay there, his cock jerking, until he could endure no more, and masturbated himself to climax, wishing all the while that it was her hand on his cock instead of his own.

“We’ll put you in teams of two; one for each set of boxes, ok? Taylor, you go with James. Steve; you’re with Penny. Jen … you’ll sort with Mark.”

“Jen, you’ll sort with Mark!” Mark nearly jumped out of his chair. For an entire afternoon he would be sorting donated food across the table from a girl whose image he had masturbated to every night for a week. He was actually trembling when he got to his spot, but Jen wasn’t there. Typical, she probably wants to hang with some handsome guy instead of me, he thought gloomily. With a sigh, he set about the work of sorting the huge pile of cans, jars, and boxes all by himself.

Then he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Hi Mark!”

There she was, the bright red lips, the pretty blue eyes, the smooth long brown hair. She was smiling at him. She was quite short, several inches shorter than he, but he still felt very small in her sensuous presence. He could only gape, not just at her, but at her outfit. She had on a plain white top and a very short skirt. Connolly High School, it said in bright red letters. “Sorry I’m late,” he could hear her saying, “but I had to go to cheerleading practice after school.” He nodded, gesturing towards the cans, “R … right over there … you can do th … that side” he sputtered. She giggled and got to work.

Mark could feel his heart racing. Years before, when he had been in high school, his dreams had been filled with the image of cheerleaders with their warm smiles and flitting short skirts. He remembered how they would jump up, often showing their panties, at the victories of the football team. Mark had not been on the football team. He was captain of the debating team, and had won prizes at math contests, but cheerleaders never went to that kind of event. He had always longed for the touch of their soft nubile bodies…

“So tell me about yourself, Mark!”

She was talking to him! He stared back at her, never hard to do with a pretty teenager in a cheerleader’s uniform. He tried to look into her eyes as he answered, but some mystical force sent his eyes back down to her bare, smooth legs.

“I’m … I’m an eng-engineer.”

“An engineer? That’s so cool! You must be really smart!”

He blushed.

“So what kind of engineering do you do?”

“Um … I … um … well … I do dig … digital imaging. Scanners and graphics and stuff.” He had given entire presentations on this topic elsewhere, but with this little girl it was all he could do to blurt out a sentence. She grinned at him, almost as if to reassure.

“So you’re like, into photography and stuff like that?”

“Y-yes. I do a lot of that work … I have a portfolio, in fact.”

“You do? I’d love to see it sometime! I love photography!”

“Th-that’s great!”

“Do you think you could give me some tips?”

This … this sweet little delight was interested in him? Nonsense, he thought, you’re just a mentor figure to her. She’s probably thinking of you just like one of her teachers at school. At that thought, he couldn’t help looking at her shapely legs again, and wished with all his heart that he was a teacher, and could spend half his day looking at pretty girls.

She continued chatting with him as they sorted, and gradually he trembled less, relaxed, and grew more comfortable. She had such a sweet smile, and a delightful, almost angelic face. His eyes roved over her body constantly as they talked and sorted. Seeing that short little skirt, barely covering her underpants, he wondered at what delights lay underneath. What would it be like to lift that skirt up, to pull those panties down, to fondle the ass and pussy that lay hidden inside it?

On the way home after the work was done, Mark’s mind was filled with thoughts of that luscious teenage body. Have to get her out of my head, he thought, and pulled out his phone. His bookmark collection had all the right links. One web site was headlined by a brown-haired girl, with a caption brashly saying, “SPURT YOUR JISM IN MY MOUTH!” She looked a little like Jen, though not quite as pretty. He scrolled through the site. There were the usual pictures of naked women, women spreading their vagina lips wide, women’s mouths hovering over a cock, women’s lips touching another woman’s lips. He thought of Jen doing all those things, and the telltale bulge began to surge in his pants.

“Hi Mark!”

He looked down. It was Jen! He turned beet red, teeth chattering. She had caught him looking at porn! Surely she’ll think I’m a pervert now. He gingerly started to put the phone away, but she was all smiles. “You don’t have to put it away.”

“I’m sorry … I … what?”

“I love those sites! In fact, can I tell you a secret?”


“Let me whisper it in your ear.”

He bent down and her lips grazed his ear. He felt a tingle run through him as he felt her breath, but that paled into comparison to what he felt next. “I want have my own site like that one day!”

Mark’s jaw dropped and he stared at her, no longer attempting to hide the lust in his eyes. She grinned impishly. “When you said you were into photography, I even hoped if you might take some pictures of me!”

His eyes widened. He could not seem to get any words out.

As if in a dream, he heard his mouth uttering the words. “I would be glad to … you must come to my studio sometime.”

“Okay.” She smiled. “Where is it?”

“Um … the corner of Gilmore and Anderson.”

“Okay,” she said. “Could we make it this Saturday?”

This Saturday. Five days! “S-sure. What, um, what time do you think?”

“How about three?”

“Three, three … yes, of course. Three’s fine.”

“So we’ll see you then!” She started to head out, but turned around and said, “Enjoy your sites!” licking her lips wickedly. Mark felt his face turning red, but he also felt his erection rising within him.

The next five days seemed to last forever. At night, lying in bed, Mark let his imagination run wild, dreaming of Jen’s seductive body, fantasizing about having her, drinking in her lush youthfulness. Every night the image of Jen drove his dick to throbbing ecstasy, and every night he exploded into his hands and sheets, wishing only that it was her soft flesh that was receiving his cum.

Three o’clock on Saturday came. Mark had already been there over two hours, straightening everything out, making everything as spotless and organized as it had ever been. I’m still trying to impress the girls, he thought, still, at my age. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. Jen! He rushed upstairs.

There she was in front of the door. She was wearing a white halter top and a white skirt, a very short skirt that seemed to cover very little. He gaped at her navel, round and inviting. He gawked at her curvaceous waist, which seemed almost designed to lock his eyes onto them like a homing beacon.

Wordless, he motioned her inside, and down the stairs to the studio. She playfully danced down them as he trudged behind her, almost like a priest following a goddess. She was such a pretty, cheerful girl!

He got out his camera, and they went to work. As a model, she was a photographer’s dream, eager to perform, thinking of the next pose almost as soon as the shutter clicked, hardly needing any prompting or correction.

Jen standing in front of one of his backgrounds, grinning. Snap. She puts her leg on a stool, giving the camera a straight view of her panties. Snap. Teasingly, she begins to lift her skirt up. Snap. She starts to slide out of her uniform. Snap.

And then she was standing there in her underwear, and Mark’s cock was as hard as a rock. He had never in his life seen a pretty teenage girl wearing so little. He stared at her, her delightfully curved waist, the luscious breasts under her bra, the inviting V-shape of her panties. She looked at the wet spot on his crotch and giggled. “You know what I think,” she said, “when you’ve got the asses, show the masses!” She turned around and bent over, flaunting her half-covered ass in his face.

He took a picture of that, and many other things. She lay down coyly, leering at the camera. She knelt on the floor, tugging at the underwear. She stood plainly, smiling, as her nearly nude image was recorded.

They had already filled up one micro-disk, but she said, “Now comes the fun part.”

“The – fun part?”

“Yep.” With a quick motion, she peeled off her underwear, and stood there, as naked as the day she was born. Mark’s eyes bulged. Her pubic hair was also dark brown, straight and smooth, as fine as a lion’s mane. He could see the small outline of her pussy lips, luring him into their delights.

“I want you to take pictures of me naked.”

He stared. “Naked?”

“Yup. I’m gonna sell them on the Net. Lots of guys visit my web site and want nude pictures of me, and I figure that now that I’m eighteen, I can give them what they want, and make some money doing it.”

Mark felt himself starting to shake. She knelt down and spread her legs wide, grinning at him. “Does this turn you on?” she asked. Embarrassed, he could only nod. “OK, then take pictures of me whenever you’re turned on. Then I know the pic you’re taking is really hot!”

Mark started to click more pictures. Jen on her knees, fingers pointing invitingly at her pussy. Jen playfully revealing her breasts, pulling up her shirt. Jen lying on her side, seductively, the curves of her body tantalizing Mark so much he found himself wiggling.

Seeing how uncomfortable he was, Jen said, “You know Mark, I know you have a big hard-on. Why don’t you unzip your pants so you can be more comfortable?” It felt like a dream. Mark’s dick sprang out his zipper opening, pointing straight at Jen, visibly wet on its end.

She looked at it, wonderingly. She found that looking at it to be a quick and simple way of gauging the effectiveness of her poses. She wanted to use the power of her body, wanted Mark and men like him to hunger for her, desire for her, long to ravish and take her nubile form.

For Mark, the evening seemed like a dream. It was a dream, a fantasy, a pretty nude teenage girl dancing and prancing around in the most provocative poses she could think of. Visions of her luscious breasts, her silken thighs, her glistening pubic hair, her shimmeringly curved body blurred his vision and fogged his brain, so much so that he could scarcely now tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

Was that really her? Jen, the teenage hottie, saying that he deserved a reward for his work? Was that her hand touching his cock, fumbling at his pants, letting in a rush of air on his now naked skin? No, surely this isn’t real, he thought, surely I’m not being pushed into my sofa, surely Jen is not kneeling before me, mouth moving towards my dick. But it was real. She was really there. She brought her mouth closer to the head of his cock and kissed it quickly on its head.

A tingle of electricity surged through his body. He found himself sprawled on the couch, his cock as hard as a ramrod. He gazed down at Jen’s angelic face. She looked up at him and smiled, a sweet, innocent smile that excited him so much that he squirmed, his dick slapping against her cheeks. Laughing, she opened her mouth wide, impossibly wide. He saw it envelop his cock, felt the wet moisture of her breath on him.

A beautiful eighteen-year-old is sucking my cock, seared the thought into his brain. He felt the softness of her tongue massage his underside. He felt her go down, licking over his balls, nibbling on his inner thighs, teasing his groin, then swirling her tongue around the head of his cock again. He was moaning loudly now, feeling his body teased almost to the breaking point.

He looked down again and nearly fainted. There she was, her lovely mouth taking his cock all the way inside. “I’m gonna cum,” he said, but in response she only quickened the pace of her sucking. He felt wild abandon as his orgasm pulsed, flooding her young mouth with his cum. “Oh god, oh god oh god oh god,” he nearly screamed. His entire body was spent, and he was heaving.

Jen rose to her feet, her eyes twinkling, her body naked as a jaybird. He looked again at her perfect breasts, her inviting pubic hair, the rhythmic curves of her nubile body. She looked at him straight in the face and ostentatiously swallowed. Mark’s eyes widened in their sockets. She grinned, then turned around, wiggling her butt invitingly at him as she walked over to the mattress.

She flopped down onto it and spread her legs wide. Mark got up, advancing towards her, wanting to take that young body, wanting to ravish it, possess it, luxuriate in its youth and splendor and beauty. He looked at her beautiful pussy, saw the moisture on it glistening in the light, and felt his heart race. He saw her clit strutting between her lips proudly, confident in itself, standing at attention in the wonder that was her nudity. Then she said the words he longed to hear.

“Take me.”

Mark didn’t need to be told twice. She was his, a naked teenage girl, to fuck and suck and lick as he pleased. He felt the fire within him stir at the sight of her legs, spread open invitingly, tantalizing him with her fruits. He jumped onto her body, hands grasping, groping, his lips tearing into her, his breath hard on hers, his cock stabbing into her body. “Give it to me! Give me your dick!” she screamed. He almost crushed her with his weight, feeling his own body writhe and squirm as the wild passion coursed through him.

