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 LIE FOR LOVE by Shayna & Daniel | Gbamlog

When I was a freshman in high school (14 years old), I met the boy of my dreams by lying to my best friend. I was always the type of child who would be left out because my only talents were things you could only do alone, like writing poetry.

My best friend, Dave, was starting a band, and I wanted to join it. I had no musical talents, and no desire to learn music, either. I told Dave that I played the drums so he would let me join, I mean, how hard is it to keep a beat? If my brother could do it, so could I. So a few days later I went to our first practice at a boys house who they called “Shoey”. My father dropped me off, and I knocked on the door. “Shoey’s” little brother let me in and led me to the basement. There was the whole band, all set up and ready to go. On the other side of the room was a young man tuning his guitar. They introduced him as “Shoey”. I smiled, shook his hand, and walked over to the drum set to display my “talents”. I actually wasn’t that bad. But in no way was I good, either. Luckily, no one in the band was all that talented, except Shoey.

When everyone decided to go outside on that cold winter day to smoke a cigarette in the woods, Shoey and I followed, though neither of us smoked. We talked, and he offered me his jacket. I refused. I had a sweatshirt, and though I was still cold, I noticed he only had a t-shirt under his coat, and didn’t want him to be cold. After 5 minutes of arguing back and forth about his jacket, he unzipped it, and wrapped it around both of us. I think we were both a little shocked. He had never had a girlfriend before, nor had he even kissed a girl, and here he was being all romantic. Later that day, I kissed him goodbye and left the band practice, which would be the last practice.

That was March 7th, 1999. I am now a junior in college, and he is graduated with a degree in computers. We are looking into starting a family when I get out of school. I still look back on these days and laugh. I didn’t even know his real name until a week into the relationship…I called him Shoey. I call him Dan now, and I never would have met him had I not lied to my best friend about my absent talents.