He swung back his hips and rammed his cock inside her, thrusting, hard, like a maniac, filled with lust, consumed with desire for that juicy young teenage flesh. I’m going to have her, he thought, I’m really going to have her. He fucked her as hard as he could, jolting his body into hers with all the force he could muster. Her face was writhed in desire, her eyes were rolling, her voice was moaning. He could feel the wetness of her pussy juices on his loins, the pressure of her pussy squeezing his cock.

“Yes … YES…” she screamed out as he felt her body tighten, shake, and vibrate into orgasm. The pressure of her pussy lips on his ramrod made him explode in a shattering climax of his own. His juice flooded into her, creaming her insides, exhausting them both with the sheer force and verve of its impact.

There they lay on the floor together, their bodies tingling, their minds racing. Mark still could hardly believe this was happening, all the more so when he felt the touch of Jen’s lips on his. It was a sweet, slow, soft kiss, the kind of kiss that can put a perfect finishing touch to a day of sheerest magic. He held her tightly against him, feeling her breasts on his chest and her ass in his hand.

“You know, you’re a really cool guy,” Jen said softly. “I’ve thought of asking other guys to do my photos but I’ve never felt comfortable with anyone like I do with you.”

“I have never in my life met a girl like you before.”

“I’m gonna need lots of pictures for my site, videos too. I could come over every week after the food bank and we could take some more? Would that be ok?”

Mark’s eyes widened.

“I can’t pay you though … at least … not with money,” she said slyly. He looked again, up and down, at her shapely figure and sighed.

“I look forward to it.”

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The Sight of Her Legs

The End

A TIME TO LOVE chapter 1 (+18 Erotic Romance)

Romantic Sex Story: A Time to Love: Chapter 1 by Jonas

Copyright© 2008 by Jonas

I pulled into the parking lot of the clinic, the second person to arrive. Geri, the office manager, would already be here well into her day. She was obsessed with it, and while she could be a little abrasive in her demeanor, we were all thankful for her help.

I had finished my schooling and was two years into my professional career. My first job was a temporary position at a small regional hospital, but I had longed for a spot in a clinic. About two months ago, Sarah had called and said their practice had expanded and the doctor was looking for a second nurse practitioner. She asked if I was interested, and when I said yes, she promptly offered me the job. So here I was.

I went in to my office and prepared for the day. Sarah and the other staff trickled in over the next hour, and soon the patients were arriving. I was getting ready to meet with my fourth patient of the day when the name on the chart caught my attention. Ben Barker. I felt my heart flutter again. I hadn’t thought about the big guy in years, but the image of him came immediately. He was nearly a foot taller than my 5’2″ and nearly 200 pounds heavier than my 110 pounds. I smiled at the contrast. I was a blonde, he was a brunette. I had blue eyes, he had brown. Everything about him was big, everything about me was small. He was in his mid thirties, I was in my mid twenties. He was married, I was single. Yes, a remarkable contrast. And yet, I’d felt enamored with him.

I told myself again it was just his warm nature that was attractive to me, and then I opened the door. My jaw dropped. Sitting there was not the big man I expected. I mean, he was still big, but not like before. I was tongue tied. “Um, hi, uh, Ben.” I almost blushed, but fought it down.

A sincere smile spread across his face, lighting up his brown eyes. “Emily! I didn’t know you’d returned.”

“Yeah, I, um, they had an opening here and I took the job. I’ve been back about two months.”

“Well, it’s great to see you! Looks like you made it through school then.”

Safe ground. School. I willed my heartbeat to slow down. “I did. It was hard, but I’m glad I finished it. I’m enjoying my career.”

“I’m glad you finished it, too.” His smile was infectious.

I sat next to him and glanced through his chart. His weight was down to 225. Amazing. “Ben, you look great! You’ve lost nearly a hundred pounds since I last saw you. How are you feeling?”

Ben proceeded to tell me about his improved health, as well as some of the complications that were still there. I tried to keep my mind on his words, but they were constantly drifting. I watched him talk. I watched him move. The man was handsome. Very handsome. Not gorgeous, like some of the men I’d dated. But very, very handsome. He wore very unassuming eyeglasses that only enhanced the sparkle in his eyes and gave him an air of intelligence. That, along with his rugged good looks and personality, was unbelievably attractive. He’s married, I scolded myself, and forced my attention back to his words.

“Jake still tires me out, but not as quickly.” His eyes sparkled again when he mentioned his son.

I had a sudden memory of a sadness during a previous discussion of his family, so I debated internally about whether to inquire about them. The curious side of me won out. “How is your son? He’s, what, five or six now?”

“Almost six. He’s great, a regular ball of energy. Loves sports, just like his old man, and he puts forth his best effort. But honestly, he’s more of an intellectual, which I guess is just like me, too. He’s not very competitive or aggressive.”

His eyes still sparkled, so I changed directions. “And your wife? How is she?”

There it was. The flash of sadness. The smile didn’t disappear, but it faded somewhat. “She’s … fine. As good as could be expected, I guess.” Well, if that wasn’t cryptic … Ben was so easy to talk to, I decided to pursue.

“Ben, I don’t mean to pry, but I guess my curiosity is just too much. You can just ignore the question, but … well, what’s wrong with your wife?”

He cast his gaze to the floor and the smile disappeared this time. I scolded myself for my boldness and nosiness. He was quiet for the longest time. It suddenly dawned on me that we hadn’t addressed his reason for the visit. I cleared my throat and went about business, angry at myself for straying off track. Ben was subdued the rest of the visit. As I stood up to say goodbye, he finally spoke.

“My wife is paralyzed.” His eyes began to glisten. He looked past me to somewhere not in the room, and the anguish on his face was obvious.

I reached out and put my hand on his arm. “Ben, I’m … sorry … about your wife, and I’m sorry I asked. I shouldn’t have.”

He continued like I hadn’t spoken. “She has no movement or feeling from the waist down. Been that way for four years. She was heading to pick up my sister from the airport, because once again I was too busy at the office. A drunk driver crossed the median and plowed into her car head on. Broke her back and damaged her spinal cord. The doctors don’t think she’ll ever regain feeling.” A lone tear slid down his cheek.

I felt a lump in my throat and a part of me wanted to pull this wonderful man into an embrace. I just rubbed his arm. “Oh, Ben. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to open any wounds.”

He looked at me, and a gentle smile just touched his lips. “It’s OK, Emily. It’s life. We can’t avoid it. We live it every day, and we get through it every day. It just hurts sometimes to remember life before.”

I suddenly realized I’d been in with John for some time, longer than was customary. I silently cursed this billable hours concept. “If you ever need to talk about this, I’m willing to listen. I’m not a therapist or anything, but I am providing your primary care. Mental anguish, grief and stress all contribute to your health. I can help however you need.”

His smile grew, and I was lost again in the gentleness of his eyes. “Thanks, Emily. I’ll keep that in mind.”

We parted company, and I was sure I wouldn’t see or hear from him again until his next labs in six months.

About a week passed, when I arrived at my office to a surprise. Geri had left a note on my desk that I had received a call that morning already. I looked at the name: Leah Barker. Could that be … Doubtful. Barker was a common enough name. Still, I was nervous about the call, so I put it off for several hours. Just prior to starting my afternoon appointments, I made the callback. A sweet voice answered the phone.

“This is Emily Schultz from HealthChoice. Could I speak with Leah Barker, please?”

“Hello, Emily. This is Leah.” The voice sounded hesitant, which did little to ease my mind.

“It’s nice to speak with you, Ms. Barker. How may I help you?”

“Please, call me Leah. I, um, I’m calling regarding my husband. He’s one of your patients. Ben Barker.” I knew it. I was hesitant to acknowledge that Ben was a patient, what with all the privacy issues. “It’s OK, Emily. I know you’ll need to check the file to see if Ben has given permission to speak with me. You can do that later. I just need to ask you for a favor.”

I was a little taken aback. It’s not every day that the spouse of a patient calls for a favor. I was apprehensive, to say the least. “I’m not sure how to respond to that. I guess it would depend on the favor.”

Leah laughed quietly. “I can understand that. I really don’t feel comfortable doing this on the phone, however. Would you be willing to meet with me to discuss this favor? I don’t think this really has anything to do with doctor/patient stuff, but you can review Ben’s file if you need to before then.”

By this point, I was very intrigued. As is often the case, my curiosity clouded my better judgment. “Where and when would you like to meet?”

“Well, given my current situation, it might be best to meet at our house.”

“Oh, that’s right,” I replied, somewhat embarrassingly. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s OK. Are you available after work today? Maybe you could come over for dinner, about 6:30 p.m. Ben is on a business trip, so it will just be you, me and Jake.”

Leah gave me directions, and then we hung up. My heart was pounding. Why was I so nervous about this? Because he was a patient? Because I’d felt some attraction to the man? Only time would tell, so I went about my afternoon schedule. The hours seemed to creep away, slowly. It seemed the end of the day would never come. After I finished up my notes for the day, I hopped in the car for the short drive home. I immediately headed to the bedroom, stripping my slacks and shirt off. I stood in front of the open closet, clad only in my panties and bra. I rifled through the clothes there and frowned in frustration. Nothing seemed appropriate. Slacks and a blouse? Evening dress? Shorts and a tee? I should have asked what the attire was. Get a grip, girl, I told myself. It’s dinner with a patient’s family. It’s not a date. Yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was going to be on display. I settled for brown cropped canvas pants, a printed scoopneck mesh top and pair of thong sandals. Nice and neutral.

On the way to the Barker home, I stopped to grab a bottle of drink, something my mother has always said was a nice gesture when invited to a dinner party. In light of Leah’s situation, I opted for a sparkling apple cider as opposed to alcohol, which was just fine for me.

I pulled in front of their home, a lovely two story craftsman. I took a deep breath before getting out of the car. Why was I so nervous? I rang the bell with a trembling hand, then smoothed down my pants nervously while I waited. I almost rang the bell again, when it was opened by a dark haired Hispanic woman, probably in her fifties.

“Um, I’m Emily Schultz. Leah is expecting me.”

The woman smiled warmly and took my handbag and the bottle of cider. She gestured me into a quaint sitting room and told me in broken English that Leah would be with me shortly. I sat on the edge of the sofa and waited. Only a minute or so had passed, when I had company.

I glanced up to see a little boy standing behind the armchair just next to the entrance to the room. I smiled as warmly as I could. “Well, hello there. You must be Jake.” There was no mistaking that Ben was this boy’s father. It was like looking at a mini-Ben. He slowly came closer to me, keeping the coffee table between us. My eyes followed him with an amused expression.

“Ben was right.” I quickly looked back to the doorway to see a beautiful—strikingly beautiful—woman there. I guessed she was taller than me by about five inches, but it was hard to tell from her position in the wheelchair. I stood up and smiled at her. “Please, sit down.” She wheeled quietly into the room and pulled up next to the sofa. She had a warm smile on her face, similar to how Ben would smile. I felt instantly at ease.

“Thank you. You must be Leah. It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you, too, Emily.” She had beautiful features. Long flowing red hair, deep green eyes, smooth skin and long, slender fingers, which she held in her lap. Her lips were full and her smile was huge. I felt an instant sadness for this beautiful woman whose life had been tragically altered by someone else’s stupidity. I could sense a similar sadness in her eyes.

I decided to pick up the conversation on her earlier comment. “Ben was right about what?”

“You are beautiful.” I blushed. Ben said I was beautiful. I was surprised and flattered. I was also slightly aghast that he would tell his wife that.

“Oh. Well, I, uh, I don’t know what to say. Thank you.”

“I should be the one thanking you,” Leah replied. Now I was confused. Why was she thanking me? I only went over lab results with him the last time. Did she thank all of their doctors with dinner?

“Excuse me if I’m a little confused here. Why would you be thanking me?”

At that moment, the Hispanic woman entered the room. “Dinner is ready.”

“Thank you, Almarosa.” The woman left. “We can talk more over dinner. Shall we?” I stood and she turned and led the way across the hall to the dining room. We took our seats, Leah on the end and Jake and I on either side. Almarosa served the food—a succulent chicken and rice dish with a green salad on the side. When she poured my sparkling cider, a look of tenderness washed over Leah’s face. “Emily, that was so thoughtful of you to purchase something non-alcoholic. Thank you.”

I just smiled my response. We chatted about casual things during the bulk of the meal. Ben was an IT manager at a regional manufacturer and was currently out of state doing a software rollout. He had been with that company ever since he’d left school. Jake was in kindergarten. Leah worked from home providing back office support for several eBay businesses. They loved to travel, and still did it often, though some of their favorite activities had to be put aside. Leah asked about my career, my school and my background. What could have seemed like a job interview actually seemed more like two old friends catching up. By the time dinner was over, Jake was tucked into bed and we were taking tea in the sitting room, I felt like I had known this remarkable woman my whole life.

As we settled in the sitting room, she came back to the point of my visit. “Emily, I want to thank you for what you’ve done for my husband. He took my accident so hard, blaming himself, and he let it consume him. He was kind of a workaholic before the accident, rarely taking time for extra things. He seemed to think that if he had been more involved in our lives, I would never have had the accident. Anyway, he’d let his health, among other things, falter. He seemed to deal with his stress by overeating. He ballooned to well over 300 pounds. I get the impression that the guilt had become too much for him. I was afraid he might do something drastic when he began to stop eating. He dropped a few pounds. That’s when he met you.”

My mind was reeling. I could clearly remember the warm, happy man who I first met years ago. He didn’t sound anything like what she described.

She continued, as if reading my thoughts. “He always put on such a front. Some good came from my accident. He became a more selfless person, always concerned about others. He spent less time at the office and more time at home. But I could see that, while he wanted to do this, it was almost too much for him. He came home from the doctor’s office that first day meeting you and he was practically bouncing. He didn’t say much, but he mentioned you by name and said you had praised him for losing weight. He didn’t change much during the next few weeks, but he became even more attentive to my feelings. He didn’t seem as anguished around me. Then he came back from the next visit a changed man. He mentioned you again by name, said you were leaving, and that you’d encouraged him to keep up the weight loss.

“Things changed that day, Emily. For the better. He seemed to be driven to spend more time with us, and not out of guilt but out of love. He found a healthy balance between his work and our family. He lost most of that weight, as you could see, and he found a new sense of purpose. For the most part things have been wonderful for several years. I want to thank you for saving my husband and saving my family.”

By this point, I couldn’t help myself. My eyes had overflowed with tears. The story, the way she told it, was so tender. Here was a woman who was so obviously in love with her husband, and a man so obviously in love with his wife. Yet they almost missed out. For whatever reason, what they had almost disappeared. And now she was thanking me, as if I had some part in this. I personally thought my role had been somewhat embellished, but she seemed to genuinely believe that it was worth thanking me for. I looked at her, and she was wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

“Leah, I don’t know what to say. I’m so glad things have gotten better for your family, for you and Ben. I’m not really sure I did that much, but I’m glad that I could do what I did.” I wondered how much to say. “In just the short amount of time I’ve spent with you tonight, and with Ben at the office, I must admit that I feel a sense of warmness for your family. So it means a lot to think I’ve helped you in some way. I really am glad things are going so well.”

Leah’s face clouded again. “They are going well. But they aren’t perfect. And this is why I’ve asked you here.” I’m sure my confusion showed. “I have a very important favor to ask you, but I’m very, very nervous about how you’ll respond.”

I leaned forward, putting my hand gently on her knee. “Please, feel free to ask. I promise not to overreact.” I tried to sound reassuring.

She took a deep breath and looked at me. Her eyes were piercing, full of intensity. I swallowed, feeling nervous now myself. “Emily, I love my husband very much. He’s been more than I could have ever asked for. He takes such good care of me and Jake. He shows his love for me in all facets of his life. He’s romantic, sweet, tender, funny, strong. Just an amazing man. He would never tell me to my face what I’m about to tell you, because he wouldn’t want to hurt me.

“I have been unable to … how do I say this … I’ve been unable to make love with him since my accident.”

I blushed, but tried to keep my face impassive. I needed to see where this was heading.

“It’s not for lack of desire, it’s just that I can’t respond to him. I can’t feel anything beneath my waist. Anything. We’ve tried a few times, but I can’t fake what isn’t there. I don’t have that in me, and besides, he’d recognize it immediately. I can’t climax, and my body doesn’t respond appropriately to allow us comfortable intercourse. We’ve tried using other methods to at least bring him release. I use my hands, mouth. That works sometimes, but I just get so tired so quickly. I know he gets stressed about causing me any pain or discomfort, which means he can’t enjoy it. It’s been the one thing that continues to cause pain. Not physical, but pain right here.” She pointed adamantly at her heart.

“Leah, I’m so sorry to hear that.” How do you respond to such an intimate confession? And what did this have to do with me? I could imagine where this was going, but I refused to allow myself to go with it. “I can’t imagine what this must be like for you and Ben.”

She sniffed and wiped at her tears again. “I have suggested to Ben that he consider finding another lover. Someone who can meet his physical needs. He refuses to even discuss it. He brushes off how much the missed sex is affecting him, but I can see it. He always says he doesn’t love anyone else and never will, and that he couldn’t have sex with someone he didn’t love, and I believe him.” She took another deep breath. “Emily, I’m afraid this is beginning to drive a wedge into our relationship. He doesn’t do it on purpose, but he’s only human.”

I could make out the anxiety, the panic in her tone, and I felt my own emotions get the best of me again. I wiped at my own tears, but could say nothing.

“Emily, this will probably shock you, but … well … I think my husband has fallen in love with you.”

You could have picked my chin up off the floor I was so shocked. Maybe I should have seen her comment coming, but I didn’t. I tried to speak, but couldn’t. I took a breath, and tried again. “Leah, y-you must be mistaken. How can he…”

“It was obvious to me last week when he came home from your clinic. He practically floated in the door. He came up behind me, wrapped me in his arms and kissed my neck and face all over. I wondered what he was so happy about, and eventually he commented that you had returned to the clinic. He hadn’t told me much about you up to that point, so he finally spilled the details. As he talked, I could see it. I mean, I’d seen that look many times before as he looked at me. It was obvious.”

I shook my head. “Leah, you have to be mistaken. He hardly knows me. And he’s so obviously in love with you. There’s no way he can be in love with me.” She’s just thanked me for saving her husband and her marriage, and now she’s telling me her husband is in love with me. My head was spinning.

“I would have thought so, too, if I hadn’t seen it myself. It was there. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think he’s stopped loving me. I still feel that love. Yet, I think he’s opened his heart and discovered there is more room in there. I don’t think he realizes it yet, but he will soon.”

“OK. Let’s say just for a minute you are right. Why tell me? What can I do?”

Leah was hesitant before speaking, as if she was searching for her words. After a long, uncomfortable silence, she spoke. “Emily, I want you to make love to my husband.”

Now I felt like I’d been hit with a brick. Did she just ask what I think she did? I leaned back on the couch, stunned. She leaned forward.

“Emily, please. Hear me out before you say anything. This makes sense from my angle. I can’t fulfill my husband’s needs. He’ll never go find someone on his own, so I’m going to set it up for him, give him my permission. He loves you, which means he can’t use that excuse. He’s also very attracted to you, and rightly so.” Her eyes quickly scanned me up and down when she said that, and I blushed again. “I know we can make this work from our side. The one unknown is you. Will you be able to do this?” I started to decline, but she raised her hand. “Please, don’t answer right now. Take a few days. Call me if and when you are ready to talk. But please, seriously consider this for me. For us.”

I should have just rejected the whole notion, then and there. But something in the way she asked kept me from pushing it away. Her earnestness was enough to make me promise to truly mull it over. With that part of the discussion over, we sat awkwardly, nothing else to say. I made some excuse for having to leave, extended pleasantries, and made my escape. I refused to allow myself to think of the proposition until I was safely in my apartment, my door locked. I leaned against the door and sank to the floor. And cried.

I awoke several hours later. My head had cleared somewhat. I thought about Ben and Leah while I readied myself for bed. I needed to take stock of where I stood on this whole thing. Here was a woman giving me permission to sleep with her husband. She’d been sober—at least from what I could tell. She wasn’t asking me to carry on a lurid affair. Just sleep with him. Have sex with him. She didn’t say how many times. Just once? Twice? I got the impression that this could be a long term thing if everything fell the right way, and she would be OK with it. I didn’t think once would be so bad. I mean I’d had sex before, and sometimes with people I hardly cared for at all. Maybe that was what was scaring me. Leah had said Ben loved me. As hard as it was to believe, what if she was right? I mean, if we made love once and that was it, wouldn’t that cause more harm than good? I mean I didn’t love him, at least not that way.

Did I?

I thought about this man. I’d been enamored with him from the first meeting. He had an incredible personality, a great sense of humor, a gentleness and sweetness. He was funny, kind, confident. I felt all those things way back. I even thought he was attractive. He had great eyes, an adorable smile and just a generally attractive face. Physically, I wasn’t really, REALLY attracted to him, at least not at first. I mean, given time all his other qualities might have changed that, but I mean, who really falls for a 300-pound guy in 30 minutes? Wait, that seems shallow. Don’t answer that.

I slipped into bed in my panties and oversized t shirt as my mind drifted back to last week, when I first saw Ben in the office again. He was still a big guy, but it was a nice big. Broad shoulders that tapered down to his waist. I could see his muscles rippling beneath his shirt. His face had become more chiseled. And those big strong hands. What had I felt then? Picturing him in my mind made my heart beat harder. There was no doubt about it. With all those qualities he had, you know those qualities that were most important when you really love someone, he now also had sexy. This, as I saw it, was pretty important if your whole objective was just to sleep with a guy. I could definitely imagine looking up into those dark, chocolate eyes as he drove into me. My heart fluttered. I closed my eyes, and pictured his strong arms holding his weight off me, his hips moving. I felt the fluttering move down to my sex. God, I think I’m hot for this guy. I abandoned all decorum. I mean, I was in the safety of my own home, in my own bed, by myself. What harm could there be? I ran my fingers down between my breasts to my belly, uncovered my belly, and drew gentle circles around my navel. I began to picture it all in my mind. Feeling his strong hands over my small breasts, I imagined tracing my fingers across the muscles of his back and arms. He placed his mouth over my nipples, pushed his length into my pussy. I slipped my hand down inside the front of my panties and felt the wetness that had formed on my lips. I dipped my fingers in, soaking them before beginning to caress my clit. Images of our bodies merging flooded my brain and my pussy. I felt the familiar stirrings in my womb. I began to climb higher and higher, moving towards my peak. I bucked my hips and my caressing became frantic and sporadic. Suddenly I exploded, waves of orgasm crashing over me again and again. I rode the pleasure until my clit tried to escape my caresses, then I let my muscles relax. I inhaled deeply, trying to catch my breath.

Oh, my, I thought to myself. I must have been really horny. I took my hand from my underwear, pulled the covers up to my chin and rolled on my side. I needed to sleep. I obviously couldn’t think straight. I mean, I was actually seriously considering this.

The next day, I worked my ass off. I did anything I could to take my mind off the offer on the table. It didn’t work. What was I so afraid of? This was just sex. Let the man take care of his needs, get a little pleasure yourself, walk away. What was wrong with that? Because Leah doesn’t want you to walk away. And she doesn’t think Ben will want you to, either. Was I ready to commit to a relationship with a married man? Did I want to be with someone who loved another more than me? Leah wasn’t asking for a relationship, though, was she? Just sex.

That night was a repeat of the previous night. This time, I just climbed into bed with a t shirt, sans panties. I figured no reason to soak another pair. In my fantasy, this time I was on top, and Leah was watching us. I came so hard that my muscles ached. I made up my mind as I drifted off to sleep. I would do this. I guess I’d always known I would. I had reservations, of course, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I figured I might as well go for it. At worst case, I get to have sex, which is a good thing in my mind. At best case, I get to have sex more than once, which is even better.

I awoke the next day, a Saturday. I lay in my bed, unable to convince myself to move. I finally sat up and rubbed my eyes. The smell of my pussy was unmistakable, and the feeling of lust began to swell in me again. That was what I needed to spur me into action. I went to my dresser and flipped through my papers until I found the note with the Barkers’ number. I took a deep breath while I waited for someone to pick up.

“Hello. Barker’s residence.” It was Almarosa.

“May I speak with Leah, please? This is Emily.”

“Just a minute.” I waited nervously, twice thought about hanging up.

Leah’s voice came on the line. “Hi, Emily.”

Where to start? I just decided to blurt it out. “Let’s do this. Start talking before I chicken out.”

Leah began to cry. I could hear the sounds through the receiver. I wondered if I’d said the wrong thing. “Thank you, Emily,” she forced through her tears. “Thank you. I don’t know how I can ever repay you.” Finally, she composed herself enough to tell me her plan. Ben’s birthday was in a week. She wanted to give him a birthday present he’d never forget. Me. We talked about commitment, and she assured me that I was free to walk away from this at any time. We worked out the particulars and prepared to hang up.

“You sure you still want me to do this?” I asked.

“There’s no doubt in my mind,” she replied.

I waited for more, but nothing came. I laughed, trying to sound relaxed. “This is where you are supposed to ask me if I still want to do this.”

Her voice was calm, assured. “I don’t have to ask. I know you do.”

“How do you know?”

“Because you love Ben, too.” She hung up, leaving me speechless.

Romantic Sex Story: A Time to Love: Chapter 1 by Jonas

95-year-old Grandma says smoking weed is the ‘recipe’ for long life. GBAMLOG.COM

Since she started smoking at the age of 10, Melita Gordon says she won’t stop smoking ‘ganja’ until she is dead!

Melita GordonMelita Gordon

According to the Jamaican grandma, stopping would kill her. This statement was backed by her doctor who speculates that her relationship with cannabis may be partly responsible for her longevity.

Melita Gordon, the daughter of Richard Gordon and Michelle Jones says since she was baptized into the practice by her parents her commitment to pot has never ceased.

As reported by Green Rush Daily, Gordon said speaking in patois, “When mi goes a doctor he say him ah tell mi fi to stop smoke marijuana, because if mi stop, him a go lose mi,”

Cannabis plant

Although she has been smoking every day all day long for 85 years, not everyone is happy with her habit. Especially her daughter, who despite begging her mother to stop or at least reduce it to a roll per day, has made no inroads between her mother and marijuana.Marijuana considered a narcotic in Ghana and some parts of the world, properties seems to have made its presence in half-truths and unfounded truths.

Although she has been smoking every day all day long for 85 years, not everyone is happy with her habit. Especially her daughter, who despite begging her mother to stop or at least reduce it to a roll per day, has made no inroads between her mother and marijuana.Marijuana considered a narcotic in Ghana and some parts of the world, properties seems to have made its presence in half-truths and unfounded truths.
But leaked scientific research conducted in the late 1990s appears to endorse Melita Gordon’s ‘theory’ to a long and happy life. According to this unpublished results, the study revealed that THC (a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant) increased the life expectancy of the test subjects. At the end of the experiment, “those that were given THC had a clear survival advantage over the untreated rats”, as reported by the study. Probably we should revisit this study when weed is legalized in Ghana.

Source: pulse.ng


I had been lucky and retired early from my ownbusiness. A divorce 5 years earlier had not been that

messy. We both decided that the marriage was not
working. She had her own career that was time consuming
and it came to an end. No alimony, no kids, reasonable
settlement on money issues and we split.

Having lived in Florida for over 20 years I had the
toys that go with the lifestyle. A condo in a marina
community. A 45 foot sail boat with everything a sailor
could want in the way of gadgets. It was easy to sail
single-handed and so I spent many days sailing in the
Gulf of Mexico by myself. I had met some women that
liked the sailing part but there was always the
bitching about an Ex, or the kids, or on and on and
after a while it got to be too much.

I had volunteered to help one of the local community
colleges as a tutor with some of their aeronautical
engineering students. I have been a pilot for over 30
years and the business I owned was one that made
accessories for aircraft and did overhauls on aircraft
engines. It was fun helping the neophyte students with
their first look at what was really needed to make the
book part of their education work in the real world.

After several months of tutoring a request came from
one of the professors to help a student with a special
project involving a rather complicated certification
process with the FAA. That’s the Federal Aviation
Administration for the non aviation inclined readers.
After arranging to meet the student one afternoon the
professor handed me a information sheet with the name
and also a history of grades. The grades were all well
into the 3.5 range and above but the name surprised me.
The students name was Linda.

Having spent most of my time with male students as a
tutor it was nice to see that a female would be
interested in anything associated with aviation. That
afternoon I meet Linda in one of the lab rooms that was
set up for access to all the FAA data. I was pleasantly
surprised to see a tall slim blonde walk into the lab
and introduce herself. It was Linda. And she was drop
dead gorgeous. Blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail.
A body that was slender with long legs and medium
breasts. She introduced herself and with some
awkwardness from myself we chatted about a few things
and her project.

After two hours of working on the project we were
getting a little brain dead with all the technical data
and decided to take a break. Linda printed out the data
she needed and as she gathered up the paperwork she
said, “How about some coffee and getting away from this
crap” She smiled and it was like being hit with a brick
when I looked at her. This student was special in many
ways. Sexy to the max. Smart and had a personality that
was magical. She was not the typical 20 something
student. “Sure and I’ll buy”, I said.

We talked about a little mall not far from the school
and the Starbucks and agreed that was the place. I said
I would give her a ride and bring her back to where she
lived. A “Fantastic” from her set the stage. We ordered
coffee when we got there and found a table in the

The conversation flowed and I heard her life story. She
loved flying and the technical side of aviation. She
was not the typical female. She had a natural beauty
that did not need a ton of makeup to make her look like
something from a front page ad of some magazine. The
time flew by and as we discussed the project.

We agreed to meet the next day for more research. We
went to my car and she gave me directions to where she
lived. It was a typical apartment complex that catered
to the local college students. She had three roommates
so they could split the expenses. She mentioned that
financially things were tight and she also expressed
appreciation for my help as a volunteer as it would
have cost her to hire one of the associate aids that
charged for their time.

The next afternoon we meet at the lab. It was a Friday
and I had plans to spend the weekend on the boat. We
went right to work on the project. After an hour we had
most of the data we needed and decided to get a Coke
from the vending machines outside. We walked to some
tables that were in the courtyard of the student area.
We talked about things in general. She was from
Georgia. An only child. Parents divorced. She asked
some questions about my past and I gave her the short
story. I couldn’t help but really like her. For myself,
I had in my mind what the true fantasy woman would be
like. And so far Linda filled all the boxes.

She had no boyfriend. Had lived with a guy for a short
time while still back home in Georgia. She expressed
disdain for the typical male of her age. “They are all
like pigs” “Drink beer, want to play grab ass, and
don’t have a brain above their waist line.” I had to
laugh at that statement. We finished the Cokes and I
drove her back to her apartment.

During the drive she asked what I had planned for the
weekend. I told her that I was going sailing and would
spend the weekend plus Monday, it was a school holiday,
on the sailboat. She looked at me with wide eyes. ‘You
have a sailboat?” “Oh God I love to sail,” she said. I
described the boat and that I would be leaving the next
morning at around 10 and would not be back until late
Monday afternoon.

The world stood still with her next comment. “Could I
come along” My brain went into overdrive. Was I hearing
this right? I was 40 years older than her. We had meet
twice, and she wanted too spend two nights with me on a
boat. I told her that I anchored out during the night
at several places on Tampa Bay and we would not set
foot on land until Monday afternoon. “That’s fine. It
would be so great to get away for several days. I need
the down time and WOW on a sailboat.” All I could say
was that she was welcome to join me.

We arrived at the apartment complex. She asked for my
phone number so we could stay in touch about the next
day. Driving to my condo I was awash with thoughts.
What do I do in a situation like this. Well hell. Just
go with the flow. I made mental notes to make sure I
had enough food for two for the weekend. Didn’t have to
worry about the liquor supply as it was always well
stocked and beside I didn’t even know if Linda drank.

About 8 that evening the phone rang. It was Linda. In a
cheery voice she said hello. Her next sentence was the
start of what dreams might be made of. “I hate to ask
this but would it be alright if two of my roommates
came along.” My mind goes into a short flash. She wants
to bring along two other females!

A short pause on my part and then the question was did
Linda understand that this was 3 days and 2 nights on
the water. Yes she said she understood. I also
explained that there were only 3 berths or sleeping
areas on the boat. “Don’t worry we will work all that

Well that was a surprise. My answer was that if they
could work out all the details to be at the marina at
10 tomorrow. I did a short explanation of some simple
rules for the boat. Soft shoes such as sneakers so the
deck did not get scratched. Also understand that if
they needed anything it was not a quick trip to the
local store to get anything. Linda said she understood
and had spent time on other boats and she would make
sure her roomies understood.

A short talk on a few other things including directions
to the marina and she said that they would be there.

The next morning I was up early with a brain list of
things to do. Needed to go shopping for food and other
things for 4 for a long weekend. Three females in fact.
So what does one include in the list. At the store it
was a little of this and a little of that. Four steaks.
Some vanities of snacks. A mixture of some stuff for a
Chinese dinner with the wok that I had on board. Did go
by the liquor section and picked up several six pack
mixtures of wine coolers. Seems that the younger
females liked them. Or so I had heard. Also some more
wine and another case of beer.

I arrived back at the boat about 9 and did the
unloading and also getting the sail covers off. Checked
that I had plenty of fresh water in the tanks. Even
straightened things up a little. It dawned on me that
maybe I needed some more towels and other such things
as women seem to use stuff like that more than men. As
I walked out of the condo with an arm load of stuff a
van pulled up and as I approached the dock I saw that
it was Linda and two other girls. She stepped out of
the passenger side with a big smile and a “Hi there.”

She was dressed in a pull over top and a short, and I
mean SHORT, pair of cutoffs that showed the bottom of
her ass cheeks. As the other two climbed out of the van
it was like a set of sexy triplets as they all had the
same physique, blond hair and all over 5″8 with legs
that went all the way up. Damn what a sight.

Linda introduced Dawn and Aimee. We did the glad to
meet you stuff and they pulled out several backpacks
and duffle bags. We walked down to the boat. Climbed on
and Linda was gushing about the boat and how big it was
and how beautiful. Dawn and Aimee were equally praising
the boat and the, “This is so neat,” phrase that I
would hear many times over the next 3 days.

We did a short walk through of the boat and I explained
a few things about using the head/toilet. Showed them
the different sleeping areas. Where things were stored
including the ice chest and the liquor supply. I then
explained a few rules. When they were on deck or in the
cockpit area they were to always have some kind of life
preserver close by. If they went on the foredeck take
one of the life preservers with them.

Then I got down to a situation that only sailors that
have spent a day fixing a marine head would understand.
First rule was how to use the head and flushing it.
Then a delicate subject. I explained that the only
paper products that would go into the head were toilet
paper. So it was blunt. No tampons or pads in the head.
Linda smiled and said.” Don’t worry. No red river city
here.” Dawn and Aimee chimed in with been over a week
for me and a not due for at least a week.

With that, it was get the auxiliary engine started and
cast off. We motored out to the entrance to Tampa Bay
and once out of the ICW I set the sails and turned off
the engine. A perfect day. Medium wind of 15 knots and
80 degrees on the temperature. After getting things set
the girls started to shed their cover-up shirts and
shorts. Dawn and Aimee had on bikinis under them. Linda
said she had to go down below to change. I mentioned
that there were 3 bartenders on board and they knew
where the booze was located.

With a smile I said that when the Captain asked for a
drink they were the ones to provide it. I set a course
for one of the channels out of the bay into the Gulf.
Set up the autopilot with the GPS and let the boat have
its head as we moved along at 8 knots.

Linda asked if anyone needed anything while she was in
the cabin and a bar order was given. Beer for Dawn, a
wine cooler for Aimee and I asked for a beer. A few
seconds later and Linda appeared with the drinks. My
eyes were wide open when I saw her. She had on nothing
but a thong bottom and no top. There were a perfect set
of 34 B breasts looking me in the face. Her thong was
just enough to cover her pussy and yet it was tight
enough to provide a “Camel Toe.”

I damn near dropped the beer when she handed it to me.
She seemed to have no problem with being topless and
sat down next to me. Dawn and Aimee laughed and told
Linda the she was in her normal exhibition mode. “What
the hell. Nothing anyone of you have not seen before”
and she winked at me. So that set the mood for the next
several hours. We relaxed and I got to know and like
Linda even better and Dawn and Aimee were the same way
with the banter and relaxation.

It took a little over an hour to get into the Gulf. I
was headed on a Southwest course and would hold that
for several hours until it was time to head back to the
bay for the evening and a nice anchoring spot that I
used. More beer, a shot of bourbon by all three and
they were relaxed. Music on the stereo system and it
was a small piece of heaven. A late 50’s old “Old Fart”
and three drop dead gorgeous 20 year old college
students. Could it get any better than this?

We talked about everything from politics to current
events. After an hour Dawn asked if she could go to the
foredeck and lay on a towel and “Catch some rays” I
said sure just take the life preservers with you. She
grabbed some towels and started to move toward the
foredeck. Aimee said she thought that was a good idea
and started to go with Dawn. Dawn stopped. She looked
around the water surface and looked at me. “Hey, we are
the only ones out here. Do you mind if we sunbath in
the nude?”

“Not at all,” I said.

So off came the tops. I had noticed that Dawn was not
that well endowed as was Aimee. My guess was that they
were both A cups on the breast size. I have to admit I
liked what I saw. I am more of a leg man but I do like
small breasts. Then Dawn slide her bottom off at the
same time as Aimee. They turned around to place the
tops and bottoms on the seat cushions and I saw two of
the most beautiful shaved pussies I had ever seen.
Linda gave a little comment. “Showing off the goods
ladies!” They all laughed and Dawn and Aimee went

Linda went below for another drink and brought back a
beer for me. As she came back up and handed me the beer
she said. “Aw what the hell” and released the small
strings holding her thong bottom. It was unreal to be
sitting next to this 22 year old “Babe” that seemed to
like me. Was not self-conscious about her body. Was
sitting next to me totally nude. She asked if she could
sail for while. I said sure and disconnected the
autopilot and she took over the wheel. She knew how to
sail that was for sure.

By this time the beer was catching up with me and it
was time to use the head. I went below and it was a
real struggle to take a leak with a “Pisser Hard-on.”

Coming back up to the cockpit it was an unreal sight
seeing Linda behind the wheel with her legs spread and
a view of he pussy. She had not shaved it but the pussy
hair was blond and looked to be sparse and finely
spread around the lips. She noticed the bulge in my
shorts and gave a “Hey sailor boy it looks like your
glad to see me” comment.

Well what could I say?

“Come on Captain take them shorts off and join the
world,” she said.

Well why not. So I took them off and my hard-on was in
full view.

“Ummm, looks nice,” Linda statement made it even

Linda and I talked about a few things and that included
her project. It was a free type conversation discussing
a lot of things. I got up to look at the GPS panel on
the wheel to see what the reverse course time was back
to the spot where we would anchor for the night. I had
to move closer to Linda to get a good look and as I did
my cock was right at her eye level. “That looks nice.
Never seen one that was uncut. Bet it’s fun to play

With a smirk I said, “If you’re a good girl you might
get too.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” she laughed.

The reverse course said that it would be 3 hours back
to the anchor spot so it was time to head in. I warned
Dawn and Aimee that we were going to tack and that the
jib and the lines would be moving across the foredeck.
Linda did a good job of tacking the boat and we were
headed back to Tampa bay.

Getting into the bay with all the other boat traffic I
decided to end the fun and told the girls it was time
to put on some clothes. I slipped back into my shorts
and took over from Linda as we made our way to the
place on the Manatee River that I liked. It was well
protected and there were usually no other boats close.

We dropped anchor at about 6 PM. Furled the sails and
got settled in. Dawn and Aimee were below in the galley
area with Linda preparing the evening snack. They
brought up the snacks and made a comment that some good
drinks other than beer would be good. So I went below
and with the blender mixed up a batch of Mai Tais. As
it was on the warm side I had the generator and air
conditioning running so it was cool in the cabin. The
Mai Tais flowed and the girls were relaxed. Three sexy
babes on a boat for the night and in fact two nights.
Don’t get no better than that.

Dinner consisted of the steaks that I grilled and a
salad prepared by the girls and some veggies that were
saut�ed in butter with mushrooms. Dinner stuff cleaned
up and it was time to watch the sunset and it was one
of the better ones I has seen. We continued in the
cockpit of the boat for a few hours. Drinking and
talking. The bugs started to get bad and it was warm so
we headed down below into the air conditioned comfort.

As we settled in and listened to music. Dawn and Aimee
started to complain about the sunburn they had on their
white ass cheeks and also their tits. I suggested they
take a shower and I would apply Aloe on the burned
area. It had been a hot day and a shower would wash off
the sweat and the salt from the spray. Aimee was first,
then Dawn. As Aimee dried off I used a pure Aloe
solution on the burned area. Rubbing those butt cheeks
and her small tits was an absolute pleasure. She
mentioned that the area around her pussy was also a
little red so with great pleasure I did a good job on
the application. Dawn was next as Linda went into the

I smoothed the Aloe on her burned spots and also did a
nice job on her pussy area. I rubbed close to her clit
and as I did she uttered, “Ummm that feels good!” As
Linda got out of the shower it was my turn. Linda had
been with me under the sun roof and had not been
burned. I dropped my cutoffs and squeezed past Linda
toward the shower. As I did, my semi erect cock brushed
her leg. “Careful with that thing big boy, it might
hurt someone.” She said and smiled as I brushed past.

I took a long hot shower and made sure my cock and
balls were extra clean. As I came out of the shower and
toweled off I noticed the girls had on just long shirts
that barely covered their ass and Linda was sitting
with one leg up and her pussy in full view. I put on a
pair of cutoffs and sat down with the group. They were
all mellow and still sipping on Mai Tais as I had now
made a third batch. The conversation turned to playing
a game.

The discussion was short as I mentioned I only had a
deck of cards and they also agreed that Truth or Dare
was “So High School.” Linda was setting right next to
me and put her arm around my neck and laid her head on
my shoulder. Dawn said that strip poker would be a bust
as we didn’t have enough clothes on to make it a real
game. Aimee piped up with how about Sex Poker.

We all asked her to explain the rules. Well she
explained each player draws one card. Face cards are
worth 10 points and all the rest are face value. The
one with the highest card wins and gets to do or ask
the lowest card holder to do something to the winner of
a sexual nature. So here I am with these babes and we
are all in a mellow mood and it is going to get
interesting. Linda and I had not talked about anything
sexual happening between us or had there been anything
discussed with the other two. As Dawn shuffled the
cards she said, “No chickening out from anyone”

So here we go I drew a 7, Aimee a 4, Dawn a Queen, and
Linda a 5. So Dawn was the winner and Aimee the loser.
Dawn told Aimee to stand up and masturbate for a
minute. Aimee gave an ‘oh gezz’ but stood up, lifted
her shirt and started to rub her pussy with Dawn doing
the timing. The next hand Linda won and I lost. It was
short and sweet. Eat my pussy for a minute she said.
WOW a dream come true. She laid back a little. Lifted
up her shirt and I went face down into a fluffy
beautiful pussy for one minute.

As I was ending she was starting to breath hard. I
loved the musky smell and the way her lips were spread
like butterfly wings. The next hand I lost to Dawn and
she told me to drop my cutoffs and masturbate in front
of them for a minute. I took them off. Stood up and
started to stroke. They all commented that this was the
first uncut cock they had seen and they liked the way
the foreskin moved over the tip.

My one minute was up.

Aimee wanted me to stand in front of her so she could
stroke it. Well to say the least the game was on hold
as she stroked and the other two made comments. Linda
even got into the act as she wanted a turn. The tip by
this time was getting moist with pre cum. With out
saying a word Linda took it in her mouth and started to
suck. Aimee and Dawn protested a little as that was
against the rules. Linda in mid suck said, “Cool it you
will all get your turn.”

Well they did get their turn as they then took turns
stroking my cock and sucking on it. By now it was
obvious that all three were getting aroused. Dawn had
her fingers buried in her pussy as did Linda.

So was that the end of the game? It was obvious that
the girls needed some satisfaction or it was going to
be a long horny night. Linda spoke up. “Ok just to get
it straight I am sleeping in his bed tonight. I found
him and he helped me and he is getting his payment
tonight and besides I love that cock.” You could almost
here a sigh of despair from the other two. I could only
wonder what she had planned but I could feel the sexual
tension with Dawn and Aimee. “Ok” He can either eat
your pussy or masturbate you but that is all.”

With that Dawn pulled off her shirt and told me to bury
my face in her pussy. I went at it with vigor and in
only a few minutes she had her orgasm. She had a
pleased look on her face. I then moved over to Aimee
and buried my face in her sweet pussy and also slide in
a finger to thrust with. With surprise I felt a hand
start to stroke my cock. A whisper in my ear and it was
Linda. “Finish her off. I need you” Within a few
minutes Aimee had a hard orgasm.

With two fairly satisfied women it looked like it was
time to take care of the other one. Linda grabbed my
arm and ushered me toward the berth in the aft part of
the boat. The one with the queen sized bed. “See you
guys in the morning,” as she turned around and looked
at Dawn and Aimee. Linda closed the door as we got to
the back berth. She took off the top she had on and
looked at me. “Ok my man. You got me started with that
one minute pussy lick and now your going to finish me.”

She grabbed me and gave me a kiss that was unreal with
her arms around me and slowly working her hands down to
my butt. She pulled me closer and my hard cock was
erect and between us. She gently pushed me on the bed.
She then climbed on top and slowly inched her way to my
face. “I need to get some face here. I’m sitting on you
and you use that tongue and mouth to make me cum,” she

I loved what I was seeing as she moved forward. That
gorgeous face and those perky tits. And as I lay back
her pussy moved over my face. The soft blonde fluffy
fur of her pussy hair was right there on my lips. My
tongue moved up to her clit. She let out a soft
sounding UMMMM.

I took my arms and from underneath brought them up to
her ass cheeks. She moved a little as my tongue did its
work. “Right there. right there,” as my tongue hit the
tip of her clit. I licked slowly as she rocked a little
on my face. I kept the slow licking in a steady pace.
She was breathing deeper and harder.

It must have been several minutes, and I was loving
every second of it. She started to shake a little. She
leaned forward a little. She moved her pussy harder on
to my mouth. Then it started. Her orgasm started as a
deep UHHHH from her and a increase in the shaking of
her body. It got more intense and she peeked with a
“Yes, Yes, Yes!!!”

It lasted for close to 30 seconds. A small amount of
her musky good smelling pussy juice flowed on my face.
Linda moved back a little and rolled over onto the bed.
She was still breathing deeply. I moved forward a
little and as she lay on her back I played with her
tits and slowly massaged and played with the nipples.
Her face was a slight pink and her inner thighs were
shaking slightly.

She was back to normal speech wise. “WOW that was
unreal. I’m still shaking and I feel so good” I got up
and found a small towel and wiped her pussy juice from
my face. I also went between her legs to get the
wetness cleaned up. I noticed a wet spot on the sheets.
A wet spot from pussy juice and not my cum for once.

As I stood beside the bed her right hand reached out
and stroked my cock. I had been real hard now for over
an hour and something had to happen to give me some
relief. Linda looked up at me. “Ok my man. I want to
get on top and ride you.” “I need another O and I want
you to cum when I do.” I asked a simple question that I
hoped would keep me from getting her knocked up. “You
want me to use a rubber?” “Don’t need to, I’m on the
pill” was her answer.

She got up and I lay down on the bed. Again the sight
of a slim body with no stretch marks and also a tight
pussy was screaming through my mind. That face and the
blonde pony tail that moved across her shoulders as she
mounted me. She moved on top of me and guided my cock
inside. She was tight. As she sat down on my cock she
gave a sigh. She didn’t move for a while and with her
eyes closed and with the look on her face I knew she
was savoring the feel. She looked at me. “I haven’t
been fucked in over 8 months and I need it bad. I don’t
want you to cum until I tell you too. Ya got that?”

I smiled and gave a quick yes and also just hoped I
could last that long. She started a slight up and down
movement and rocked forward with her clit mound rubbing
the pubic area above my cock. She had her eyes closed
and her hands on my chest. She seemed lost in her own
world. “OHHHHH that feels so good. I need your cock so
bad.” She started to move up and down and with the
forward motion I knew her clit was getting a good

With her down stroke my cock was deep inside her. She
started to move faster. Linda set up a comfortable
motion up and down. “Cum for me babe.” I whispered.
“Cum for me and let me shoot into you. Cum! Cum! Cum!
Keep going and give me a good cum.” I said.

She started to give a little whimper and I noticed her
face changed a little. We had been going for at least 5
minutes and I was ready to shoot. She increased the
speed a little. She then stiffened, “Now! Cum now!
Shoot it now!”

I could feel the walls of her pussy change as she
climaxed. I let it go and had 5 good shoots into her. I
pulled her down on me with my hands on her hips. She
shook. And then she fell forward onto me. Her breathing
was deep and her body had the fantastic feel of wetness
from sweat.

She lay on top of me for a minute and came down from
her orgasm. She sat up, “Oh God! Did I ever need that!”
came from her lips.

She looked so sexy and that was an image I wanted
planted in my mind. She rolled off of me and lay on her
back. I got up and found the towel that I had used
before and cleaned my cock of her pussy juice and my
sperm. I wiped her pussy gently with the towel. The
after glow was fantastic from her face. I lay back down
on the bed beside her. She rolled over slightly and had
her pussy firmly next to my hip. With her right arm she
rubbed my chest. “Damn that was good,” she murmured.

I don’t know when we fell asleep. But it was sometime
late in the morning when I heard a voice from outside
the door. “If you two are done fucking your brains out,
you might want to get up and make some coffee for the
rest of us.” It was Dawn. I rolled over and put my soft
cock in the crack of Linda’ ass and took my hand and
rubbed her tits. She started to move a little and I
kissed her on the neck and a “Morning sexy.”

“Ummm,” was all the response I got.

I moved around a little and spotted a pair of cutoffs
on the floor that I put on. Walked into the main cabin
where Dawn was sitting and watching the TV. She looked
at me and with a smirk and said “You look like you just
got laid real good. So get rid of your pussy brain and
fix some coffee.”

I got the coffee maker out and found the coffee. I
looked forward to the forward berth and saw Aimee naked
lying on her back. What a sight as she had her legs
spread a little and from the view that I had her A cup
tits were almost flat. “So did you sleep well?” I asked

“Slept great when all the noise from the neighbors
quieted down,” she smirked.

Linda was now up and walked into the cabin. She had on
a pull over top that just covered her ass and pussy.
She walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around me
and gave me a hug. Dawn’ sarcasm was in top form with a
“Well missy you look well fucked.” Linda grunted with a
Yes and “Don’t be pissed because you didn’t get any.”

“The day is still young,” was Dawn’s comeback.

Coffee was finally made. Aimee came gliding thru the
cabin nude and making a bee line for the head. I looked
out of the portholes on the cabin side and noticed the
water was glass smooth. Turned on the marine band radio
and listened to the weather summary. Seas less than 2
feet. Bay and inland waters smooth with winds of less
than 5 knots. Not exactly sailing weather. By now the
girls were coming alive with coffee and were taking
turns doing girl things in the head.

I asked when I could get a turn in the shower and Linda
gave me a wink and another hug and said. “Lets take a
shower together.”

A few minutes later Linda and I stepped into the small
shower together and did a wash job on each other with
me paying special attention to her pussy and tits and
her taking care of my semi erect cock. “It had a good
work out last night and I want it all clean and happy,”
as she gave it a good rub and cleaning.

With everyone clean and a cup of coffee in them I
mentioned that it did not look like great sailing
weather. A short discussion and comments like “So
what.” We are on the water, it’s nice and comfy in the
cabin, we have food and booze, the TV and stereo work.
Besides Aimee and Dawn had enough sun from the day
before. It was not that uncomfortable out in the
cockpit with the sun shade so it was unanimous that we
stayed anchored and “Chill” as they say. A short
discussion about a Brunch as it was now after noon and
that was voted down for a later snack and a big dinner
that night.

The mention of Bloody Mary’s was a resounding “Yes” as
it seemed a little pick me up was in order. Dawn said
she would do the honors. Linda and I went up to the
cockpit and took in the warmth and the view over the
river and into Tampa Bay.

The discussion flowed and after a while she looked at
me with a smile. “You have no idea how good I feel
today. You did a great job on me last night and it was
fantastic.” And this from a sexy blond babe that was
young enough to be my daughter.

Two Bloody Marys were passed up and life was good. From
below Dawn and Aimee asked where the stuff was that I
rubbed on their sun burns. Told them where to find it
in the drawer by the sink. Linda and I watched as they
took turns rubbing it into their sun burned ass cheeks
and their tits. The rest of the afternoon flowed by
with the girls totally relaxed.

The conversation turned to sex after while. Dawn and
Aimee were the most vocal. Complaining about drunk
college ass holes starting things they couldn’t finish.
“I mean having a guy on top of you giving you a good
fucking and he says he wants another beer and pulls out
and leaves me hanging.” Dawn chimed in with. ” Getting
laid by some of the jerks was more of a pain. Sometimes
it’s just better to stick my finger in my own pussy and
get myself off.” The part from Linda was that her ex
live in was a good lay when he was horny but when she
wanted it there was always an excuse.

I asked out of curiosity if anyone of them were Bi.
Dawn admitted that she did a girl once. Aimee said that
one of her former girlfriends had got drunk one night
and ate her pussy but it didn’t do that much for her.
Linda’ reply was that she liked cock, that was her
story, and she was sticking to it.

About 3 in the afternoon with the warmth and the affect
of 2 rounds of Bloody Marys, it was nap time. Aimee
went to the V berth up front. Dawn plopped down on the
lounge berth and Linda and I went to the aft berth. As
we walked in off came her cover and I slipped out of my
cutoffs and we plopped down on the bed. She rolled over
and I put my arm around her. Moved my hand to her
breast and played with the nipple. She took my limp
cock in her hand and stroked it to a semi erect state
and we dozed off.

About 2 hours later we all started to stir. Got up and
it was cocktail hour. Mai Tais were again the drink of
choice. Some cheese and crackers plus a shrimp cocktail
were the snacks. We decided that the Wok meal was the
best choice and Linda took charge and headed the
“Galley Slaves” as she called them down below.

It was nice sitting in the cockpit and watching three
sexy blonde college students fix dinner. Every now and
then one would bend over a little and I would get a
look at a smooth shaved pussy or the “fluff” of Linda’
pussy. After a while Linda came back up with fresh
drinks. She had the slaves doing their thing she said.
She was sitting side ways from me on one of the
cushions and lay her sexy smooth legs across mine.

“Oh this has been great!” was her comment. She looked
at me and asked simply. “Would it work if I moved in
with you? I still have three months of this semester to
go and I don’t plan on going back to Georgia for the
summer and I won’t mooch and will pay my way.”

It was a total surprise to say the least. “Sure, how
could I refuse,” I said. “And you are not paying any

With a big smile she widened her legs with her pussy in
clear view and said. “Oh yes I am, and it’s yours
anytime you want it.”

I went brain numb for a few seconds as I thought about
what just happened. God I hoped it would work. She was
mature for her age. The 37 year difference in our age
did not seem to be a problem as she was not a typical
22 year old. And the thought of sex with her anytime
either of us wanted it was even more mind blowing. She
said that she did have one favor to ask. “Sure what is

I remarked. “I hope you don’t mind, and this is the
last time you’re going to do this, but would you fuck
Dawn and Aimee tonight. They both like you and they are
horny as hell and neither one of them has been laid in
over 6 months. We were talking a little bit ago and
they asked and I said it was OK. But get this right. I
own that cock of yours and after tonight it had better
be in my pussy only from now on. Got it big boy?”

Well what could I say but she owned it and she could
say what she wanted done with it.

The Chinese dinner cooked in the Wok was very good and
after doing the clean up I mixed more drinks and all of
us settled in to watch another sunset. Linda and I sat
together and I had my arm around her. Dawn and Aimee
were not saying much and just taking in the view. As it
got dark and the usual bug invasion began we moved
below into the cabin.

After we went below I went to the head. As I stood
there taking a piss I thought about what was going to
happen and the thought of the need for lasting a long
time with plenty of stamina came to mind. I opened a
small cabinet and found the Viagra bottle that I kept
on the boat. Not that I always needed it but tonight I
knew it would help. I took one and went back to where
the girls were sitting.

They were laughing about the so called Sex Poker game
we had played last night and all the cheating that had
taken place. I sat down next to Linda and made a few
comments about if we played it again there would have
to be new rules. Aimee looked at Linda. “Did you ask
him about what we talked about the afternoon?”

“Sure did,” Linda replied. Aimee looked at me.

“Well did you say yes?” I said that I did but that
Linda had the final say and if she wanted to change her
mind it was all up to her.

Linda looked at both Dawn and Aimee. “Look here
roomies. We’ve agreed that I am moving in with him and
that after tonight he is not getting any “Strange
Pussy” any where. You are both my friends and I know
you both need cock. But get this straight. After
tonight that wonderful cock is all mine and he is not
sharing it with anyone ever again. So if you understand
that part he will fuck you both.”

Dawn said she understood and Aimee in her usual joking
way said. “So you get all the good stuff and we still
have to put up with leftovers at school.”

“That sucks, but I agree,” said Aimee.

I asked if anyone needed more drinks and they all said
why not. Let’s get buzzed and enjoy the rest of the
night. So here I am with three cock loving college
girls and I almost felt like I was on display. I also
wondered if I could last thru all this as I knew that
Linda wanted a repeat of last night after I was done
with the other two.

Linda set down the rules. Dawn and Aimee would get
fucked until they each had an orgasm. That was it. One
orgasm per person. They could choose what position they
wanted to be in. Both Dawn and Aimee said they wanted
it from behind. All three top covers came off and there
were three sexy blond babes that wanted cock. Linda
asked where they wanted to do the “deed” as she called
it. “The back berth with the big bed,” from Dawn.
“Sounds good,” from Aimee.

We all went aft with Dawn and Aimee in the lead and
Linda in front of me. I put my arms around her from the
back and stopped her for just a moment. “Are you sure
about this?” I whispered.

She reached behind and touched my cock. “Oh yes and it
is going to be fun to watch. I want to watch that cock
in action.”

“I’m first!” said Aimee as she bent over the bed. Dawn
and Linda plopped down on the front part of the bed and
prepared to watch.

“No eating pussy just bang them,” from Linda.

“Who cares I’m wet and ready to go,” answered Aimee.
She was bent over the edge of the bed with her knees on
the floor. I got down behind her and was happy that the
height was perfect for a straight shot to her pussy.
The Viagra was taking its full effect and I was rock
hard. I moved my cock closer to that lovely pussy and
inserted a finger. Aimee was wet that was for sure. Her
pussy juice was almost dripping.

I moved my finger in slowly and she was incredibly
tight. A 20 year old pussy that had not been stretched
and had not been fucked in months. “Help me get it in,”
I said.

Her hand moved back and pointed my cock tip into her
pussy lips. I went slow as the tightness eased a
little. I was all the way into her pussy and it felt
great. I didn’t move for about half a minute just
savoring the feel. I started a slow in and out
movement. Aimee uttered a shallow Oh.

I steadily increased the speed of the thrusts. Her
pussy juices made her so wet and I could not believe
how good it felt. I was keeping a steady pace when
Aimee said, “Harder! Get it in all the way. Bang me

That sound of man flesh banging female flesh was
outstanding. The slap, slap, slap sound against her ass
was getting louder. I noticed Dawn had her hand over
her pubic mound and was rubbing it hard. Linda had a
slight smile and was looking right at me. “Don’t enjoy
this to much big boy! You have me to take care of after
these two.”

I continued the steady strokes on Aimee and also
enjoyed the view of the two naked girls right next to
us. Linda was watching intensely as I banged Aimee.
“Now! Now!” came from Aimee and I stopped my thrusts
and strained hard to give her the full length of my
cock inside her pussy. I could feel her body quiver and
her breathing was intense.

After a short time there was felling of wetness on my
cock as she released her pussy juice. I stayed deep
inside her until she gave a “WOW I needed that.” I
slowly brought my cock out of her sopping pussy as the
juices dropped on the sheets. “Looks like we have a
squinter” as Linda picked up a towel and handed it to
Aimee. “Clean yourself up girl. Get his cock dried for

Aimee moved to the side and Dawn was lying on her back
with her pussy right at the edge of the bed. “I changed
my mind. I want him to fuck me just like I am,” she

I moved over in front of Dawn and noticed that Aimee
was drying off her pussy. From our position Linda was
right next to Dawn and she was looking directly at my
cock. “Let me put it in her pussy for you,” she said.
Linda got up and stood next to me with her hand on my
cock. “When ever you’re ready I’ll put it in for you.”

With Linda next to me she took her left hand a pointed
it towards Dawn’ pussy. I moved forward and had the tip
just inside and moved the rest of my cock in as Linda
let go. Dawn gasped, “OOHHH! that feels so good.”

I started a slow in and out movement. Linda moved
behind me and had her pussy against my ass and as I
moved she moved with me. Linda whispered, “Give her a
good fuck, she needs it.”

I enjoyed the extra feel of Linda behind me and with
her hands down close to my cock and Dawn’ pussy. It was
a feeling that is hard to describe. I leaned forward a
little to massage Dawn’ small tits. I have no idea how
long I fucked her but her face showed that she was
close to cumming and her voice said it also. She
orgasmed with a loud “UHHHH!” and I stopped and pushed
in hard. She had a long hard cum and it was all I could
do not to shoot my load.

I pulled out of Dawn’ pussy and Linda moved back to my
side. My cock shined with pussy juice. “Ok Dawn clean
your juice of his cock because he is going into me
next,” from Linda.

Dawn took my cock in her mouth and did a good job of
cleaning it up. Linda pulled me closer and said, “It’s
my turn now and you better not cum too soon.” “Ok kids,
clear out!” from Linda.

“No way,” said both of the other girls. “You got to
watch us and we want to watch you get it.”

“Aw, what the hell,” she said, then she got down on the
floor over the side of the bed and I entered her doggy
from behind.

Dawn and Aimee were both on either side, and taking it
in. I had plenty of stamina left and I wanted to give
Linda a real good fuck. I went at it with a fast pace.
Love that Viagra, it was doing its job.

The sound was fantastic as our bodies slapped together.
I went at it with a passion. I looked at both of the
other girls and they were fingering their pussies.
Linda started a OOHHH and then grabbed the sheets with
her hands. She was meeting everyone of my thrusts with
a backward movement.

“Now damit! Now!” Linda started to shake. I kept going
as I did a cum into that tight pussy. The added sight
of her blonde pony tail flying back and forth really
did it. After the second spurt I stopped and just let
myself fill her. “Oh God I feel it!” screamed Linda. I
held on to her hips and let myself drain into her. The
sweat glistened on her back. Her pussy was wet and felt
so good. I didn’t want this to ever end.

I pulled my cock out as Linda collapsed on the bed.
Dawn was still moving her fingers in and out of her
pussy and she came again. Aimee was in a state of bliss
from the look on her face. The smell of sex in the air
was a wonderful thing. I sat down on the side of the
bed between Dawn and Linda. I took it all in.

Three post orgasmic women lay next to me.

After a few minutes Linda got up and took a towel and
wiped her pussy. Not much was said. Dawn uttered a “Wow
what a sight.” Aimee got up without saying anything and
walked to the forward berth. Dawn was a few seconds
behind her. I looked at Linda as she stood there
cleaning my sperm and her juices from her pussy lips. I
lay down on the bed. She tossed the towel on the floor
and fell face down next to me on the bed. “I have never
been fucked like that before” was all she said. I fell
asleep next to her.

Sometime in the morning I had to answer natures call.
Went to the head. Decided I should pop open the hatch
and see that the anchor light was still on and checked
our anchored position reference to some lights. The
night was still warm and I marveled at how quiet it
was. As I came back into the cabin I noticed with the
dim interior lights that the forward V berth door was

I took a few steps toward it and in the dim light could
see Aimee and Dawn still naked and sound asleep. A
sight that few men ever see and all dream about. Two
naked blonde college girls. Sexy as hell and sound
asleep. I closed the door and walked to the aft berth
where Linda was. In the dim light it was what dreams
were really about. She was sleeping on her stomach.
Those sexy perfect legs. That ass that any man would
lust after and a slight glimpse of a pussy that was
made in heaven.


The next morning it was quiet when I woke up. Linda was
sound asleep. I moved a little and raised up on one arm
to look at her. She was now sleeping on her side. I
couldn’t help but take my cock and move it between her
legs. She moved a little as I did it. I lay back down
and just enjoyed the feel and thinking of what was
ahead for us.

I heard some sounds from the cabin area and decided
that I had a need for coffee. I grabbed a pair of
cutoffs and opened the door. There was Dawn already
making coffee and she was nude. She turned and smiled.
I asked if she needed any help. “Nope found everything
and making coffee. Should be done in a second.”

As I opened the hatch to check weather I noticed it was
another calm day so it looked like there would be no
sailing. Not a problem as it was a little over an hour
to motor back to the dock. I really did not want this
to come to an end. But I knew that the girls had
classes and I also had some commitments business wise.

Linda walked in and asked about the coffee. It was done
and I poured her a cup. Aimee asked for room service.
“Here is the room, get your own service,” laughed Dawn.
We sat around and did small talk for about an hour. We
all took showers. Linda insisted her and I take one
together. After the shower it was time to pull anchor
and head back. I cruised at half throttle making only
about 3 knots as the view of the three babes, and one
of then very special, was splendid and I did not want
it to end.

We docked and tied up the boat. A few looks from some
of my Old Fart neighbors of three blondes in string
bikinis helping unload. I figured I would be a topic of
discussion by some of the old bitches that were always
sticking their nose into everything.

The van was loaded and Linda walked over to me. Looked
right at me and said. “Got some time this week to help
a girl move to her new place?” I just smiled and said
no problem and we would have it done by Wednesday. She
kissed me. Gave a short rub of my cock inside my
cutoffs. Smiled and said, “The sooner the better. I
want to get my hands on that more often.”

Blonde college girls fucks with old man – Erotic and sexual stories


Have you ever wanted to break free from being “a good girl” and have an uninhibited fling with a sexy stranger? Just find a handsome hunk and let your desires go wild? It had always been a secret fantasy of mine that I never could admit to anyone. . .until the day I decided to make it come true.

It was hot and humid that summer evening when I pulled my car into the Sweets & Treats parking lot. I dashed up the steps. If I hurried, I would have just enough time to pick up something for dessert and get to Luanne’s barbecue party without being late.

A wave of cool air engulfed me as I yanked open the glass door. I paused for a second and inhaled. Strawberry, lemon, watermelon. . .the zesty aromas flooded over me as I gazed around the quaint baked goods shop. It was almost like stepping back in time.

The open oak beams told me that the bakery was at least a hundred years old, probably older. I’ve always loved antique buildings, and this place caught my eye. The high ceiling twinkled with multi-colored lights. Red, white, and blue balloons, flag paper cut-outs, and streamers decorated the display tables and high archways. My three-inch black heels echoed on the wide hardwood floors as I made my way to the rounded glass and oak counter.

I tucked my hair behind my ear and peered into the case filled with cupcakes, sugar cookies, pies, and muffins. Everything looked delicious. As I glanced around the country-style store, I realized that I was the only customer. Where was everyone?After checking my watch, I noticed the stenciled sign in the window. “Summer Hours: 9-6pm.” The store closed at six o’clock, and it was already six-fifteen.

Can I help you?” a male voice asked.

I turned around. The man leaning against the kitchen doorway took my breath away. He wore black jeans and a green and white striped polo shirt. His sky-blue eyes locked onto mine, and he looked me over as he ran a hand through his wavy honey-colored hair.

“Can I get you something, Miss?”

I flashed him my best smile. “I’m Diane. I’m sorry to barge in like this, but the front door was open, and I didn’t realize you were closed. If it’s a bother, I can go.”

“No. Not at all, Diane. My name’s Josh.” He grinned, showing off a set of dimples. “I’ve got some time. What would you like?” he asked with a wink.

I licked my lips and relaxed. The pleasing fragrances in the shop drained my need to hurry. I could be late, Luanne would understand. Besides, Josh was handsome and acting flirty, how could I leave now?

“I was driving past and I thought I’d stop in for a dessert. I never noticed this store before, but it’s interesting,” I replied.

“I opened up two months ago. This used to be an old ice cream parlor. I was a pastry chef in a restaurant, but I always wanted to own my own business. I can show you around, if you’re not in a rush,” he offered.

“That’d be great. I’ve got some time to kill.” All the time in the world, I wanted to add. Luanne’s party could wait. Every time Josh spoke, a tingling sensation ran up my spine. There was no doubt about it—Josh was hot, even hotter than last week’s weather when the temperature soared to ninety-five degrees.

I decided to give in to my body’s signals and see where this was leading. What harm could there be in flirting back, or even teasing a little? Josh was attractive, and I certainly wouldn’t mind snuggling up next to him after a day at the beach.

I followed Josh through the shop decorated with sunflowers and ice cream cone-shaped lights. “I bought the place at foreclosure. It came within a week of being torn down. I couldn’t let that happen. I’m too sentimental, and they don’t make buildings like this anymore,” he said as he steered me toward a black walnut cabinet.

It was obvious that Josh had put a lot of work into the place. A gift section was devoted to decorative candles, lime and lilac scented potpourri, exotic iced teas, and flavored coffees. He seemed proud of the store, and rightfully so. The place looked gorgeous.

“The store is beautiful. I love old buildings, and antiques are one of my hobbies,” I said as I examined a display of daisy-themed party items. As I bent over, my black dress rode higher up the back of my thighs. It was short and sexy, and showed off every curve. Wearing it made me feel like a sexy seductress, and tonight that’s just what I wanted to be.

I turned and caught Josh staring at my legs. Obviously the dress had done its job and captured his attention.

He looked at me and our gazes locked. Despite the cool air conditioning, the temperature in the room had just shot up ten degrees. A warm rush flooded over me, and I felt my heart race in my chest.

Josh bowed his head and looked away, but not before I saw the hint of a blush on his cheeks.

“So, you’ve seen the place. Tell me, Diane, what would you like?”

“Everything looks so tasty, I can’t decide.”

That was a lie. At that moment, I knew exactly what I wanted—him. I swept my auburn bangs away from my eyes. “I’m not keeping you from something, am I?”

“Absolutely not. Stay as long as you like. I don’t mind.”

His deep voice sent a scorching burst of heat through my body.

Normally, I wasn’t the type to size up a complete stranger, but my instincts told me that Josh was different. My body didn’t lie, and right now it was begging for his affection. But what should I do about it? My courage faltered for a second. Did I dare risk rejection and make the first move?

Josh stepped closer and I caught a whiff of his cologne. The masculine mix of citrus and musk made my heart pound faster, and my lower body flashed into a state of arousal. He was close enough to kiss me, yet I could sense he was holding back. . .

“Don’t be shy, Diane. If you see something you like, just let me know.” Josh’s wide hand covered mine, and he gave it a gentle squeeze. “Now, what did you say you came in for?”

“Dessert.” I found myself drawn into Josh’s blue eyes. He would definitely make a delicious dessert—and there’d be no need to add any whipped cream. I stared at his well-defined jaw accented with a hint of scruff and imagined the rough feel of it brushing against the side of my neck, nuzzling my bare stomach, then traveling lower. . .

I quickly broke from the fantasy and cleared my throat. “I’m on my way to a party, and I’d like to bring something extraordinary.”

“A party, huh?” Josh smirked. “Well then, come in the back. I think I have just what you’re looking for.”

I eagerly followed him into the kitchen through a set of swinging double doors. A row of pies sat cooling on wire racks.

“This is a new recipe, and I’d like an honest opinion,” Josh said, as he cut into the nearest pie. He put a slice on a plate and broke off a piece with a fork. “You can be the first to taste it.”

I couldn’t help but smile as Josh fed me the pie. I closed my eyes, anticipating the familiar taste of apple or cherry. Instead, a zingy raspberry puree teased my tongue. My taste buds came alive, and I felt my pulse surge. “That’s fantastic,” I said, opening my eyes.

Just for Josh’s benefit, I relished the lingering flavor and took my time, licking every drop of raspberry off my lips.

Josh swallowed hard. “Good! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Would you like some more?” he asked as he leaned closer to me. I felt an electric heat searing between us.Did Josh have any idea what he was doing to me?

“I’d love it,” I replied.


I closed my eyes and waited. My body tingled with excitement as Josh’s lips tenderly covered mine. His strong arms encircled my waist and he pulled me to his chest. I didn’t waste time. I responded as my body commanded. I ran my hands along Josh’s muscular back and down to his tight pants. He moaned as I squeezed his buttocks, and then pulled his hips toward mine. A welcome hardness jutted against my belly.

What seemed like hours later, Josh broke the sizzling embrace. He gazed into my eyes and trailed his thumb across my lips. “I hope I wasn’t being too forward, but I couldn’t help myself. Trust me, I don’t behave like this with all my customers.” He flashed me a boyish grin. “I know it sounds strange, but something just clicked the second I saw you. It’s like we’ve known each other before.”

I stroked the front of his chest and curled my arms around his neck. “That’s good to hear. I’ve never done anything like this either. But I’m looking forward to doing it again. ”

I angled Josh’s head down to mine and kissed him again. It was bold and uncharacteristic of me, but I couldn’t help myself. Josh tasted so good that I just had to have a second helping. My heart thundered as he slid his hands under my dress.Finally. He was taking charge and acting on my wild fantasy.

“No panties. Good, I like that,” he muttered.

As Josh’s tongue teased mine, I raised my left leg and bent it around his hip. I bit back a cry as his fingertips brushed against me, teasing my already sensitive body. “Oh, yes. Don’t stop,” I whispered.

He stroked and teased me for what seemed like blissful eternity. When he nuzzled the side of my throat, the last of my self-control melted away. I ran my hands down his chest and stomach, then went lower, until I found what I was looking for. “My, what a big pastry you have,” I said, rubbing the front of his pants.

Josh released me. “Why don’t you have a taste? I think you’ll like it.”

My mouth watered at the thought of devouring him. It was something I didn’t ordinarily do, but just for tonight, why not? This wanton encounter was something out of a naughty movie. Who knew when I’d ever be so bold again?

I unbuttoned Josh’s pants and gave him a light squeeze. He gasped as I bent my head down. Within seconds, the kitchen was filled with the sounds of Josh’s groans and sighs of pleasure as I sampled his tasty treat.

A few minutes later, he begged me to stop. “Please, I can’t take anymore. . .”

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I straightened up.Josh coiled his arms around me and rocked his hips against mine. “All this teasing. I need to have you, now,” he said, his deep voice sounding raspy.

I nodded. It was about time. I knew I could seduce Josh and that we’d both end up with a sweet release.

Josh led me out of the kitchen and into a small office. He closed the door and kissed me down to my soul. I leaned back on the desk and unzipped his jeans, eager to satisfy my craving.

“Hurry,” I whispered, as he shoved my dress over my hips.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, clinging to him as he filled me. I went wild, moaning and grunting encouragement. Right now it didn’t matter that we were in a public place and might get caught, I wanted him more than anything.

A few moments later, Josh shuddered and cried out. “Oh, God, Alice!”

He clutched me tight as I squealed and whimpered, writhing against him. Fireworks danced in front of my eyes as we climaxed in unison.

We held each other for several minutes before we separated. Josh let out a sigh of contentment as he readjusted his pants. “You should come here more often. I like being seduced by sexy customers who walk in off the street.” He winked. “As long as they look like you.”

I smoothed my rumpled dress and giggled. “Maybe we should make this our Friday night ritual. It was pretty hot.”

Josh kissed me on the cheek. “Anytime you want to pick me up after work and rock my world, it’s fine with me. So, what brought all this on?”

I smirked and tossed my hair over my shoulder. “I was reading one of those women’s magazines you always make fun of, and I came across an article about secret fantasies.” I felt my cheeks flush as I confessed. “They had a few suggestions for spicy encounters, so I decided, why not?” I shrugged. “I’m glad it worked.”

“Oh, it worked, all right. The second I saw you in that short and slinky dress, I knew I was in for it. I knew I had no choice but to play along and be seduced,” he joked. “I hope I didn’t wreck your outfit. You weren’t planning on wearing that to Luanne’s party, were you?”

“Are you kidding?” I laughed. “This dress is for seduction purposes only. My ‘sweet, good-girl’ sundress and sandals are in the car.” I gave him a flirty look. “And if you liked this, wait till you see what I’ve got planned for next Friday.”

“I can’t wait,” he said, running his hands up my thighs. “Why don’t we stay a little longer and have second helpings?”

I playfully batted his hands away. “Don’t worry, I’ve got something else in mind for when we get home later tonight. Let’s get the desserts and get going. If we show up too late, your sister will be annoyed.”

“Don’t worry.” Josh chuckled as we left his office. “If she complains, tell her you were sampling your husband’s dessert and let her wonder.”

That summer night was one of the hottest we’d had together in a long time. After ten years of marriage, Josh and I opened up a new chapter in our love life. Instead of the same old lovemaking, we’ve started exploring our hidden desires and secret fantasies, and things are certainly spiced up in the bedroom!

Man defiles girl after digging hole into bedroom

Kagaa village in Ol Kalou, Nyandarua County is in shock after a Class Eight pupil was defiled by a man who allegedly dug a hole into the room she was sleeping in last night.

The girl has since been admitted to hospital in critical condition.
Nyandarua county commissioner Boaz Cherutich who confirmed the incident said that girl’s mother woke up from her bedroom after she heard a commotion from the girl’s bedroom.

It was then that she found a man who immediately fled from the room.

“This is a very bizarre incident as the man had dug a tunnel to access the room late into the night. It is the mother who heard the commotion and woke up only to find a man in the room” he said.
He noted that the mother alerted other neighbors who helped take the girl to the hospital.
“She had blood oozing from her private parts and the doctors have assured as that she is now stable” noted the county commissioner.

Meanwhile, he said that police have launched a man hunt for the man who is known to residents.

“We have information linking a man who is known in the village to the incident. He is a known drug addict and might be the one who defiled the girl” he said.

Written by James Munyeki

Nigerians React As Small sized Man Strike Funny Pose With Tall Curvy Ladies (Photos)

Nigerians React As Small sized Man Strike Funny Pose With Tall Curvy Ladies (Photos)

An exited dwarf man has caused a stir on the internet after he was pictured striking a funny pose with two super curvy Nigerian women at an event held in Lagos.

The video of the small-sized man smiling frantically as he poses with the ladies had trending and gotten a lot of people talking. According to the blogger, thefamousblog the small-sized man was so happy to pose with the super curvy women, he had to drop his phone while smiling sheepishly at the camera. The video has gotten a lot of online users laughing and reacting.
Some of the reactions from online users, Badfranchize wrote; I just watched the video again. And i can’t stop laughing. Shit is mad funny. He put his phone at the b**ty and later put his hands on his head.

Meekbliss-officalz wrote; Wetin person no go see

Francis wrote; One thing must kill a man
Mark wrote; Damn.. he said big a** always makes a man act like a baby. LolWhat are your thoughts on this? Kindly leave a comment and don’t forget to share

The video of the small-sized man smiling frantically as he poses with the ladies had trending and gotten a lot of people talking. According to the blogger, thefamousblog the small-sized man was so happy to pose with the super curvy women, he had to drop his phone while smiling sheepishly at the camera. The video has gotten a lot of online users laughing and reacting.
Some of the reactions from online users, Badfranchize wrote; I just watched the video again. And i can’t stop laughing. Shit is mad funny. He put his phone at the b**ty and later put his hands on his head.

Meekbliss-officalz wrote; Wetin person no go see

Francis wrote; One thing must kill a man
Mark wrote; Damn.. he said big a** always makes a man act like a baby. LolWhat are your thoughts on this? Kindly leave a comment and don’t forget to share